In the years following the discovery of the DNA double helix by James Watson, Francis Crick and Rosalind Franklin, genetic manipulation became possible and instead of focusing on the universe around us, humanity looked away from the stars and began to focus on genetics and other forms of biological research. During this time of discovery, the genetically engineered T4 Angel virus attached itself to a flaw in the genome of a genetically manipulated tomato, quickly spread throughout the world resulting in a plague that killed a quarter of the human population. As a result of this plague, all biological research, including reverse engineering, gene splicing and such has been outlawed. Additionally, the human race has developed a cultural aversion to all tomato-based food products (pizza sauce, ketchup, etc).

During the plague the supernatural beings decided to reveal themselves to humanity (an event which came to be known as "The Turn" ). Those races - Vampire, Were, Witch, Pixie, Fairy, Elf and more, were the saviors of humanity. As the virus had little effect on all but the elven population (which is believed to be extinct), allowing the supernatural beings know as "Inderlanders" to keep the peace, secure borders and remove the bodies of the infected.

As laws and societies were dramatically changed by factors relating to the arrival of these new sentient species, all levels of law enforcement in the United States broke down. From the rubble emerged two new organizations; The Inderlander Security service (or I.S. consisting of non-humans) and the Federal Inderlander Bureau (or F.I.B. consisting primarily of normal humans). The IS and FIB have replaced ALL levels of the former law enforcement agencies.

Monday, May 30, 2011

5. Tyr into Jeanne Pierre. Introducting Bridget and Harrison. The pit fight


Miika felt as if a cold hand had travel up her back. She bit back her panic. Now was not the time to press it; while people were watching and the moon was high in the sky. As it is, she felt as if she were going to pass out with the need to howl and run and change.

She took his hand in hers and tried to smile. “Honey, we can talk about it more when we get home.” She looked at the moon and took in a shuddering breath. “Let’s get back to the others.” She led him to the rest of the pack and with a slight shake of her head indicated that no one was to bring up the subject until later.

David looked from her to Tyr then he nodded slightly. “So…Miika. How are you feeling during your first full moon?”

I’d be feeling better if my man hadn’t turned into a French talking guy who’s voice didn’t even hold a bit of the creole accent that she’d grown to love so much…”I…feel a little antsy. As if I need to change now.”

“We don’t have to wait. We’ll find our spot and then we can all change.” They began walking towards the woods while David continued speaking, giving Tyr curious glances as he did so.

“Miika, once you change you’re going to experience something much like the bloodlust Vampires experience.”

Miika nodded in understanding. She’d already discussed that with Tyr, Serena and Kallie. The moon would almost control her—moreso because this was her first time. She was already instructed to stay close. They were going to move as a pack this first time. It would give her more control to pull from; like when they had formed the round to help heal her.

She looked up at Tyr wishing that it was her Tyr. She squeezed his hand in reassurance, moreso for herself then him. “I love you.” She whispered, hoping that her Tyr could hear her words. Then she thought that she was going to start bawling, damned full moon! She followed David purposefully as he searched for a nice place for them to gather deep in the woods, and away from the masses that were partying much closer to the recreational areas.

There was a definite party atmosphere. Bands of people were gathered, some had boom boxes and were dancing, some were frolicking, wrestling, making out. Many people had turned and were roaming the area as wolves. There were wolves of so many sizes and colors and though she’d seen this at Devou Park, Miika wasn’t used to seeing it at this magnitude! If she used this park as a gauge it didn’t seem that there was a shortage of weres in the world…

They continued to move through the crowd until it got thinner and thinner. Miika suddenly stiffened and came to a halt. Sucking in a deep breath she stared at the moon and her throat opened and a loud howl came out of her mouth. It was short compared to others that she’d heard, but it was the first to ever come from her human mouth. She’d howled as a wolf, but never felt compelled to do it while still in human form.

She choked and looked at the others embarrassed. Tyr gave her hand an encouraging squeeze and the others smiled at her as if she was a baby that had just taken its first steps. Suddenly there were several responsive howls.

David cocked his head and then made a dismissive sound as he continued their trek through the woods. Miika looked at Serena and Kallie but they just shrugged. After a long time they finally broke through a clearing and Miika could see the moon light shining through the leaves of the trees. She wasn’t sure if it was her enhanced vision but the light seemed to shimmer.

Miika gasped. “This is beautiful.”

David nodded. “This is the spot.” No one wore shoes and they made quick work of stripping down nude. Miika was last and still marveling at how Weres truly didn’t care about nudity.

“Hello, David.” David didn’t even seem surprised that a pack had come up alongside of them. He just nodded his head at the female surrounded by twenty other people still in human form and still clothed.

“Hello, Mrs. Sarong. I see that some of your pack still haven’t healed completely. I suppose you are hoping the power of the full moon will get them off the DL list.”

Miika began to shiver. The Howlers. Mrs. Sarong was the owner of them…


Layla sat at her small counter long after Carlisle had left her, staring at a pain amulet. A frustrated look dominated her countenance as her gaze bored into the amulet. ”How had this amulet become invoked,” she thought. She flashed back to what had happened earlier. She laughed softly at the thought of Carlisle as a strawberry blonde. She remembered leaving for just a moment, and returning to put her amulets and such away. It was then she noticed that one had been invoked. “But I didn’t invoke it,” she whispered to her beloved cat, Kalliope. In response, Kalliope just gazed at her with huge sad eyes. Layla wondered if she knew anything. She shook her head and scooped the cat into her arms. “Of course you don’t know. And even if you did, and you could tell me, I bet you’d hide it. Just to keep me frustrated.” She smiled and rubbed Kallipe’s underbelly. Kalliope purred contentedly in her arms.

Layla sat down on her couch, still holding Kalliope, and her thoughts turned to Miika. So many things were happening within the Were community. Not that Miika herself had told Layla. A sad look crossed her face as she thought of how little time she had actually seen her best friend. “But I’m not upset, Kalliope,” she said suddenly. “It’s a good thing that Miika and Tyr can finally be mates. I’m happy for her…I really, really am…” Her voice softened to barely more than a whisper, “At least, I think I am…” But a dull ache within her told another story. “Is it bad to be jealous of your best friend, Kalliope?” Kalliope looked at Layla with questioning eyes. “I mean, she has everything now. She isn’t crippled, and she can be with the man she loves. She won’t need my amulets and potions anymore. Except if she gets really hurt, but I don’t think that will happen very often. And she has so many friends, so many friends who are closer to family than I am…” A small tear slid down her cheek. Kalliope rubbed her head against Layla, as if to catch that single tear. “I just miss Miika, Kalliope. I miss our late night excursions for scary movies to watch as the sun rose. I miss distracting her at work…I miss just having her around.” Another tear fell from her eyes as she laid her head against Kalliope’s soft frame. “Is it too much to ask to see her just once a week?”

Layla shifted so that she and Kalliope were laying on the couch. She reached out and grabbed the remote to her stereo. The song ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ by the New York Voices softly played through her speakers. Softly she sang, “I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places that this heart of mine embraces all day through.” She fell asleep with Kalliope in her arms, curled up on the couch.

Miika began searching through the crowd. She spotted Raphael Cortez. He was buried in the mass of bodies but he stepped forward. His eyes were riveted on Miika.

She felt her body tense. He was horribly scarred. The once attractive man now wore a leather eye patch. Angry red slashes crossed his face. The look of hatred was clear on his face and Miika felt herself begin to tremble as she remembered the weight of his body pouncing on her. Tyr gripped her hand and then took a half step forward to block her view She felt instantly better once he was no longer staring at her. She appreciated that Jeanne Pierre would do that for her. Whoever Jeanne Pierre actually was…

“So what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” David asked Mrs. Sarong.

“Well I just wanted to meet this young woman for myself.” Miika could see that Mrs. Sarong seemed amused that she was half hidden behind Tyr, so she stepped forward, though the fact that she was completely naked made it a very difficult thing for her to do.

Mrs. Sarong gave her a long appraising look. Miika met her look. “I see. Well you’re a very pretty girl. I can smell that you are a mated to that one. But you weren’t before-“

“Don’t talk to her.” David interrupted. “If you have something to say, then you’ll need to say it to me.”

“What I have to say is that I have one dead pack member and two career ending injuries-“

David threw up his hands angrily. “Your pack member tried to rape one of my females-“

“She didn’t smell like pack and she wasn’t mated!” Mrs. Sarong bit back angrily.

“She was clearly hurt. Instead of helping her he tried to take advantage of her!” David’s voice was low with controlled anger.

Mrs. Sarong’s face grew dark, then her expression cleared. “Funny how a hurt wolf was found just a few short miles from a murder investigation. Black wolf was shot by the I.S. for murdering an Agent. Somebody could make a call-“ Oh god. Miika thought. Oh my god…

“Don’t threaten us.” David said. “Because somebody could make a call to the media about the real reason three of your players aren’t playing. The car accident that you falsely reported was pretty good. But I happen to know that there was a crowd of people that saw the fight. Now you tell me what the Howler fans will think when they find out that one of yours is a wannabe rapist, and you tried to cover it up.”

Mrs. Sarong was breathing hard. David was clenching the muscles in his jaws. After a few moments Mrs. Sarong relaxed. “Enjoy your run.” She gestured for her pack to follow her. When they were gone Serena spoke.

“I don’t think we’ve seen the last of them.”

Jean Pierre's easy gate took to Miika's trembling form, allowing him to gently take her hand as he moved to stand before her, "Think nothing more of them," his free hand ran freely through her hair before caressing her face and falling to her shoulder, allowing the large man to pull his mate to him and hold her until her nerves began to quite, "Tonight is your night. Vous êtes la reine de la lune ce soir, laissez donc votre loup dirigé libre et êtes fiers, n'ayez pas peur de ces voleurs." A soft kiss fell upon Miika's lips, stealing her breath. As she opened her eyes she looked into the eyes of the man she loved.


"That's right my Queen and any and all who dare to harm you will find out why I am called the Tyrant," his lips fell to hers once more as their bodies pressed. The power of the mating and the moon pulling them together.

The loud clearing of a throat caught them both off guard for a moment, causing Jean Pierre to chuckle while Miika looked around not sure of what had just happened, as David moved to them and looked to Jean Pierre, "While I am sure you would love to secure your bond to Miika even more so, the moon is growing high and it is time we prepare her for her first formal change."

"But of course," Jean Pierre said with a nod of his head while he smiled with only his eyes before turning towards Miika finding she had walked to Kallie and Serena, the three talking in whispered silences.

David quickly pulled Jean Pierre back to face him, "Are you sure you're up for this?" Jean Pierre quirked a brow at David's question, "While on a run, it is our job to watch the girls. Not just Miika. All of them. Kallie and Serena do know how to fight, so Miika will be priority right now but remember we guard them. That is our job and with were's like Sarong and the Howlers around we're going to have to be ready for anything." David watched as Jean Pierre simply nodded his head in agreement, "I know I don't have to say this but stay close to Miika."

Jean Pierre placed a kind hand on David's shoulder, "You worry too much, she will be fine, et si quelqu'un lui fait mal je les tuerai simplement." while David was not sure what not sure what was said it was Jean Pierre's easy demeanor in which he had said it which sent a cold chill up David's spine.

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Layla woke on her couch to the soft mewing of Kalliope near the door. She turned off her stereo that was still playing the same song and checked the clock on her mantle. It read 12 A.M. She groaned, knowing that she had slept through the best sale times. She let Kalliope out into the back yard, and was immediately bombarded by her pixie guests. She covered her face and gave a small cry of impatience. The youngest pixie child, Jassmina, landed lightly on her shoulder. “Good morning, Miss Layla,” she said softly. Layla smiled and replied, “Good morning, Jassmina. What brings you all to my humble home at this time?” Jassmina blushed softly and whispered, “My sister, Jade, said that she saw a very handsome man coming up the steps…” Then she flitted off Layla’s shoulders to join her siblings who were blessedly silent in the rafters. “A handsome man,” Layla thought questioningly. “I only have Carlisle over…WAIT!” She all but ran to the window to see Carlisle exit his car. She felt her breath catch in her chest. “He didn’t go…” she whispered. She opened her front door and stepped out onto her porch.

Carlisle jogged up the stairs so deep in his thoughts that he didn't even see Layla until he'd reached the last one. The meeting with the guys hadn't been pretty. There had been alot of accusations and raised voices, but in the end he knew that his decision was right and they would have to deal with it. Carlisle's days of hunting Inderlanders was over.

The sight of her relieved smile was reinforcement enough that he'd made the right decision. He gathered her into his arms and kissed her pretty lips. He frowned slightly.

"What's wrong, babygirl? You look like you were crying."

Layla took a step back. "Does it? Oh that must've been the...mugwort I was cutting up earlier for a spell." She took his hand and led him into the living room, where she gently pushed him in a sitting position. "I'll be just a second." She went and splashed some cold water on her face before invoking an amulet to hide her puffy eyes. Then she returned to him. "See, I just needed some cool water to fix it." She sat down and curled up to him, her head resting softly on his chest. She carefully arranged herself so that he wouldn't feel the amulet pressed close to her chest. Taking his hand in hers, she kissed him slowly, fully. Then she said, "I'm glad you didn't go." Her eyes shone with every feeling she had for Carlisle, seeming to radiate an unearthly light.

She reached up and softly fingered the buttons of his shirt. "Hmm...," she thought. "I wonder..." She let her fingers softly touch the base of his neck as she slowly undid one button at a time.

Carlisle placed his hand over hers to stop the motion of her unbuttoning his shirt. He chuckled nervously. "What are you doing?" He took her hand in his and opened it then he kissed her palm. He stood up abruptly and went to the kitchen. "Have you eatten?" He went through the fridge. "Or I can whip us up a mean cheese omelet. You know your man here is the best omelet maker in the west."

He felt her hands wrap around him from behind. Oh my god...what was she doing to him?? He turned and gathered her into his arms. He stroked the damp hair from her face and then pushed the rest of her hair behind her shoulders.

"What's this, baby?" He asked, finding the string from an amulet. He pulled it slightly until the charm hidden nestled in her cleavage became visible. He fingered it and looked at her expectantly. "What's wrong?"

Layla took a small step back. "This? Oh...its just a simple....a simple..." Her voice broke a new, softer wave of tears fell from her eyes. She covered her face with her hands and sobbed softly. "Oh Carlisle, I just miss Miika!" He gave her a surprised look. "We never just hang out anymore. I actually had to go shopping alone today. Alone! I've never been shopping by myself..." She moved her hands and looked at him though the tears, "I just miss having my best friend..." She took off the amulet and leaned her head against his shoulder. A silence fell between them before she whispered, "Will you make me an omlette?" From the rafters came the soft giggling of young pixie girls...

Carlisle glanced up a the ceiling with a frown. "Get out of here, you little spies." He frowned as a flutter of pixie dust landed on them while the prepubescent pixies took flight out of the room. "Don't your parents teach you manners!"

Layla gave him a reproachful look. "That's not nice, Carlisle. Those 'little spies' seem to have a slight crush on you." Carlisle gave her a horrified look.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes. So remember that when you're around. Their feelings get hurt just like anyone elses."

He released Layla guiltily, then grumbled. "Alright." He had never been too fond of pixies; they looked like giant flying bugs from a distance. "Next time I see them I'll be nice...nicer." Layla gave him a long steady look. "And I'll apologize." Her serious expression broke and that beautiful smile that he adored returned. He took her in his arms again and kissed her long. Then it was his turn to give her a serious look.

"Miika is just wrapped up in having a new boyfriend. But she's never going to forget you, babygirl. And tomorrow she'll be at the family gathering so I expect you both to reconnect. You didn't tell her about the announcement did you?"

Layla turned and pulled eggs, cheese and butter from the fridge, this tie hiding her own guilty look. "No. I didn't." There were several secrets that she was holding for her loved ones. She hadn't told Carlisle about his sister becoming a wolf either.

Carlisle quickly whipped up the omelets. Working in the restaurant business most of his life had conditioned him to do this in very short order and soon they were in the livingroom, eatting their meal on the couch. One of the pixies had snuck back in and as a peace offering gave her a slice of cheese. She was kinda cute trying to carry the large cheese slice off to share with her siblings.

"Layla I'm going to cut my hair." She looked at him surprised. Carlisle had worn an afro or either braids every since she knew him. His hair was long enough that his braids reached his shoulder blades.


He ran his fingers through his hair. "I can't rock a 'fro on City Council. I won't be taken seriously."

"Well that seems-"

"I know". He agreed, before she finished that statement. "But I have to get on city Council. And its based on votes. I don't want the voters thinking that I'm the same street thug that I'm trying to protect the city from." A pixie suddenly came into the room and surprised Carlisle by landing on his knee. He resisted the urge to swat it. He kept reminding himselt that it was a little person, not a bug.

"Thank you for the cheese, Mr. Carlisle. We're sorry we were spying and we promise not to do it anymore."

"Oh...well..." He suddenly smiled. She was kinda cute, with her little pixie voice. "I'm sorry I yelled. As long as their's no more spying then alls forgiven." The little girl flew away with a giggle. Carlisle glanced at the woman he loved. Soon their spying would send those pixie girls into puberty...

While David and Tyr spoke, Miika went over to Kallie and Serena.

“We’re dying to know!” Kallie said in a hushed whisper. “Are you or aren’t you?” Serena looked at her just as expectantly so she supposed that she knew everything. Fleetingly, Miika wondered if they’d told David. She hoped not, then everyone would know before her own mate!

“I bought a test but haven’t taken it yet. I was planning to wait until after the run tonight…” She began to anxiously wring her hands. But now with the way things were turning out she had no idea was going to happen tonight; was Jeanne Pierre the real Tyr? Was something else in his body?

“You’re worried about Tyr and the strange way he’s acting?” Serena said. She placed her hands on Miika’s. The men broke apart from their discussion.

“We’ll talk about it later!” Miika said and the three women joined the men.

Tyr-Jeanne Pierre placed a hand around her hip and it felt so normal. She glanced at him. His body was so toned. Tyr had always been big and muscular but Jeanne Pierre was much more cut and not as bulky. How could this happen-?

“Miika?” David was talking to her. “Miika stay with the pack this first time. And all of you be on guard, ok? Lets have fun, but be careful.” She knew he was referring to the Howlers…yet another thing to worry about.

With a nod of her head Miika crouched down on her knee in the sprinters position. She found that it was easier to change this way since she was going to end up on all fours anyways. She noticed that most Weres didn’t do this. She noticed that she did several things different then others.

Miika closed her eyes and felt the moon and this time, instead of trying to push back against its influence, she opened herself up to receive the moon’s power. Her change was quicker then it had ever been before. It was a good thing that she was already undressed because just like a wave, her body began to flow with the change. Ripples ran beneath her skin and in its wake was left the black fur of her wolf. Within the span of 15 seconds the change was complete.

The moon was alive! It was flowing through her veins and making her want to howl. So howl she did! Jeanne Pierre knelt beside her and stroked her black fur. Then her entire pack began to howl along with her even though they were still in human form. Serena, then Kallie changed, dropping down onto all fours. David changed so fast that you could have missed it. Jeanne Pierre changed last.

It was an amazing sight. Jeanne Pierre’s wolf was one that she was used to with its blond fur. David was a grey wolf, big but not nearly as big as Jeanne Pierre. Kallie and Serena were both a mixture of grey and white. Miika was pitch black and by far the smallest among them.

They spent a few moments sniffing her before Tyr and David went around the small clearing marking their territory for the night. Miika went behind them sniffing their spray of urine even though her human mind screamed that it was disgusting. But when she saw Serena and Kallie doing the same thing she accepted the fact that to sniff her packs pee was not a bad thing.

Miika suddenly shuddered and a long howl erupted from her mouth. The entire pack sang at the moon with her, even some from other packs. Then David nudged her and she knew that he was telling her to run. So run she did!

Miika allowed her muscles to stretch as she raced through the forest. Perking her ears she heard each member of the pack as they flanked her, allowing her to take the lead. It felt so good to run, not to limp, not to lose balance, not to be in pain because her back was crooked. And Miika kept stretching her limbs until she went further and faster, not feeling tired, only feeling strong!

Kallie and Serena were behind her, Tyr and David behind them and she sensed that they were forming an arrow. She didn’t know how she knew, she just did. Then suddenly Tyr was at her flank nudging her to the right. Everyone else had already broke formation and were heading in that direction. She didn’t understand. Kallie was now in the lead…

Then she smelled what the rest of them had already smelled long before. Another pack. They were coming up on a dead run onto other weres. Probably not a good idea. She had been so lost in the joy of running that she had forgotten to be aware of everything else.

They ran like this for a while until Kallie slowed and stopped. She’d found a small creek and was taking a drink. Other wolves had stopped for the same reason and one sniffed in Kallie’s direction with interest; a male. David and Jeanne Pierre’s ears went up and the young male hurriedly left. Miika took advantage of the brief water break to rest. Jeanne Pierre licked her snout and then began circling the area with David. She wondered if the men would rest but it seemed not because this time it was Serena that started the run.

Serena didn’t run as fast as Miika would have liked but it was nice to be beside her man. For the moment she didn’t worry about anything but running with her pack. This time when a strange scent reached her nose she was just as aware as everyone else. David suddenly veered in the direction of the new smell and everyone followed. She couldn’t identify the smell because it was one that she hadn’t categorized with her wolf senses but she did know one thing.

It was food.

~~~This is a Collaboration between Silvious and Leopardia~~~

Alanthrea smiled working on her nails with Lori resting at her feet head laying in Threa's lap while they waited fro Harrison to finish his set. The training had been going well over the last week or so and she was impressed with his absorbance of his past and skills. She pet Lori's head lightly as the girl sighed having at last become rather acclimated to her new found role in life.

Harrison couldn't help but smile to himself as the final note to his music chimed out, while the women at the stage clamored forward reaching out for him, craving to carry even the smallest fraction of a memory of this night home with them. He quickly spun free of their clutches and blew kisses to each of them in turn as he backed through the curtain so that he could clean the stink of tonight’s show off of him. Every night he walked out on that stage he wanted to gag as the heavy scent of unwashed human females rubbed against one another as they smoked lucky strikes amongst other cheap brands of cigarettes in between even cheaper bottles of beer.

She sat in silence as her nose wrinkled in her dark corner on the couch of his dressing room "What is that horrible smell?!" Lori tried to catch a whiff and whimpered because she could not answer. Threa smiled lightly patting her head "Shhh my pet it was not a question for you...You will be meeting my pupil this night as we give him the good news."

Harrison dropped his robe at the entrance to the showers before hurrying inside and letting the hot water pour over his body and scour every inch. Removing the foul scent that came along with working in such an establishment, but as he closed his eyes he new what awaited him upon his emergence from his shower. The one true reason anyone does this job, money. This night alone he'll have earned more than more people earn in their entire paycheck and weekends he could earn enough to live off of with ease. His mind raced back to reality as he washed the last of the shampoo from his hair.

Lori perked up as she heard a shower not far off and moved on all fours to the door she peered out the door way before squeaking and skittering back to Threa "Is he coming yet my pet?" Threa stared at the door before sighing closing her eyes calling to Harrison thru their bloodline's bind.

Harrison heard Threa's voice reached into his mind and call for him as he was caressing his body with a bar of lavender soap. Harrison let every rise and fall of the bar slip through his mind as it continually traveled further south, "I'll be with you as soon as I am clean."

Threa laughed loudly the sound carrying even to him from the shower as a thought crept inside his mind "Little boy you have only one thought on your mind it is hardly one I am interested in. Consider better your lessons than trying to get in my pants." 

Harrison laughed back at Threa, "I'm not trying to get into your pants. I'm trying to get the smell of them off of me. You just called me while I was cleaning that area," he arched his back like a cat so that the water might wash the soap from his body, "besides, wouldn't the crypt dust make things a little... dry and brittle for you." his tone mocking.

Threa smirked shaking her head as her thoughts laughed at him "I had no complaints from your colleagues my dear boy." She smiled petting Lori's head as she let the image of the modelesque physique crept thru her mind nude sweating her lips begging for release as Threa continued to let the image trickle thru to Harrison's mind "Now hurry and finish we have things to discuss."

"It would go faster with another pair of hands," he laughed a musical laugh as he made his way out of the shower and retrieved a towel, "but I shall make do with the two that I have." He quieted his mind as he dried his hair and his torso but opened his mind once again as he removed a mink glove from his bag, sprinkled it with honey powder then began to spread the soft subtle mixture all over his body, making absolutely sure to accidentally open the connection between the two of them as he applied it to his most tender of places before he finished dressing.

A sigh rippled thru his mind as a heavy metal door like feeling slammed the connection shut an echo of stop acting like a child flittering across his mind. "That boy is impossible I swear he better learn his lessons or he is going to have a VERY hard lesson placed in his lap."

Harrison finished dressing and made his way out the employee entrance, "Meet me out back by the car and I'll take you some place for dinner."

Threa stepped out form the shadow a nearly naked Lori at her heals upon a leash. "You are far to predictable Harrison you must work on that. In a fight it can prove deadly." She smiled ushering him to her own vehicle a man sitting at the wheel waiting "I do not eat but I am sure you and my pet would be in need of sustenance. What would you care to have this evening?"

With a smile to charm the dead from the coffins Harrison made his suggestion, "I know of a restaurant that caters to both my kind and yours. They will serve blood on premises but only in bottles to the old bloods." he looked around to make sure no one was listening, "It's called Piscary's."

Threa merely nodded as Lori moved behind her legs hiding from Harrison her body smelling of lust within moments. "I know it...Lori behave yourself and get in the car!" she tugged the leash sending Lori sprawling in the back of the vehicle as she stepped in herself waiting for Harrison. " We shall go there it should only take a few moments."

Harrison climbed in the car, "Glad to see you've been getting familiar with some of our local landmarks here in Cinncy," he looked over his shoulder and took in Lori as she was sprawled in the backseat, "You do find the most delectable appetizers, don't you."

Threa giggled shaking her head as she nodded "Yes well she was a small perk from a problem I had to deal with when I awoke. Feel free to do as you wish with her. She is fully broken now and will obey explicitly." Lori whimpered shaking on the floor of the vehicle in the back "Lori show him anything he asks to see or taste."

"Well, damn." Harrison put his hand on her shoulder and frowned, "it's no fun if they're broken. I mean... where's the challenge? Where's the fun? Just, show me your ta-tas and she'll pop ‘em out? Well that’s no fun. I mean damn. You gotta have some thrill, some excitement, a little chase. That way when you finally succeed in sinking your teeth into that succulent thigh it's worth it." Harrison looked at Threa for several seconds with a straight face before he burst into a fit of laughter, "I hope you didn't buy any of that bullshit."

Threa smiled softly "Sweetie you lie horribly your face may say I am serious but your eyes get all twinkly and excited like a child in a candy store...Or should I say a man thinking he can see my fine form." She stuck her tongue out at him as Lori had already began to undress her small skimpy top, at the mention of showing her breasts. Threa eyed her glaring "He did not give a direct command Lori now keep your clothes on till told otherwise! My you are turning into such a whore."

A warm chuckle slipped freely from his lips as he noticed Lori had already lost her top, without a moments hesitation he reached back and flicked the nipple of her right breast, causing it to grow taught and erect immediately, "My God, if a gentile touch can do that to her what can a full force..." he let his imagination trail with the thoughts of what would happen to Lori's body if someone actually tried to get her aroused.
Threa poked him in the nose and laughed "It is your pheromones you have no control over them if you are constantly thinking of sex with young women. Now have some self control and tone down the pheromones they are suffocating in this car your going to throw her into a lust filled rampage. You can have your fun with her when we are done with our meeting." The car stopped then pulling into a parking place across the street form the restaurant. "Well lets go Lori you stay here I will bring you something to eat when we are done. Get yourself off ,then sleep I need you responsive this evening."

"That's not fair. I'm a man... I'm always horny," Harrison chuckled as he climbed out of the car and walked over to Threa's door and held it open for her.

Threa smiled climbing out linking arms with him as they walked across the street. "Yes well at least you have manners. Come along I have grand news for you. It will bring you to the next level and could possibly bring you into further powers and skills we have yet to find."
Harrison led Threa into the restaurant where all eyes fell upon them. As they approached the Mai tre de, Harrison palmed enough money for them to find a quiet booth for the two of them within moments of their arrival.

Threa smiled softly having known of the place but had yet to enter her senses going wild for mere seconds before she pulled up her natural defenses, shaking her head as they were seated "Hmmm this place is certainly full of some old ones..."

Within moments their waiter had arrived to take their drink order, "Monsieur?"
Threa feeling inspired looked to Harrison and smirked using their link to move him to order for her.
Harrison's smile no longer showed that of warmth and boyhood, it was as cold as ice, "A dry martini in a deep goblet. Three measures of Gordans, one of Vodka, Half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice cold. Then add a thin slice of lemon. Got it?" 

He waved his hand towards Threa, "The lady will have the same, except replace the lemon with O+"
The waiter bowed his head and repeated the order before hurrying away.
Threa sighed standing and moving to talk to the waiter changing her own order and with a giggle returned to their table having a seat. her voice low as she smiled "Well now Your a demanding little boy aren’t you. As to the rest I added a little something to our drink order. " The waiter returned in a few moments with Harrison's complex drink with a look that could kill before handing Threa hers but what he placed down was not the complicated mess of a mixed drink Harrison had ordered for her but a fine glass of red wine and O negative. "Much better" she smiled blowing the waiter a kiss before sending him away "Now taste this.. You need to start nourishing yourself better."

"Why? I'm going to die and wake back up and have to live off of blood from then on. So until then I'm going to eat the best foods. Drink the best drinks. Sleep in the most comfortable beds with the most beautiful women and have the most fun that I can. I'll drink blood when I feel like it. Nourishment my ass. I eat and drink for taste. You want me to try yours... fine. On one condition. You try mine."

He pushed his drink across the table with two fingers. Threa wrinkled her nose in disgust "That is a waste of taste and alcohol." The waiter came over and took their food order Threa passing up the idea of it though she enjoyed its scents. "Now do you wish to know your news or not?"

"I do." Harrison looked her in the eye and never realized he re-established their mental link, 'I can't believe it, she's afraid. How can she be afraid? No she can't be can she? It's just a drink after all'
Threa glowered at him "You had best learn to control your links unless you wish me to begin probing deeper you little snot. I am hardly afraid of a silly drink I have finer tastes than you and that much alcohol smells disgusting even from here I would not let it near me. Such mixtures destroy the finer taste buds." She huffed leaning back in her chair keeping her news to herself for the time being.

He quirked a brow at her, "And what is it going to destroy in you? Not like you can lose a kidney. Your liver isn't going to quit.... again." He quickly held up his hands in surrender, "Alright. You are not afraid of the drink but its not like it can hurt you and so what if it kills me. I don't plan on living for another four to five years anyway that way I at least stay pretty forever. You know how that goes. Die young stay beautiful forever."
She merely shook her head in disgust .."Do what you will ...You might be dying this year anyways. We are going on a hunt." She shoved a small brown folder over to him. Several pages about a local group of human thugs assassinating inderlanders in cold blood, slipped into view "Seems to me that the tides need to change wouldn’t you agree?"

"I do." he quickly motioned for the waiter to bring two more refills for him, his voice lost all the warmth and kindness it had mere moments before as he glanced through the file, "Why hasn't anyone done anything about these cookies?" he finished off his first drink and began working on his second.



Though they had only been running together for few short hours, the pack moved and felt as one as they slipped under the canopy of leaves provided by the rich forest of the preserve. The heavy scent of food, or what would soon be food, clung to the air calling to them. David and Jean Pierre took up the points on the outside of the pack as to guard the women between them, though Serena and Kallie had more than enough experience between the two of them to know how to fend off virtually any attacker.

And with what had transpired over the last few weeks Miika had shown herself more than capable in her own right.

Miika didn’t even feel like herself any longer. The moon, the smells and being a part of the pack seemed to take over all of her will. Now relying on instinct she followed the smell with the others. They ran swiftly, yet quietly. Instinctively she knew that they had positioned themselves to be downwind of the animal. Still its own instincts kicked in and the animal took flight.

Kallie and Serena pulled forward, no longer trying to hide their approach. Miika still couldn’t see the beast with her eyes, but clearly with her nose. She followed Kallie and Serena as if they were one, feeling Jeanne Pierre on her left and David on her right.

David’s howl sounded like a battle cry! The pack broke formation as they began to close in on the beast. David moved to the right, while Jeanne Pierre moved to the left. Kallie and Serena went head on and Miika did the only thing that she could; she followed and stayed low. The bigger wolves would bring down the animal but she’d help where she could.

Finally Miika saw it and she could now put a picture to the scent that had been invading her senses for the last few minutes. It was a buffalo. The animal was magnificent. It’s wooly mane trailed behind it in what appeared to be primitive dreds. Its wild eyes flashed in terror as it thudded through the wood seeking an escape.

The wolf in Miika knew that the animal was worthy. A kill would be an honor to the moon. Kallie leaped first and then Serena. They soared through the air tearing at the buffalo’s back. Suddenly Jeanne Pierre and David were at the animal’s neck and dragging it to the ground. But the animal outweighed them and continued its wild, frantic run.

Miika went for the animal’s hind leg, tearing at it with her sharp teeth. The wild eyed animal screamed and with five wolves on it the creature finally dropped.

The sweet blood of the buffalo trailed down Jean Pierre's throat as he held on to the downed creature with all his might. Though try as they might the beast kept trying to gain its footing. It continuously swung its head from one side to the other, causing both David and Jean Pierre's fangs to leave deep gauges and tears along the beast's neck. While Kallie, Serena and Miika lunged for the buffalo's legs. Ripping the sinew apart as easily as a sheet of tissue paper.

Eventually Miika moved inward, reaching the animal’s exposed, tender underbelly. With a feral growl she sank her teeth into the flesh. Kallie moved to join her and soon the animal lay still. David raised his head and howled. The rest echoed his victory cry.

Jean Pierre finished his howl before moving next to Miika where he began to clean the blood from her face.


After eatting their fill of the buffalo, the pack found places to rest—keeping a sharp eye on their kill. Several wolves came by wanting a snack but the glare of the pack kept them moving. They intended to divide the remains of the kill and take them home for later.

Miika, with her belly distended was too excited to rest. She roamed around the circumfrence of their resting spot sniffing and tasting various items that she found on the ground. Everyone else lay watching her with contented, or amused expressions. Finally Jeanne Pierre’s wolf got up and nudged her. She gave him a curious look. He used his massive paw to nudge her hind quarters to a squat.

He wanted her to sit. She circled him once or twice while the others looked even more amused, then she finally flopped down. Yeah, she was actually kinda tired. Jeanne Pierre waited until she was settled before sitting alongside of her. Miika relaxed against his side and felt like she could fall asleep for about 10 hours.

She did doze for about half an hour and when Jeanne Pierre nudged her awake David, Kallie and Serena were transformed into hybrids. She looked at them alarmed. They were hefting heavy pieces of meat over their shoulders. Miika didn’t know how to change into the hybrid half man, half wolf yet! She looked at Jeanne Pierre who was still laying next to her in wolf form. He didn’t look concerned.

David had the largest piece of buffalo. “Miika. You and Tyr—I mean Jeanne Pierre will stay in wolf form. Since you can’t change into this form, I think it would be wise for Jeanne Pierre to stay as a wolf in case we need his speed.” David looked around warily. She figured he must have still been thinking about The Howlers. He looked at her again. “Your first full moon and we bring down a buffalo.” He smiled. “It was a good full moon.” The plan was for Jeanne Pierre and Miika to go back to the heading where Tyr would gather their belongings and then everyone would meet at the showers to clean off the filth of the hunt.

David, Kallie and Serena headed through the forest at a slow run. Jeanne Pierre came to his feet and Miika gave his snout a lick. They took a few moments to lick snouts and bite necks before following their pack. It had been a good full moon.

Back at the lockers, Miika finally allowed her body to slip back into human form. Now she could feel various aches, but only as if she’d had a good work out. While the men headed to the male showers, Miika pretended to follow the women. Instead she slipped off to the locker and quickly grabbed her cellphone from the pack that she had stowed there earlier.

She felt guilty about what she was doing. She’d had a wonderful time with Jeanne Pierre. But he wasn’t Tyr…or was he? She dialed her best friend and almost passed out when voicemail came up.

“Layla! This is Miika. I don’t know what’s going on but Tyr has…changed. He’s not Tyr anymore and I don’t know what to make of it. I’m really scared. Would you call me when you get this? Thanks…”

She disconnected and fought back tears. She was so confused.

After getting cleaned up the pack gathered in the parking lot. It was well after 3am but everyone felt invigorated. With hugs, handshakes and thumps on the back they all said their good-byes. David gave Miika a meaningful look before he got into his truck. Jeanne Pierre hadn’t seen it. David was worried about her. She gave him a brave smile to let him know that she would be ok then she and Jeanne Pierre climbed on to his bike and they were off to the Hollows.

“Um…Jeanne Pierre?” She hung on to him as they sped down the highway. They’d be home soon and she had to figure something out before she was in the apartment alone with this new man.


“Um…how about some ice cream?” It was pretty hot even at this late hour.

“You would like ice cream?” She nodded. “Where do you want to go, Mon Cher?


“You want to go all the way to Ohio? The nearest one is in Kenwood.”

“Can we?”

N'importe quoi pour vous, mon amour.” He sped up and passed the Covington exit and continued north onto I-75. Miika clutched him tight and buried her face into his muscled back. His long blond hair tickled her face, no longer damp from the shower. She longed to reach up and stroke it as she used to do Tyr’s…

They reached Kenwood much too soon and Tyr parked the bike. Even at this late hour Graeters Ice Cream was fairly crowded. She watched him climb off the bike and wondered if he would do as Tyr would…

Jeanne Pierre pocketed his keys and then reached over and lifted Miika gently from the bike setting her down on the ground as if she were a china doll. It was exactly as Tyr would have done….

They walked hand and hand into the shop and walked to the counter. “What would you like?” He asked while examining the menu board. Miika gave him a long look.

“Oh. My usual.” Jeanne Pierre rubbed his chin and continued to study the menu board as if stymied. Miika felt her heart plunge to her feet. He didn’t know what her usual was! He wasn’t Tyr—he was some fake possible predator in Tyr’s body! Maybe he was even a demon. Miika looked around trying to figure out how she could slip away…

“Can I take your order, Sir?” The Cashier asked, giving Tyr an impressed look. Miika felt a spike of jealousy and wanted to scratch the woman’s eyes out!

“We’ll have a double scoop of chocolate chip raspberry on a traditional cone for the lady.” He was rubbing his chin, still in confusion. “I will have...a triple scoop of dulce de leche on a traditional cone.”

Miika stared at him, eyes blinking. He remembered. He knew her favorite ice cream. Tears of relief pricked her eyes. He had passed all of her tests. He'd protected her during the run. He'd known where Graeter's ice cream was. He knew her favorite ice cream. She reached out and slipped her hand into his. He gave it a squeeze.

She didn’t know why, she didn’t know how, but this man was her man. Whether he was named Jeanne Pierre or Tyr. He was hers.

The morning sun broke through the blinds waking Jean Pierre far too early for his liking but like the mornings of all of his fights he knew to live them as though they were his last. As quiet as a ghost he slipped from the bed and showered, not wanting to wake Miika until after everything was ready. Jean Pierre made sure to scrub thoroughly every place blood could have gotten from the night before, the hot water scouring every inch of his body as his hands traced his muscles with a sensual grace. His head drifted back as his hands began to drift down while his thoughts drifted towards Miika. "MIIKA!" He shut off the hot water and finished his shower bathing in the icy waters that only Cincinnati can provide.

Slipping past the sleeping beauty was no true chore, her first run followed by a late night of ice cream date had left her in a sound sleep. Though he couldn't help but chuckle as she seemed to be chasing rabbits in her dream. He pulled the curtains shut before moving back into the bathroom and combing back his hair, so that he could put it in a pony tail. He retrieved a white silk shirt and pair of black silk slacks from the closet, "My God, I haven't worn these in ages." A pair of silk boxers and a white undershirt added to the ensemble while a pair of suspenders buttoned to the inside of the waistband of the pants, holding them all in place. He delved into the closet once more finding the three button jacket that matched the pants and the cyan handkerchief that lined the pocket, before he rummaged for the polished steel toed loafers that completed the ensemble.

Jean Pierre gave his sleeping beauty a kiss goodbye before quietly slipping out the front door and making his way down to the entrance of the building. The sun was shining brightly this morning, the clouds seemed to part perfectly and could get no whiter. A human even greeted him with a heartfelt, "Good morning, sir!" While this was a perfect morning to go riding deep in the country far away from everyone and everything but the person you love... this was also the perfect morning to take a walk by one's self. He reached into the inner pocket of his coat and retrieved a pair of Raybans, to cut out just enough of the morning glare and make everything perfect as he made his rounds.

Jean Pierre walked for what seemed like forever, his mind in the clouds drifting from one thought to another until it came to one perfect thought as he found himself standing outside Bellum Bageerah's shop, his eyes drawn through the window to the display case where an amulet sat by itself in a velvet case, "Perfect." He pushed all thoughts from his mind and went inside.

Jackie Blaze looked up a slice of pizza dangling from his lips, "Tyr?" quickly eating the portion he had in his mouth he looked back to Jean Pierre, "How can I help you?"

"I want to buy that amulet."

"It isn't magical."

"It will be tonight."

The waning light of the moon as it took its leave for a day of rest drifted lazily thru the parlor window as Alanthrea sat sipping at what was left of a bottle of blood she had taken with her from the restuarant. Lori was nestled in bed for the day as so she sat alone with only her thoughts to keep her company. One might think this a peaceful time, no distractions, no disturbances...But in truth when ones mind had grown so dark it was hardly a time place of comfort one found in thier own thoughts. Gazing out the window she yawned lightly. "What have I become Mother? I am like all the rest of my kind now...ruthless, blood thirsty, a mindless,selfish beast." She sighed as her eyes drifted to her lap where rested the folder she had shown Harrison earlier in the evening. "That boy had best learn this will be no easy battle they have killed ruthless creatures far older and more battle worn than he."
Shaking her head she stood moving towards the inner sanctums of her home slipping into the kitchen within moments. She opened the refrigerator she had discovered there and placed the bottle of blood inside to keep it cool. Her feet turned her moving of thier own free will her thoguths wandering as the evening ended slowly..soon she would sleep but in the last remaining moments she thought long over her past, her future, and her pupil. She sighed heavily as once more she moved towards the dark safety of her basement for the day.
She smiled softly as she spied Lori curled up sleeping peacefully off to the side in a bed she had had moved down there from an upper bedroom for her. "You are a good pet Lori, I shall be sure you are well taken care of lest somethign happen to me." She moved to her coffin slowly her eyes glazing. "The sun does press upon me to sleep...I vow though that though I must kill to surrvive it is the truly guilty that shall feed me I will not become the horrors that created me. Goodnight Mother, Goodnight Father, Goodnight my pupil may you learn your lessons and study hard your test doth lear at you coming ever closer form the shadows that hide it." She closed her coffin then falling into the sleep of the dead as the sun rose high in the sky announcing a beautiful day to come.



Miika awoke to the shrill ringing of the phone. It took her a moment to shake off her exhaustion and to drag herself from the depths of sleep. A werewolf for less then two weeks and her body had already become acclimated to the night and the day is when she now craved sleep. She really was an Inderlander.

Miika stumbled out of bed, nude and no longer conscious of it. She picked up the phone that was located in the livingroom.

“Hello?” She croaked. She squinted at the bright light that illuminated the room from all the windows. Then she glanced at the clock. Nine o’clock…

David chuckled as he sipped on his morning coffee as Miika's harsh dulcetts rang out over the phone, "Sounds like you aren't much of a morning person."

“Oh David.” She walked to the bathroom for the robe that she had hanging behind the door. “Yeah.” She managed a small laugh as she slid her arms into the satin material. “I used to be, but not when I don’t get into bed until the crack of dawn.” Miika hurried back into the livingroom and began closing the shades. Why were they all wide open?

“What’s going on?” Translation; why are you calling when I’ve only had four hours sleep?

He took another sip of his coffee to awaken his own dulled senses, "I wanted to talk to you about a couple of things," he looked around his room though he knew no one was there to listen to him, "You did well last night... actually, you did damn good last night. Taking down a buffalo is no small feat. But that's not the main reason I'm calling. I wanted to check in on you and... Jean Pierre... is he..." David's voice died out as he searched for the words, "How is he?"

Miika sank down onto the couch and pushed back her unruly hair. A smile played at her mouth. Yes, of course David didn’t know about the tests that she had put him through last night; and how he had passed them all. Quickly she recounted this to her pack leader. “I think that…no. I KNOW that Jeanne Pierre is the whole person. And Tyr was just a splinter of him.” She frowned. “Somehow that amulet did something to…to…fix him.”

David released a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding, "You're sure," he chuckled as he realized nobody would know Tyr better than Miika, "Of course you are." A buzzing in his pocket let him know a text message just arrived, "One second, Miika." With the speed and polish of a true professional he handled the corded phone with one hand while opening his cell with the other and quickly checked his text mail and responded, "Perfect. Rachel should be able to join us all at your place for dinner tonight before the fights."

Miika almost dropped the phone. Her face felt cold. “Tonight?! The fight is tonight?! B-but can he fight as Jeanne Pierre? I mean, he’s different!” She began to pace. “David, I have to be there. I have to know that he remembers Tyr is the Tyrant which means he is the Tyrant too!”

David felt his jaw go slack as he realized Miika knew nothing about the fight being tonight, "Miika," his voice cracked, "Miika, you just said this was Tyr. That the amulet fixed him." He walked to the window and looked outside, letting the warm sun coat his features, "I'm sure he'll be fine, Miika. I know he will."

But tonight…? She hadn’t even told him about possibly being pregnant. How would the news affect the fight? What if it made him more careful and he lost his edge? “David, you said that everyone is coming over for dinner before the fight, right? Then you’re allowing me to go too, right? You said I did good last night…”

"That's right," he nodded to the phone, "You did great last night and if the ENTIRE pack agrees to go than you can come. There is going to be a lot of blood there and I won't take the chance of you losing control. So I want the entire pack there but due to the nature of the fights I won't force anyone to go to them." He stopped and took a breath not wanting to say what he knew he had to, "Miika you've seen videos but you've never been to one of these fights before. They are brutal as hell and the blood... it will make you... well, don't feel bad for the way the blood will make you feel. With the blood there falling into a bloodlust isn't unnatural. That and I'm sure you'll be watching Tyr's fight with more... anticipation than any other fight that may be occurring. Just don't worry."

Miika let out a relieved breath. “Ok.” She would fight any bloodlust because she wouldn’t want to be a distraction. But she had to be there to see everything that happened or…she’d just go crazy! “David, thanks for everything, really. I’ll see you tonight, ok?” She had to call Layla next. She needed her best friend like she had never needed her before.

~~ This is a Collaboration between Silvious and Leopardia~~

Threa sat patiently in her parlor, Lori well out of harm's way  for the evening as it was to be a rather exciting and harrowing one for sure. She sighed softly as she sat waiting her patience thin. "Where is that boy he should have been here an hour ago..." Huffing she settled further into the chair she rested on smoothing the silk of her negligee down her thighs adjusting her top. "He wants to ignore his vampiric needs I will make sure he can't..He will need all his instincts for tonight's test."

Harrison burst through the door as if he knew she was speaking about him at that very moment, his clothing and hair disheveled, lipstick smeared along the side of his neck and reeking of perfume. He held up a hand as he tried to caught his breath, "I..." dropping his head towards the ground to clear the stars that danced in his vision, "been a while," he commented absently before looking back up at Threa, "I found out something of interest tonight while putting in some..." a look of pure disgust over took him and he couldn't stop himself as he dove across the room and began to violently vomit in an old steel trash can for several minutes.

She stood smacking her head  as she moved to him holding back his hair gently. "This is what you get for drinking to much." she rubbed his back taking a cloth from a table nearby to clean the lipstick from his neck licking across it once it was clean "You smell of human..badly perfumed human. You must have been working this evening." She shook her head. "Harrison you were supposed to be using this day to prepare for the mission...."

The smell being forced back into his face with every heave, wasn't helping his stomach as he remembered the events of earlier that night, "I was preparing..." he sat back and covered his mouth with his wrist for several moments as he gathered his thoughts, " That's why I smell of human. I put on a private show for some of the more wealthy women of the city this evening. Women who run their husbands, who run the city and I found out that there is going to be a HUGE underground inderlander pit fight tonight."

Threa smirked turning him and kissing him on the nose. "You are learning! That is fantastic news." Her eyes showed that she was plotting already before she hefted him easily in her arms. "Let's get you clean..." She carried him up the stairs to a shower before setting him down and turning on some warm water on him. She slipped out of her clothes unsure if he could handle his stomach yet and slid in beside him. Her hands moved swiftly taking soap and sponge to scrub along his chest and back. "Feeling better?" she inquired as her breasts pushed into his back hands coming dangerously close to his waist as he sat upon the floor water cascading over the pair of them.

He let the warm water over take his senses beating away the vile thoughts of the night of the dreadful ancient women groping and grabbing at him while showing him their breasts that hung like ancient sandbags held on to their withering forms by silly string. All those thoughts were pushed even further from his mind as he felt Threa's firm breast push against his back and move gently in time with the breaths he knew she only took to look more real for her prey, but at that moment as her hands slid over his body, caressing his every inch of a body he had worked a lifetime to sculpt he did feel better, but all he could do was moan in appreciation.
She smiled leaning in sucking on his ear lobe gently letting her fangs gently caress the skin there never pricking, or poking. Her hands teasing along his waistline as she moved down further licking along his jaw line lightly.. "Do not think on past events focus rather on the present.." She smiled sliding around to sit in his lap legs wrapped about his waist line as she kissed his chin. Her nude form very visible to his sights. "You crave this  form do you not?"

He knew he could lie with his words, but his body was already telling her the truth. He could feel the blood pounding between his legs, forcing his member to grow as she sat above it. He smiled coyly, "I cannot tell a lie," he chuckled as his hands moved slowly caressing her back and holding her close to him at the same time, "I do."

She smiled running a single finger across her breast just above her nipple so he would have to suckle her to get at the taste of what she offered. "Then taste of it Young one taste and rejoice in what you are." She pulled back her hand as blood dripped trailing across her nipple.

His thoughts were coming in red flashes, "Yesss," he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back, exposing her so that he could lick the length of it before pushing her against the wall. His lusts... She wanted him to give in to his lusts... to her.... He dropped to his knees tossing her legs over his shoulders so that her back fell against the tile wall. His tongue quickly began to flick back and forth moving about teasing Threa, while his hands sensually massaged every inch of her they could reach.

Moaning she writhed against the wall "Yes yes that's it give in..." She smirked as he became stronger more beast like in his actions less the refined facade he put forth to the world. She grabbed him by the hair. "Come Young one your strength has better purposes than the pleasure of the body use that rage , that frustration against our enemies. Let us Hunt!" And she was off dashing form the room knowing in her mind he would follow her..Her hands quickly dressing her form as she took  to a smaller room letting her pheromones lead him to her . Her thoughts calling to him "Come Harrison I am in the armory you will need to dress for the shadows."

Harrison crawled out of the shower in into the armory, his knees dragging behind him as he slithered after her almost snake like in his movements, more ready to ravage her than to hunt, but if that would bring him closer to his goal than he would easily kill any and all he needed too.

She watched him and smiled "Stand up like a man Harrison You will get your reward after the hunt." She smirked bending over eyes on him as she caressed his cheek. "Come dress yourself . She handed him several well worn and softened leather pieces of clothing. Wear the clothing of your ancestors that you might know their strength, their power, their need for the blood of humans."

His movements as he dressed were smooth and disjointed as he slipped from one article of clothing to another in the most unusual of manners, the blood lust seeming to have pulled out a more reptilian, and cold blooded side to the jovial dancer than what Threa or anyone else for that matter, had seen before.

She threw several knives his way helping him into the strapping's to keep them in place. All were of silver painted a dark unyielding black so none would be seen in the dark. She herself had several already strapped to her own form in strategic places. "Let us hunt my dear." She opened the window then looking outside to the moon taking a deep cleansing breath. "Keep to the shadows, speak only with your thoughts to me. we shall make sure they track us to a place of our choosing..."And off into the night she went.

He sheathed the knives with barely a thought before slithering out the window, "Yes Mistress."

When Carlisle woke up that morning, he quickly showered and pulled his long hair back into a ponytail. Today he would get it cut. While he dressed, his mind went over all the things that he needed to do today. He would go to the barber shop, contact his crew and find out how they were doing. Then he would go on to work at the restaurant. Later at the family meeting he’d tell everyone about his plans to run for City Council. Maybe he could dash out long enough to pick up Layla. He wanted her by his side since it was because of her that he had decided to do this.

He was anxious as he hurried out of his small house to Mr. G’s; the barber that several of the guys from his crew frequented. He had to admit that he felt naked when his hair was laying on the floor and he scratched his scalp with his nails. But when he looked in the mirror, Carlisle saw a man worthy of City Council, and not just a Young G.

He climbed into his truck and sat there a moment texting. To anyone looking it was just a string of nonsense words. Sonny texted him back in less then a minute. Sounded like the guys had a lead. Later he would get a call that would give him more detail. For now he was satisfied.

He drove on to the restaurant. His sister Karena had opened and was barking out orders to some of the newer employees. They looked at him with relief. No one really liked Karena. She was his sister and of course he loved her, but he would rather not have to face her negative attitude either.

“How’s it going, Karena?” He asked absently while heading for the back office.

She turned and placed a hand on her shapely hip, a scowl present on her pretty face. “It would be nice if you could manage to drag yourself in here to open every once in a while! These backline workers come in lazy-”

He scowled in return. She didn’t care that the employees could hear every word she said. “Karena…why don’t you go take a break. I can take over.”

“Well,” She took off her apron. “I don’t see why you get to be manager when I do as much if not more work around here-“

“We all had to pay our dues. I opened. Jacinda opened.” Jacinda was the oldest girl. “Now its your turn to open.” He was used to her attitude so he went into the office and closed the door, cutting off her mumblings.” He sat down behind the computer and the door went flying open. He turned around in alarm. Karena was smiling.

“By the way—I like the haircut.” He smiled slowly.


“What is this mysterious meeting about? Are you marrying Layla?”

“You’ll find out. Nosey.”

“Well I just want to tell you that I like Layla and she’d be a great addition to the family.”

Carlisle turned back to the computer. “You’re just saying that because she babysits for you for free.” He spoke absently. And when they did get married he intended to put a stop to it.

“Well I’m certainly not asking Miika to babysit anymore. Not with that wolf around.”

Carlisle’s fingers froze over the keys. “He seems ok.”

“Yeah.” She said before leaving the room. “Until the full moon and he goes into some damn blood lust. You can never completely trust an animal.” Carlisle frowned and then went back to his computer work.

The door to Tyr's apartment stood before Bridget rather loomingly as she stood there key in hand. She didnt know what she was waiting for, it wasnt like her brother hated her. Ok so they hadnt seen each other in a long, and she and he hadnt exactly parted ways on good terms after that last pit fight he had partcipated in but, with the news of his return to the fights.... She looked to the floor kicking at the ground with the toe of her boot mumbling. "Stupid ass not only does he try to commit suicide he doesnt even tell me personally I have to find out thru sources before I go knock some sense into his big fat head." She turned the key in the lock and opened the door slowly as she moved inside to wait for him since he obviously wasnt home his scent was to weak for him to be there. What met her eyes though gave Bridget a great shock, having expected an empty apartment. A woman was sitting in her big brother's living room...not just any woman, no a NAKED woman! "Who the hell are you?! And what are you doing in my James' home?!" she stood hands at hips, eyes red hot with anger, as she stared down poor Miika a trickle of a growl playing along her lips as she spoke.



Miika was showering when her phone rang again. It was the cell this time and had she not been a werewolf, would have never heard it as her cellphone was still in her pack. She quickly turned off the shower and hurried into the livingroom. She dumped the contents of the pack onto the couch and located the phone before it stopped ringing.

“Hello?” She asked breathlessly.

“Hey chica,” said Layla, over the soft bubbling of her potion pot. “It feels like we haven’t talked in aaaaggeeess. What’s been going on? How’s Tyr?” Layla turned the burner on to low and turned away.

Miika sank down onto the couch for the second time that morning. “Layla…you didn’t get my message…” She blew out a long breath. “Girl, I need to talk to you about a lot of stuff. Let me get dressed and I’ll come over. You got anything planned?”

Layla thought for a second. “Uhm…not that I can think of….OH wait! Carlisle’s announcement is tonight. We can’t forget that. But otherwise no. Why don’t you come on over? I have some gumbo on right now.” She turned and stirred the soup pot that stood bubbling next to her potion pot. “We can talk here.”

Miika grimaced. Oh damn. She had forgotten about that. She tried to calculate her timeline. The pack would be meeting here tonight. But she should be able to squeeze it in. After all dinner was Tyr’s—Jeanne Pierre’s idea. So she was sure he’d be cooking. Can Jeanne Pierre cook? She was being silly, of course he would know how to cook!

“Ok, Layla. I’ll be right over!”

Miika went to the bathroom to dry…no clean towels. Wow, what had happened to all the towels? She looked in the bedroom closet where she’d put the dirty clothes to keep them out of the way…Oh. There was a ton of laundry. Miika sighed. Ok, she’d tackle the laundry tomorrow.

She thought she had towels packed in one of the boxes stacked in the livingroom. Still naked she went through box after box until she found what she was looking for. She sat down on the couch to sort through the neatly folded sheets, towels and wash cloths. Of course she was dry by then, but her hair was still dripping.

She heard the door opened and looked up expecting Jeanne Pierre. Instead a smallish dark haired woman entered her home. Miika came to her feet, her alarm causing her wolf begin to rise. But instantly she smelled the wolf on this strange woman. Miika was taken aback when the woman began yelling at her.

"Who the hell are you?! And what are you doing in my James' home?!" Then she growled very threatening in her throat. Miika glanced down at the key in the woman’s hand.

“I don’t know who the hell you are, but this is my house. And if you had a James he ain’t yours anymore!” Miika moved fast and pushed the young woman out the door. The dark haired woman protested but since she was standing in the entrance it didn’t take much for Miika to push her back out into the hall and have the door slammed and locked. This time Miika engaged the chain and deadbolt.

“Crazy assed ex girlfriends!” Miika mumbled. Tyr had never mentioned that he’d given another woman a key to his home. That was just…Miika growled. She’d bring it up later after all the dust settled.

Quickly she dressed in jeans, and a t-shirt, then dragged a brush through her wet curls. She pulled her hair up into a French twist and then slipped on sandals and hurried out of the apartment with her purse in tow. The woman was gone and Miika had practically forgotten her in her rush.

As an after thought she hurried back into the apartment and jotted a quick note to Jeanne Pierre of her whereabouts. Again she had another thought…she rushed into the bedroom for the pregnancy test that she had hidden beneath her clothing in her chest of drawers. She stuffed it into her bag and rushed to her car.

A few minutes later she was standing on Layla’s porch. “Hi Miss Miika.” She looked up sharply. One of the little pixies was sitting on the sill tending to some flowers that grew in an earthen pot.

“Hi there…Matilda?” The little pixie giggled and nodded. “You’ve grown. Have I been gone that long?”

“Yes Ma’ame.” Then she flew away. Miika rang the doorbell filled with guilt.

Layla opened her door with a smile. She pulled Miika into a hug and said, “Come in! Come in! The pixie girls are dying to see you!” She turned and led Miika into her kitchen. She sat her down at the island and set a steaming bowl of gumbo before her. As she moved away, Miika was covered by pixie girls. She laughed softly and said, “Okay, so what’s up?”

The little girls began to undo her unruly hair and Miika didn’t object as they began to weave it into an intricate braid. They fluttered around her like little butterflies and her mood instantly lightened. They talked back and forth with each other using a quick chatter that she could barely understand, though she did catch werewolf more then once. They were such sweet kids not to ask questions about why she was no longer crippled. She sighed and spooned in a great mouthful of hot gumbo. Yum. Layla watched her expectantly.

“Look in my bag.” She finally said between mouthfuls of gumbo. Layla picked up her pack curiously. She rummaged around and then froze. Slowly she retrieved the box that said Home Pregnancy Test across the top.

Layla’s hands shook a bit as she carried the box back to the island. “Miika…oh my…girls, I think that Miss Miika and I need to be alone. Will you please go check the roses in the back garden?” The girls finished Miika’s braid and chimed, “Yes Miss Layla.” They smiled and flew off out the open window. Layla sat down next to Miika and said, “Chica, does this mean what I think it means? Are you really giving me a neice or a nephew?” Her eyes were wide with expectancy.

Instead of answering, tears began to splash down Miika’s cheeks. This was supposed to be the happiest time of her life. In a rush of words she explained that Tyr had no idea about her possible pregnancy…and furthermore Tyr was Jeanne Pierre. Then she explained about the amulet and how it glowed brightly and the next second Jeanne Pierre was there in place of the man that she knew and loved. She swiped the tears away with the back of her hands.

“I just have no idea what to do. Do I try to make Tyr come back? Do I accept that Jeanne Pierre is in control as he’s supposed to be…I just don’t know! All I know is that I want to do the pregnancy test here. Can we?”


Layla wrapped a protective arm around Miika. “Oh honey, of course you can!” She gently pulled Miika from her barstool. “Come on, let’s deal with this first, and then we can deal with the amulet.” She lead Miika to her small bath off the master bedroom. “Here hon, go on in and then when you’re done, we’ll face this together. She sat on the edge of her bed and waited while Miika entered the bathroom.

Miika closed the bathroom door with shaky hands. Then she read the instructions…fairly simple. Pee on stick.

She lay some toilet paper on the counter and then did as the instructions indicated. Afterwards she lay the stick on the counter and flushed and washed her hands. Five minutes…

Miika opened the bathroom door. Layla was watching her expectantly. “Four more minutes.” So as not to peek Miika closed the bathroom door and she and Layla headed back to the kitchen.

Once they got back into the kitchen, Layla and Miika sat down again. “Okay, so you said something about an amulet…Tell me more about that.. Now where did I put that book?” She motioned for Miika to start talking as she rustled around her kitchen. She absently turned off the burner under her potion pot while she looked in the cupboard next to her stove. “Aha, here it is,” she murmured. She placed the book on the counter and looked at Miika silently. She silently dusted off the top cover to revel the title, Ancient Amulets and Their Uses. “I think we might find it in here. Describe it to me.” With that she opened the book.

“Oh I can do one better…” Miika grabbed the pad of paper from the livingroom table and then dug into her pack for a pen. Quickly she sketched out the amulet. Her fingers felt rusty from having not drawn in ages, but she would never forget the image of the amulet and quickly she had a perfect drawing of it laid out. She passed it to her friend.

Layla took the drawing in her hand and immediately flipped to the back of the book. She flipped though what seemed to be endless pages before she felt her breath catch in her throat. “Here, I’ve found it.” She pointed to an exact copy of the sketch. Below it was the name and one simple sentence. It read, “The Creator. This amulet takes a personality that has split and makes them one again.” Layla scowled at the book. “This is maddeningly unhelpful! There is nothing else about this amulet but what’s written here.” She read the sentence to Miika and looked up. Her frustrated look was mirrored by Miika. “Where did Tyr get this? And did you know that he had a split personality?”

“Well, I’m not sure where he got it. But he takes it to a shop to be serviced. He called it ‘charged.’ It’s owned by a witch that he’s friends with.” Miika wrecked her brain for the strange name. She peeked at Layla. “I guess I can’t expect you to know every witch in the Hollows that has their own shop.” It was an odd name… “Baggadery! Or…something like that…”

Layla thought for a moment. “Do you mean Bellum? The Were Witch? She has a shop here in the Hollows, though I didn’t realize she dealt in things such as this.” She pursed her lips. “We could always go do a little snooping down at her shop. She usually has a couple of kids running it, one’s a vamp. But they are harmless enough. If both of them are there, they will be too wrapped up in being in love to even notice what we are up to. But we should probably check your test first. Hmm?” She calmly put the book away and turned back around. She smiled encouragingly and led Miika back to the bathroom. “Go ahead, you should know first.” She nudged the door open with her foot.

Bellum! That was the name. She agreed with everything Layla said. But when she insisted that Miika know first, the new werewolf gripped her best friends hand and dragged her into the bathroom, too! “No way. We’ll both look…” The two friend tiptoed to the little stick. Miika was so scared she was shaking. Layla’s hand was damp. “What does it say?” She asked. Layla peeked over at it as if it would jump up. Layla pushed her gently forward and Miika straightened her back and looked.
“It has a plus sign.” The words came out as a whisper. She looked at her best friend. “I’m pregnant.”

Layla smiled and wiped a small tear of happiness from her eyes. “You’re going to be a mommy! And I’m going to be an auntie. Oh, Carlisle will be…” She stopped mid-sentence. “Oh no. How are you going to tell your brother? He’s going to be…” She fell silent once more as the women guessed how Carlisle would react. Layla finally cleared her throat and said, “We’ll deal with that when the time comes. For now, let’s go have a look around Bellum’s shop.” She lead Miika out the front door and climbed into the passenger side. She steeled her face to a determined look so that her friend would not guess that she was trying to think of a way to make Carlisle accept Miika’s future baby.

Jean Pierre felt the amulet sitting firmly inside the inner jacket pocket against his chest as he left Aldi* off Reading Road, having just finished the last of his grocery shopping for tonight's dinner he began the walk back to his loft thinking about the magic the amulet would bestow this evening upon Miika. It wasn't long before his mind was lost and he moved in a world of his own thinking of how magical everything would be this evening.

It wasn't long before he was back in his apartment and getting ready to prepare the meal. Looking at the clock he saw that it was nearing one so that would allow them to eat around seven if he started right away. He shrugged off his jacket and dress shirt laying them across the back of the couch. As he stood there he took a deep breath, inhaling Miika's scent and... Bridget? He shook his head, thinking it something must have been from the suit. After all the last time he wore it had been around her. This silken suit he was wearing had been his costume for the pit fights, his identity, that made him 'The Tyrant' while he was in the pits and she was managing him for all those years.

He sat down on the corner of a nearby stool and remembered how they had parted on such bad terms, when he had told her he wanted out. That he wanted a normal life. He had been a fool with his money living day to day thinking the party would never end. All he knew how to do was fight and cook and when your more known for fighting than anything else, people don't want you for your other skills. Now all these years later all he'd been able to do is wonder from place to place and get odd job after odd job. He'd thought about calling her a few times before Miika changed. To try and help her make the transition more smoothly but things just got so hectic. Jean Pierre shook the thoughts from his mind, he didn't have time to go down memory lane. He had a dinner to prepare for.

A smile found its way to his eyes as he read Miika's note, "Until tonight, Mon cher. For now, the Duxelles!" He turned on the radio and began dancing as to Shake Your Body as he added mushrooms, shallots, garlic and thyme to his food processor until it was all finely chopped. While a mixture of butter and olive oil melted together in a large sauté pan over a medium heat. He never even realized he was singing along to (Everything I do) I Do It For You as he mixed everything together and sautéed the mixture for next ten minutes while most of the liquid evaporated, before he was able to set the duxelles to the side to cool.

He took out the tenderloins and began to tie each in four places so that it would keep its shape while cooking, before drizzling them with olive oil and seasoning them lightly with salt and pepper. Jean Pierre set out several pieces of prosciutto on plastic wrap before he began to sear to the tenderloin all over, including the end, taking about 3 minutes apiece. While the meat cooled he smeared the duxelles over the prosciutto. Jean Pierre stopped as Tears In Heaven came on the radio, his eyes slowly closed and he began to sing in time with the song. He took a breath after the song was over then began preparing the meal once again by cutting the twine from the meat and smearing it with dijon mustard, before wrapping each tenderloin in prosciutto and using the plastic wrap it was sitting on to tie it tight at the ends. He then placed them all in the refrigerator for the next half hour.

For the next half hour he nearly killed himself as he hung "party nets" across the ceiling and began filling the net with gold and silver balloons thanks to a small thirty dollar air compressor he found on sale. He had made the mistake of blowing up a room full of balloons once before on his own and remembered his lungs hating him for the next several days. Considering the pit fights were tonight he felt thirty dollars was a fine investment in his health as he tossed balloon after balloon up after one another. Until he noticed he had lost track of time and it had been closer to an hour than half, "Merde!"

Jean Pierre quickly preheated the oven to 425 degrees, before lightly flouring the island and rolling several puff pastries each at least a quarter of an inch thick. He ran to the refrigerator as Thriller played over the radio, "Cette merde n'est pas bizarre!" he growled as he ripped open the door the refrigerator and quickly pulled out the beef. Cutting each out of its plastic shell as quickly as possible before setting down in the center of the pastry brushing with an egg wash before wrapping with the pastry and trimming off the excess. Once all were wrapped he topped them with sea salt and them seam side down on a baking sheet.

With the end near Jean Pierre could feel the excitement of creating perfection building within him, as he brushed the top of the pastry with another egg wash before adding a few slits in the top, with a paring knife, to allow steam to escape when cooking. He slid the tenderloins into the oven and set the timer for 45 minutes.

It took only minutes for him to put together a green peppercorn sauce to go with the meal as well as prepare a large salad. Though he knew not all weres were big on eating greens he still felt like making a big meal and since they were having a witch over as well it wouldn't be very hospitable not to have meat and meat only.

Jean Pierre had an idea as he was finishing up and it was getting closer and closer to the time people would be getting off work and ready to come over for dinner. He picked up the phone and dialed David, "This is Hue."

"David, Jean Pierre. Gotta favor to ask, mon ami. Could you call pack and have everyone come over dressed up tonight?"

A thunderous silence danced across the line, "Sure... any reason why?"

"Wanting tonight to be magical isn't enough?" he laughed, "Well, if y'all go to the fights it's part of my routine and y'all would be coming as my crew. Plus, I want to ask Miika something tonight."

David laughed happily on the other end of the line, "Alright, I'll call the others, but if you get hurt tonight I'll kill you." he joked before hanging up the phone.

He then called Miika's cell since he knew she would be with Layla and he didn't know Layla's cell number, unfortunately he got her voice mail, "Hey Baby, if Layla is coming to dinner tonight ask her to dress up. The whole pack will be since it's part of my routine at the fights and they would be going as my fight crew so we'll be having a fancy dinner. Look forward to seeing you. Dinner will be ready at seven. Love ya!"

*Aldi is similar to a Target or Wal-Mart that is located in Cincinnati.

Bridget growling under her breath unlocked Tyr's apartment door once more waltzing in when she heard her brother's voice speaking on a phone on the other side. "Ah James! Finally you are home..I was rather rudely shuffled out like the trash by some woman that was traipsing about your home in the nude this morning when I arrived!" She moved over to him, her rather dressy short evening gown swaying about her knees as she walked, only to flounce into a chair near the kitchen so she could see him while he cooked. "MMMmmmm you have been keeping up with your cooking skills that smells delicious. Can I have a bite? Now I have only one question for my big brother who is trying to commit suicide. Why wouldnt you call me if you had decided to be an idiot and go back into the fights after all these years hmmm?" My but she was in a foul mood this evening after the mornings events. She stood with the grace of the were before she sashayed closer leaning on the counter taking a deep breath. "I know we did not part on good terms but you are still my big brother and I do still love you dearly. I cant let you go in that ring unless there is a truly good reason. I wont let you be a stubborn ass over this either I want a good reason!" She smirked them dashing over to climb his tall frame and gave him a noogy ruffling up his hair before giving him a tight hug. "I missed you." She slid down to her feet settling herself to go back to the chair while she giggled looking at his mussed up hair mumbling to herself "I still got it..."

Jean Pierre stood dumbfounded in his kitchen staring at his little sister as she made herself at home, "Bridget?" he shook the cobwebs from his head, "Wait... WHAT?!" he turned his back on his sister and walked to the sink, wetting his hands before smoothing his hair back once more, "First of all, do NOT call me James. My name is Jean Pierre. Secondly, there would only be one woman moving about my apartment and that happens to be my mate, so she has more than enough right to throw you out on your bony ass." As he turned back to face Bridget his face had darkened to a deep shade of red, "Why are you really here, eh? I doubt it is my well being. Last time we parted you were pissed I was leaving to try and gain some semblance of a life and you weren't going to be my manager anymore," his voice trailed off to a whisper, "that's it... isn't it."

"You do not care that I want to try and make enough money to start a life with Miika. You just care that you won't be getting you're cut since you're not my manager." Jean Pierre could feel his anger beginning to rise, and his muscles grow taunt under the snug white tank top, "And who the fuck gave you a key to my apartment?!"

Bridget sighed heavily as she realized just how badly of terms they had parted. "For your information Grandmere gave me the key...well a copy of it. And secoundly I cant believe you would think so lowly of me." She sat down going quiet for a long breath before looking at him tears in her eyes. "I haven't managed anyone in the pits since you left! I got out shortly after you did....I tried fighting in the ring...." She pulled up the skirt of her dress to show a scar on her leg that even the healing powers of the were could not keep her from obtaining. "I understand now why you left and I dont want to see you get hurt...Especially if your mated!" She stood tears flowing steadily now as she turned towards the door fists clenched in anger and shame. "But seeing as I am not wished here, I shall take my leave and let you make your own decisons. James, You are my brother and I love you but I cant watch you try to get yourself killed." She began to head for the front door.

Jean Pierre felt his heart sink as low as slug slime as his sister turned and headed for the door. He stormed after her and lifted her into his arms and tossed her onto the couch before she had a chance to protest he pulled her skirt up to reveal the nasty scar that now decorated her once pristine leg, his fingers worked absently of his mind as if they could simply push the skin back together with a gentle touch, "Damnez-le, Squirt," his voice caught deep in his throat as he looked up at his sister, "What were you thinking?! "

He let her push her skirt down and sit up, her tears still flowing as she refused to look him in the eye. With a resound sigh the anger he had held for his sister melted away as he watched her tears careen down her profile, "Dry your eyes, Squirt, but I have to fight tonight. So don't try and talk me out of it." He saw her mouth start to open and cut her off before she got started, because he knew once she got on a roll she was just as hard headed as he was, "Fait taire et écoutent." He tried not to chuckle as her eyes grew as wide as saucers when he told her to shut up and listen, "Don't tell Grandmere, but the I.S. blacklisted me." He looked to the window, and watched the birds on the sill for several seconds as he gathered his thoughts, "I made some big fuck ups. Apparently, the biggest of which was doing my job at a local bar and saving some humans from a werepanther high on bane. The I.S. didn't take kindly to me doing my job as the bouncer and essentially their job. Now I can't get a job and Miika is in the same spot because of me."

He knelt down so he could look Bridget in the eye, "She means the world to me, Squirt." a light laugh slipped from his lips as a twinkle found his eyes, "Hell, you know they way I was. I wouldn't take a mate for shit. But I didn't mind having a woman in every city we visited. All I wanted to do was fight. You couldn't pay me to even think of settling down with a woman, but here I am. Mated." He moved across the room and tossed his jacket to Bridget, "Check the inner pocket."

Slowly, she pulled out a small box that had been wrapped in white paper tied with a gold ribbon, "Tonight at dinner, I'm going to make her a promise." He took a deep breath as he gathered his nerves, "It's funny I'm more nervous now than before a fight."

Bridget tilted her head to the side and waited for Jean Pierre to finish what he was saying not sure if she was hearing him right.

"Tonight, I'm going to give her that amulet as a promise. A promise to marry her if she'll have me once I win the fights tonight."


Layla gave Miika instructions on how to get to Bellum’s shop. It was in the Mainstrasse Village right in the heart of the Hollows. Miika had always loved the Mainstrasse with its German influenced architecture. There were annual festivals and carnivals held there during Oktoberfest where people from all over Cincinnati and Kentucky came to enjoy the historic village.

She parked her Corolla a few houses from the small shop and she and Layla hurried across the cobblestone street past an ice cream parlor and an herbalist before reaching their destination. She looked through the large picture window at some of the displays then followed Layla inside. Layla ignored all of the items that seemed to catch Miika’s eye. And the pretty witch walked purposely to the counter where a young goth boy was fixing a small display of charms.

“Can I help you?” He asked her with a slightly bored voice; as if this was the longest day of his life.

Miika spoke. “We’re looking for Bellum.” The boy raised one brow and gave them both supicious looks.

Layla smiled. “We’re friends of Tyr. Tyr Lévesque?”

The boy’s face cleared and he swept his long black hair from his eyes. “Oh. Did he refer you here?”

Miika shook her head. “No, actually I had a question and hoped that Bellum might be able to help me.”

“Oh, well if it’s about the amulet I’m the one that sold it to him, not Bellum.”

Miika gave him a surprised look. “You sold him that amulet?” Her eyes brightened in excitement. “What was that amulet supposed to do to him? Was it supposed to make him forget the others? Because he doesn’t seem to remember that he was three separate people-“

“What are you talking about?” Jackie asked, eyeing her suspiciously. “That amulet I sold him today isn’t magic.”


“Well, who are you?” Jackie asked eyes darting back from Miika to Layla.

“Miika. Miika Marlin- Lévesque.”

“Oh.” He blew out a long breath. He hoped he hadn’t ruined anything. He came from around the counter and crossed the room. “Um...Bellum..isn't here.” He opened the door to the back room and looked back at the two women. He did not want to get Tyr pissed off at him if he said too much. “Follow me and maybe I can give you some answers.”

Layla looked at Miika, and with a resigned shrug, moved to follow Jackie. She heard Miika following her. As they entered the room, Layla's eyes darted around, taking in all that she saw. She suppressed a small shudder as she found things she disliked. She finally cleared her throat and asked, "Jackie, do you have any idea of what this amulet is?" She held up the sketch Miika had made. Jackie took it and frowned. "I'm not sure if I can say anything about this..." He passed it back and with shaking hands, took a book down from the shelf. He flipped through the pages and softly said, "It's called The Creator and--"

"We know what it's called, you numbskull. I have that same book. What does it do," Layla rolled her eyes impatiently. Jackie gave her a doubtful look. "You might have a book similar to this, but I doubt its the same. Have a look." Layla peered suspiciously at the dusty cover and stifled a gasp. "They told me this book was unsellable."

Jackie nodded, "It is, unless you are Bellum." He cleared his throat. "Now, what other questions do you have?"

Miika looked at the book curiously but didn’t comment on the exchange between the boy and Layla. “Tyr has been wearing this amulet for as long as I’ve known him.” Her eyes stared at a space behind the goth boy. She replayed the events of last night in her mind. “Something strange happened. It flashed a bright light and then disappeared.” The boy watched her curiously. “It seemed to…absorb into his body. And after the blinding light Tyr was…different. He was the way he was supposed to be; not splintered. All of his personalities have been reincorporated into one person.”

“Well what’s the problem?”

Miika hesitated. “I don’t know if there is a problem. I just don’t know anything about it. Is it supposed to do that?”

Jackie inhaled a long breath and then began studying the book. After a moment of concentration he flipped the page and continued studying. After a few moments he looked up. “Miika is your name? You’re…mated to Tyr?”

Miika nodded with worry. “Yes…”

Jackie closed the book softly. “Look. Miika an amulet is…just a vehicle to hold magic. It can be…filled…with anything. This particular charm is required to be re-upped on a regular basis-“

“Re-upped?” Miika frowned.

“Charged.” Layla responded while listening intently to the boy.

He nodded and absently chewed a black polished thumb nail. He spit the small nail shaving onto the floor. “Well if you get that, then you can see how it’s possible for the amulet to be ‘charged’ with…anything. And how that would interact with the original spell is a mystery to anyone but the preparer.” He put the book away and led them back to the store.

“So, why would Bellum change the spell and not tell Tyr? If he had known that something could change him he would have told me!” Jackie’s eyes took in the store to make sure that everything was in order before he turned back to the two women.

“If Bellum changed the spell then it won’t hurt Tyr and it’s not anything bad. Tyr is one of our top customers AND a personal friend. So…”

“So it’s ok?” Layla asked.

“Well Miika, does he seem ok to you?” The boy seemed to already know the answer to that question. Miika considered all of the things that had happened before answering; the run, the late night trek for ice cream, making love once at home, and the feel of his arms around her as she slept.

“I think that he’s ok.” With that thought came so much relief that Miika actually hugged the boy, who shyly turned bright red. They hurried out of the shop and Layla checked the time on her cellphone.

“Chica! It’s getting late. We need to get ready for Carlisle’s family meeting. It’s to start in an hour!”

Miika pulled out her own cell and saw that she had one missed message. She listened while they hurried to the car. It was from Tyr.

”Hey Baby, if Layla is coming to dinner tonight ask her to dress up. The whole pack will be since it's part of my routine at the fights and they would be going as my fight crew so we'll be having a fancy dinner. Look forward to seeing you. Dinner will be ready at seven. Love ya!”

Seven…She gave her best friend and near sister a guilty look. “I can’t go. There’s the fight tonight and Jeanne Pierre is making a big dinner, which you’re invited too, and it’s going to be a big affair…” Her brother was sure to think that she was avoiding the family. And truthfully, today was not a good day to reveal to them that she was a wolf. Tomorrow…she’d do it tomorrow.


Layla looked at Miika with a disbelieving look. "Chica, what do you mean you can't go? This is really important to Carlisle...and I know that the dinner is important to Ty-- to Jean Pierre too, but Carlisle is counting on you to be there." She bit her lip nervously. She wanted to go to Tyr's dinner, but she knew that Carlisle would be hurt if she skipped out on his meeting.

"Okay, I have an idea. Tell Jean Pierre I wish I could be there, and I'll tell Carlisle the same. I'll make sure he knows that its not your fault you couldn't be there. He's the one who planned this the night of the fights. But we will be at the pits tonight. For support." Layla pulled Miika into a hug. "I promise."

Miika left Layla on her doorstep, trying to come up with an excuse for her friend. She didn't want to tell Carlisle that Miika had opted to go to Tyr's dinner, but as her mentor had said, "The truth shall set you free."

She entered the house and listened to the hurried chatter of the pixie girls above her. She smiled and shook her head. "Girls, I need your help," she called. Instantly, she was surrounded and Matilda said, "What can we do for you Miss Layla?"

"I need help with my hair. I want to look...classic. How about, just a simple french braid." The girls nodded and in just ten minutes, had woven Layla's hair into a perfect french braid.

At last, she texted Carlisle. "Hey, can you come get me? I'm ready."

Sitting dumbfounded on the couch the amulet in her hands she began to laugh but it was a joyous laughter.."My big brother getting married. I never thought I would hear those words. I will have to appologize to...Miika you said her name was?" She blushed brightly lowering her eyes. "I was rahter rude and abrupt with her this morning...Grandmere never mentioned you were mated or even seeing anyone." she scrunched up her skirt in her hands slightly the shame decorating her face as she continued.."Please dont tell Grandmere I was in the fights....I think it would kill her to know I even considered it. But I had to know, I had to know why you left. I will not talk you out of your decision, I am proud of you for doing all you can to support your new family, I just am unsure if I can be there in more than spirit while you are fighting." She stood up giving him a big hug and a smal smile as she wiped her eyes. "I had best go by the smell and the sights I can see you are expecting company...your pack I assume." She half smiled then and sighed "Grandmere told me you joined a pack...I am happy for you Jean Pierre I wish you luck."

Carlisle was making grilled cheese. He used a Panini press and gruyere cheese for the perfect cheese sandwich. People came from all over Cincinnati for Carlisle’s cheese sandwich and homemade tomato bisque soup. He was ladling up soup into an oversized bowl when he got the text message from his babygirl. A smile instantly came over his face. She was ready for him to pick her up. Perfect timing.

”I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” He turned to a young backline cook. “Pierre, take over her. I’ll be back soon.” He quickly left out the backdoor where he parked his truck.

“Carlisle! Where’re you going?” Karena yelled.

“I’m going to pick up Layla.”

“Well Mommie and Daddy just got here-” Damn, they were early. “Just…tell them that I’ll be right back.” He was out the door and into his truck a few moments later. While he sped out of the parking lot, he knew that Daddy would be inspecting every inch of the restaurant. He was happy that he was a stickler for cleanliness.

Carlisle arrived at Layla’s house and jogged up the stairs. “Hi Mr. Carlisle.” He looked over at the rose bush were several pixies were fluttering about.

“Oh…Hi there.” He wondered if they were the same ones he’d yelled at the night before…did they ever sleep.

“You cut your pretty hair!” One of the girls exclaimed. The others shushed her and Carlisle smiled.

“You don’t like the way I look now?” He joked.

“Oh no!” They all rushed to assure him. Layla suddenly appeared at the door, hearing all of the conversation. She gave him a pleased smile.

His mouth opened and closed in greeting but he remained speechless. Layla opened the door and stepped onto the porch and Carlisle sighed.

“Hello gorgeous.” He whispered.


"I made dinner tonight for my family," his large hands encompassed her shoulders, "and you are part of my family. There is more than enough food, besides I could use the support to make sure I don't chicken out." He gave her a playful wink before kissing her on the cheek, "Do me a small favor, would you?" Bridget looked up at him waiting for him to ask the favor before stating whether she would or not, "Listen for the timer to go off on the oven while I go and make a quick phone call. I need to call my alpha." Bridget nodded but was engulfed in a huge hug before she could say anything, "It's good to see you again, Peu Un" dropping her back onto the couch and giving her a quick batch of noogies before hurrying to the back room and calling Rachel Morgan.

"Vampiric Charms, Runner Service, this is Ivy. How can I help you?" her cool grey voice sent shivers of delight down Jean Pierre's spine through the phone.

"This is Jean Pierre. I'm a member of Miss Morgan's pack, is she there?"

"One moment."

He heard the phone click over onto hold a moment before Takata's Red Ribbons began playing lightly in the background:

You are my secret.
You will lead to my fall.
But I want you to know,
Before truth's past recall.

Self-cursed to watch you,
By a choice made in sin.
Didn't know the cost I'd paid,
Till I saw you again.

A thief in the spotlight,
Stealing motes of your life.
Lying that you gave me them.
A double-edged knife.

The phone clicked over loudly, "Tyr, this is Rachel. Is everything alright?"

"Everything is fine, ma'am. I was just wondering if... well... Do you think I could speak with the head of the pixie clan that lives with you? I'd like to barter a favor with them."

Rachel chuckled, "Alright," she covered the receiver but he could still here her, "it's your funeral. JENKS! PHONE!"

A tiny, yet strong voice came on over the phone, "This is Jenks."

"Jenks. I'm Jean Pierre, a member of Miss Morgan's pack. I wanted to barter a deal with you."

"Oooooooh reeeeaaally now, and just what sort of deal are you looking to make?"

"Nothing to fancy. Just several pixies, flying around me and the woman I want to propose to tonight, sprinkling pixie dust to make the night even more magical for her. In return, four pounds of shitakes and a pound of Australian honey."

Jenks laughed merrily knowing that he was easily getting the better end of the deal as pixies could sprinkle dust virtually endlessly so to get paid for doing what they do naturally was a huge bonus, "You've dealt with pixies before haven't you?"

"I've worked with Flitt at the I.S. on more than a few occasions, and your wife helped out the woman the I want to marry. She stitched her up after she was hurt bad. So I have to say I trust pixies pretty much more than any other race."

Jenks was silent for several seconds, "We'll be over with Rachel."

"Thanks, Jenks," the smile filled Jean Pierre's voice, "I look forward to meeting you and tell Matalina I said hello and thank you, once more." The phone clicked shut as they said their good-byes and Jean Pierre rushed out to the living room, scooping his baby sister up in another huge hug once again while spinning around and around, "Cela va être une nuit magnifique!" He pressed his forehead to hers, "I cannot believe how everything is coming together. Bridget, I hate to do this but I need to ask another favor of you. If I call and place an order on the corner store will you run down there pick up the items? And don't worry the money is in my pocket."

Bridget agreed eager to make amends from earlier in the day. It didn't take but a few moments for Jean Pierre to order Jenks payment for the activities to be performed tonight. He handed over the money to his baby sister, "And if you would; Please, think about coming to the fights tonight. You were the best manager I ever had."

"See you in a few minutes," Bridget stretched up onto her tippy toes and gave Jean Pierre a hug and kiss on the cheek. The heavy lock to the front door clicked over and Miika pushed the door open, her eyes grew wide as her jaw dropped at the scene before her, while Jean Pierre's face was the exact opposite. With all he had planned for this evening he was positively exstatic to see Miika and to introduce her to his baby sister, Bridget.


Miika had rushed home in order to find something to wear for dinner tonight, but her mind was on the relief of finding out that amulet had been harmless…as well as the addition to their family. She was very happy right now—if only she didn’t have to worry about the pit fight. It hung over her head like a dark, gloomy cloud.

Using her key, Miika opened the door and stopped short at the sight of the woman from earlier today—the one that had walked into her apartment. Jeanne Pierre was holding the woman in his arms and Miika felt her heart plunge.

The look on her man’s face was full of joy and he didn’t even attempt to erase or hide his look of pleasure as they both turned to her. Miika felt her wolf rise up as a growl rumbled from her chest.

Bridget turned as she heard the door open eyes wide as she took a large step away from her brother. Her hands immediately went up palms out to show she was without weapon and meant no harm. "Firstly I have to apologize about this morning I didn't know who you were! Secondly I'm his little sister not his ex girlfriend or mistress or any of that." Figuring a war was about to erupt in her face she ran behind her brother trying to put the largest thing in the room between her new sister-in-law and herself. Her voice filtering around the blockade she had chosen in a small whimpering like sound even though she had a good idea she was most likely a more experienced fighter. "Please don't hurt me...."

A look of pure confusion crossed Jean Pierre's face as he glanced between the two women, before finally settling on Bridget, "Que? Mistress.......?" His face began to slowly shift from a rich tan to a bright red before he tumbled back onto the couch in a hysterical fit of laughter.

"Miika believe me, you have nothing to fear," the warm smile glowing brightly on his face, "there is no other woman that I want and I shall prove it to you sooner than you think. That I promise."

Upon hearing the woman’s words, Miika’s anger collapsed in a flash of embarrassment. His little sister; Bridget. Then Jeanne Pierre began to laugh and her annoyance resurfaced.

“Bridget…No I’m sorry. I thought…well. Never mind that.” She reached out and shook the woman’s hand. Then she turned to her mate, who still seemed amused at the confusion. “And what are you laughing at?” She leaped through the air, using her werewolf speed and agility, landing lightly on Tyr’s lap. He caught her easily and she placed a relieved kiss on his lips.

Jean Pierre kissed Miika passionately, not caring that his sister was only a few feet away before he pulled away so that he could look her in the eye, "Mon Amour, you know you will not lose me. I loved you when you were human and I love you still now that you are wolf. That has not changed nor will it changed. The only thing that has changed is the strength of my love, in the fact that it has doubled in size with each moment that I have known you since the moment we met."

Miika gave him a meaningful look. Then she placed her arms around his neck and held him tightly before sensing Bridget behind her. She stood up quickly appraising the pretty girl with her pale skin and long dark hair.

“So Bridget I supposed you came to visit your brother? Will you be at the fights tonight? Oh and where are you staying? Our place is small but you’re welcomed to this big old comfy couch.”

Bridget blushed brightly turning her face away till she was spoken to at least. "Yes I came to see Jam...I mean Jean Pierre about the fights actually...I used to be his manager and I came to apparently fail to talk him out of them. But I will be there tonight to support you both." She smiled brightly "I actually have a place of my own I didn't know He was living here in Cinncy at least till I got smacked by Grandmere about ending our little spat." She looked to her feet for a moment her cheeks a deep crimson "Well I promised to pick some things up at the store for him so I will leave you two be for a moment..." She began to edge her way towards the door slowly. She paused her hand on the doorknob and turned back around slightly " were human? How is that possible?" She shook her head like she was shaking off water, a very dog like action, but something that often helped her clear her mind. "That is impossible I must have heard wrong.." She laughed then mumbling "Must have gotten more than a scar to remember that fight..."

“Ahhh. It’s the Focus. Evidently our Alpha discovered its existence. To make a long story short, the human females that accidentally came into contact with it were transformed into Weres. I was the first willing human volunteer. So, you’re right. I’ve only been a werewolf for a few weeks now.” She remembered the time. She needed to dress because seven was quickly closing in.

“Excuse me.” She said while retreating. “I have to change quickly.” Miika finally noticed the decorated room. She turned to Jeanne Pierre who had returned to the kitchen to tend to the delicious smelling dinner that he was preparing. “Babe, this room looks awesome. You are really going all out.”

He looked back at Miika and caught a glimpse of the amulet package right past her. He stifled a gasp and ran over to her, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately as he dipped her deeply in the middle of the room, supporting her with one arm while the other slipped out and picked up the package before he stood her back up, "Thank you, I'm glad you like it." He gave her a quick wink and moved back into the kitchen to finish dinner.

As he turned around though, he could feel his face visibly pale as all his planning had almost gone the way of the dodo. He poured himself a shot of whiskey as he entered the kitchen, he knew he shouldn't be drinking before a fight but he wanted something to quickly settle his nerves.

Stood once more looking utterly dumb founded and confused before turning back to the door...."Have to pick up order form store..." She muttered as the door opened. It took her only a few moments to retrieve and pay for the order Jean Pierre had called in, but she took her time walking back to think over what she had just heard. "That just makes no sense...though I wonder, What does she look like in wolf form? I wonder if she looks like James...or if she is different colored...we all are unique" Her mumblings ended as she very nearly ran head first into the door to their apartment. "OH! Oops..." She opened it taking a set on the couch at least glad she had dressed appropriately for the evening. As she entered she smiled to her brother knowing full well he could see her heading into the kitchen to sneak a taste of dinner like she always used to in their youth..especially before a fight. She adored his cooking.

Miika went through the closet where she had hung her nicer clothing; most everything else was shoved into boxes or drawers. She picked out a black pinstripe suit with wide leg pants and black suede heels. The suit jacket slid over her butte to button snuggly along her waist. It would be the perfect complement to the sheer blouse that she wore beneath it, and the fact that she would not be wearing any under garments. Though she had sworn to herself not to turn, if she had to she would and undergarments only got in the way.

The doorbell rang just as she entered the living room. She looked around, happy that Jeanne Pierre had moved the boxes into other rooms and cleaned and decorated. A streak of shame hit her that she hadn’t been here to do it herself. She opened the door to the sight of her pack.

“Oh wow…” They were dressed like superstars at a movie premier. She moved aside to let her pack enter the room and was surprised to see the twittering of pixies follow. “You all look great!”

Jean Pierre was finally able to begin removing everything from the over once Miika had gone into the bedroom to change. Once the food had been arranged on plates for everyone, including a little extra he called in for the visiting pixies to eat, he quickly through on his white silk shirt and three button jacket.

He checked the amulet in his pocket and felt beads of sweat begin to form on his forehead. Who knew proposing would be so nerve wracking? By the time he lit the candles on the table the doorbell had rang and Miika had rushed to meet everyone at the door. Jean Pierre was quick to follow behind, "Please come in. I'd like to introduce you all to my sister, Bridget."

"Bridget, this is our pack; David and Rachel our alphas and that is Serena and Kallie."

Nervously Bridget came out of the kitchen and gave a small wave. It had been years since she had been in this small a space with this many weres "It's nice to meet you all." She smiled her face softened as the almost child sized girl stood next to her brother looking dwarfed even more by his sheer size. She had to giggle though as she saw that they too were all dressed up "I see my brother does like to stick with tradition." She poked him in the side playfully then blushed.

David had a rather large package under his arm. He handed it to Jeanne Pierre. “Your part of last night’s hunt.” He smiled proudly. “Since this is our first buffalo as a pack, you and Miika got the choice cut. Welcome Jeanne Pierre. Welcome Miika.” Miika gave him a warm, appreciative hug and Jeanne Pierre shook his hand, which then turned into a half-hug, half slap on the back. The two men then broke contact with slightly red faces.

Rachel stepped forward. Miika hadn’t had much of an opportunity to talk to the infamous Rachel Morgan, but her down-to-earth attitude made it easy for the two women to embrace like pack mates. Rachel moved to Jeanne Pierre who gave her an awkward hug as he towered over the small redhead. Miika and the other pack members stifled giggles when Rachel’s feet left the floor during the embrace.

Miika put away the meat and felt her stomach grumble in hunger. “I hope everyone brought their appetites because Jeanne Pierre has prepared quite a spread.” She didn’t know what was on the menu but couldn’t wait to see the expressions on her new family’s faces when they tasted his cooking!

Jean Pierre noticed several small figures hovering behind Rachel Morgan, "And I assume this is Jenks and his clan?" a glowing ball of white light flew before him before dimming enough so that it was easy to make out the small blonde haired pixie was dressed as a pirate, his white silk shirt and black silk pants were adorned with a red silk sash that he wore as proudly as if he was the president of any country. The little pixie extended his hand out and shook Jean Pierre's finger as though it was the most natural thing in the world, "It's an honor to meet you Jenks." Jenks bowed as if he had just finished performing on Broadway, making a large sweeping gesture with his arm.

"And you sir."

"And it's good to see you again, Matalina. Especially under such better circumstances." A third ball of light flew up next to Jenks and his wife, "and who might we have here?"

"This is our daughter. Jih."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Jean Pierre said before giving a courtly bow to the young pixie girl, "If you will all please follow me into the kitchen, I have prepared plates for you all. There are mushroom and fresh vegetables and flowers for the pixies while I prepared a beef wellington in a green peppercorn sauce with a chef salad for the rest of us."

Carlisle and Layla arrived at the restaurant during the dinner rush. Karena and the other waitresses were running back and forth. His mother gave him a knowing look when he walked into the room with Layla. Carlisle ignored the look. He looked around at all of his brother’s and sisters recalling the last time they’d had a gathering like this. Then it was Miika announcing her intent to turn into a werewolf.

Carlisle dismissed the memory of that night. His mother walked up to him and touched his newly shorn head.

“In wot happ’n ta you beau-tiful locks?” His mother’s words were heavily accented. His father clapped him on the shoulders.

“The restaurant looks good, son.” His Mom then kissed Layla on the cheeks and whisked her away to talk. She gave Carlisle a nervous smile and Carlisle tried to let her know that it would be ok. His Mom had accepted Layla before Carlisle himself ever had.

His brothers came up to join his father and they spent a few moments chatting about inconsequential things before his Dad asked about Miika.

“Where’s your sister? You did invite her didn’t you? I don’t want you two to stop getting along, Carlisle. Miika is going to need the family now, more then ever to talk her out of this fool idea of turning into a wolf.” His father’s voice took a decidedly disapproving tone.

Carlisle shook his head. “No, Daddy, I talked to her just yesterday. She assured me that she’d be here.” Carlisle spent another half an hour thwarting questions about his announcement and whether it concerned he and Layla. His sister’s had gotten her into a circle and were interrogating her, but she knew the Marlin clan well, had practically grown up with them and knew better then any one just how to handle them.

Soon it became apparent that Miika was going to be a no-show. To say that he was disappointed was an understatement. Miika knew that she was wrong about this whole werewolf idea and that’s the reason she wasn’t here. She was ashamed and rightfully so! Biting back his annoyance he finally cleared his throat. He was not including his family in this announcement, but also the customer’s that were crowding the restaurant during the most busiest part of the day.

“Can I have your attention please?” He raised his hands. “I’m sorry to interrupt your meal, folks. But I’m making an announcement to my family and well, you all are my regulars and part of my family, too. So, I want you to be hear for this announcement.” The room had grown quiet and all eyes were on him. He glanced at Layla, the lovely woman that had given him the spark that had created this idea in his head.

“Folks. You are now looking at a candidate for City Council. I registered as a candidate and hope to soon be a part of our great city’s government.” It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop, and then there was suddenly gasps and applause of approval.

“O m’lord!” His mother jumped from her chair and pulled Carlisle into a hug. Then the rest of his brothers, sister, friend’s congratulated him. He had one small drawback; that Miika had chosen to turn her back on her family.


Watched all the events with a smile on her face as she stepped back feeling a tad like a third wheel but shaking it off before following them all into the dining room. "Sounds delicious Jean Pierre" She smirked knowing full well it was food that a gourmet chef would be jealous of having tasted it earlier out of view while Miika and her brother had dressed for the evening.

Miika poured iced tea and proudly watched her guests. This was their first dinner party as a mated couple. She took her seat and listened to the sounds of silverware hitting dinner plates and the coos of admiration. He’d outdone himself on this one. The meat was cooked to perfection and succulent. The pastry that encrusted the meat was flaky and perfectly cooked.

The pixies balanced on the edge of Rachel’s or David’s plates and enjoyed the special selection of food that Jeanne Pierre had prepared especially for them. Though it probably took Jeanne Pierre hours to prepare…well a roomful of werewolves made short work of the delicious meal.

Jean Pierre could feel his stomach doing flip flops by the middle of the meal, David had even asked him if he was alright but he simply told him it was nothing to worry about. As wonderful as everything was it was as nerve wracking as hell. He would rather be fighting in the middle of the pitts against five men with his arms tied behind his back then sitting in this chair right about now. Finally, he felt a small weight land on his shoulder, "Ready?" Jean Pierre looked over and saw Jenks standing there a smile on his face. The wolf nodded to the pixie.

"Yeah," he closed his eyes and felt for the amulet in his inner jacket pocket... still there. He checked his side pocket and found the remote control for the radio, set to play their song. Jean Pierre took a long slow breath and looked around the table, "Now that we've all finished our meal could we move into the living room for a moment? There's something I would like to share with you all." Within moments the pack had moved from the table and had taken up positions around the room, "When I first came to Cincinnati I never imagined I would find anything here. Not even friends. Yet here I am, with true friends, a pack, and a mate." He held out his hand, "Miika would you come here please?" He watched her push herself off the couch in abject terror and purest anticipation, "Since the day we met by ransacking Piscary's I've loved you." The three pixies began to slowly fly around the two weres, sprinkling pixie dust to create a shimmering veil, as David stood back out of Miika's view with a camera capturing the moment for posterity, as The Smashing Pumpkins Landslide began playing on the sterio, "and what I want to ask you is will you, Malicka Marlin, marry me?" he removed the amulet box from his inner pocket and presented it to her.

Miika felt her heart thumping loudly in her chest. This was such a surprise! Her brain had been flipping back and forth on so many thoughts and this was the furthest thought she’d had. Everyone remained quiet as she stared at Jeanne Pierre in surprise. His hand held out the amulet and before his arm could drop off she nodded wordlessly. Her throat was tight and dry and she could barely manage the one little word.


Jenks the pixie was the first to make a loud whoop of excitement. And once he did everyone rushed forward to congratulate them. Miika grasped the amulet in her hands and looked at it lovingly…the amulet, the one he’d gotten from Bellum’s store.

She threw herself into Jean Pierre’s arms, happy that he was aware that she was prone to such things and he caught her easily swinging her around lightly. Their song played in the background and their embrace was transformed into a slow dance as they looked into each other’s eyes lovingly, moving to the words their song.

I took my love, I took it down
Climbed a mountain and I turned around
I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
till the landslide brought me down

Oh, mirror in the sky
What is love
Can the child within my heart rise above
Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides
Can I handle the seasons of my life

Well, I've been afraid of changing
cause I've built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Children get older
I’m getting older too…

Miika and Jean Pierre never removed their eyes from the other as the pixies flew above their heads, sprinkling their pixie dust over the couple’s heads.

Bridget stayed back on the couch till the others had finished with their congratulations merely smiling lightly. She gave her family, new and old, a moment to themselves before standing up. "I wish to welcome Miika to the family both for myself and for Grandmere and Grandpere...With this small token." She moved forward unlatching a locket from her neck, as she stepped closer to the happy couple. The piece was most definitely antique and rather intricate as she opened it. Inside was a picture of her and James as children with their adoptive family. She stepped behind Miika going to her tippy toes to place the locket about her neck "Welcome sister." She smiled moving around to give her new sister a hug before returning to the couch. It had been a tradition Grandmere had begged of Bridget to keep alive..She had agreed never thinking the need would come till this day when she had re-united with her brother.

Miika touched the beautiful necklace. Then she placed the amulet Jeanne Pierre had given her around her neck. One nestled low between her breasts, the other up higher. She would not remove either.

She hugged Bridget. “Thank you. My family is growing so fast.” Faster than any in this room would know. “I’m happy to have you as my sister, Bridget.” She was the only member of Jeanne Pierre’s family had ever met and it meant a lot to her.

Miika turned to Jeanne Pierre and gripped both of his hands in hers. “Baby. I have something to tell you.” She looked out at everyone in the room. “I have something to tell you all.” She smiled shyly. “Our pack is going to grow yet again. I’m going to have a baby.”

Jean Pierre felt all the air leave his lungs as though he had just been sucked punched by an undead vampire. His lips were moving but nothing was coming out from them. Slowly his fingers began to warm around Miika's, "A b-baby?" He looked about the room in shock as an honest smile began growing across his face, "We're going to have a baby!" He felt the pack come up and continue to congratulate not only the newly engaged couple but now the soon to be proud parents. Jean Pierre saw Bridget still at the back as she had been a moment before waiting for the crowd to die down, but this time he pulled her forward, "Get over here, Auntie!"

Squeaking as she was tugged to the center of things blushed brightly "EEP!" She laughed hugging them both tightly "congrats you two I am really happy for you." She pulled, nay dragged, Jean Pierre out from the midst of the crowded living room then into the kitchen keeping her voice low as she spoke to him "I swear on all that is holy in this life I will help protect her and the baby if anything happens..." She shuddered at the thought "Don't let anything happen though alright?" she frowned then pushing him back into the happy room staying behind to take a few deep breaths before rejoining them all.

As everyone began congratulating the happy couple, Miika felt her joy waver. Tonight was by far the happiest of her existence. She had the man of her dreams and she had her family; the pack that had accepted her unconditionally and with no strings. She had a new sister in Bridget linking Jeanne Pierre’s past to his present. And now she was going to bring a child into this world. Her joy was complete, and therefore was destined to end horribly in some way.

Isn’t that the way life was? This was her message to love this very moment so that it could get her through the next couple of hours as she watched the man she loved fight and then die before her eyes.

Miika tried to think happy thoughts and to feel the joy of her loved ones, but all she could feel now is her fate as it caught up with her. The crippled girl had gotten a reprieve and now was doomed once more.

Jeanne Pierre caught the forced smile and the clouded look in her eyes. He gave her a questioning look. “Miika?”

She forced a smile that shook slightly and then took his hands again. “Can I get a moment with you alone, baby?”

“Of course.” He excused them and led her to the bedroom. “What’s wrong?”

Miika didn’t answer immediately. She stared at Jeanne Pierre harder then she had ever looked at any person or anything. She placed every inch of his face to memory. Her nose took over where her eyes failed her and imprinted his scent into her memory banks.

“I love you.” She placed her palms on his cheeks and stared at him even harder. “I love you so much. You are…everything to me.” Her eyes glistened with unshed tears. “We are like…” She thought hard. “The sun and the moon and the stars. You are my sun, Jeanne Pierre, and I am the moon, our children are the stars. That’s all there is.”

Jeanne Pierre placed his hands over hers and watched her just as deeply as she watched him.

“If you die, then I simply cannot go on-“ He opened his mouth to protest but her hands tightened insistently. “I WON”T go on. I’ll be alive, but I won’t be living, not without you. Don’t die. Do you understand me? Don’t die…”

Jeanne Pierre nodded his head.

“Don’t die.”

“I won’t die.”

“Promise me.” She whispered. “If you promise me then I’ll believe you.”

Jean Pierre took the light blue silk handkerchief from his jacket pocket and gently wiped Miika's eyes, "Mon Bel Amour, aussi longtemps que vous aves la foi en moi je ne mourrai jamias." He leaned close and kissed her gently on the lips knowing that as long as she had faith in him he shall never die, "Do not fear, for I will not fail you and I shall NOT fail our child and any who get in my way shall feel the wrath of God strike them down in that pit this very night. That I swear to you."

Having overheard her new family's spoken love for each other through the bedroom door while she cleaned up the dinner dishes she waited patiently for their return to the living room. Upon their return Bridget stepped forward then with a small cough to clear her throat...Miika...Sister...I know I am not of your pack nor am I even true blood to Jean Pierre." She bowed her head then going down to her knees before looking back up to both her brother and Miika. "I pledge here and now that I will do all in my power to make sure that this family remains safe, healthy, happy, and never knows the death of a loved one by violence or greed." She stood then taking a step back moving to sit on the couch out of the way. She was stubborn, a bitch a times, hardheaded as they come, and sassy as hell but no one could argue her loyalty to family.

Miika blushed slightly as she looked at everyone in the room. They’d all overheard her words and they all had the same resolve; it would be over their dead body that this family be destroyed. Miika nodded at Bridget and the others in silent acknowledgement that this pack would only grow.

Miika clapped her hand sharply. “Team Tyrant in Full Effect! Let’s get this show on the road!”

Everyone piled into two cars; Miika’s and David’s truck. It was by silent consensus that the bike not be taken in case Jeanne Pierre be two wounded to ride it. Miika refused to allow this trip to be morose. She slipped in a cd from the pile of old 80’s songs that they loved. The B52’s Love Shack began playing and Miika and Jeanne Pierre started singing.

Bridget looked at them strangely but before too long had joined in as well. Jenks was flying around their heads throwing pelvic thrusts while he sang. It took everything Miika had not to laugh.



~~This post is a Collaboration between Leopardia and Silvious~~

It took moments before Threa caught scent of the humans out hunting inderlanders. "They are close come we will hide in that aquarium...They have some lovely disposals of flesh swimming about." She snuck thru the shadows  letting one of the group catch a glimpse of her heading inside before she vanished from their sights.

Harrison split apart from Threa moving towards the shark exhibit, where he knew he could have more than enough fun playing with the humans who believed they were hunting them. He watched one of the humans sneak about in the dark like a clumsy oaf trying to sneak up on a vampire at night was never a bright idea, but being stupid enough to so easily walk blindly into a trap... these cookies deserve to be eaten and hopefully they haven't bred yet.

Threa slid away from Harrison letting him go keeping their bind open so he could call to her if he needed help, She trusted him to take care of himself though. She had plans of her own as she slinked thru the shadows of the darkened exhibits slipping around behind the group. It was time to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Rodrigo, the human, Harrison had been stalking caught sight of his cloak in the shadows. As silent as a church mouse he moved behind the cloak took out one of the wands his group had been given. These things were expensive as hell and only to be used in dire circumstances, but here they were, hunting some ancient vampires so Rodrigo figured nobody would miss a charge or two of dragon's breath. He held the wand steady and called out the command word, which was even consumed by the eruption of white hot flames pouring fourth from the brass tip of the oak wand. The leather cloak burst into flame, but did not move. The hood toppled over as a bucket of red paint fell to the ground, erupting like boiling lava as it exploded from its red hot can upon impact, "What the fuck?!" The sound of whistling pulled Rodrigo's attention to his left, where he finally caught sight of Harrison, moments before the vampire threw a barrel of chum on the man, covering him in blood and guts from an assortment of fish and animals.

On the opposite end of the shark tank Threa sat waiting as she watched two young men make their way around to where they  had heard Rodrigo's loud cursing. Just as they made their way past her corner she slipped out with a grin her young form looking as human as they.."May I help you gentleman? is something wrong? I was just trying to find my way out of here they closed the aquarium while I was in the ladies room." Her face holding the look of complete naive innocence..The men stopped staring for a long moment before the older of the two caught wise to the ruse. He brandished a large knife in her direction as a maniacal laugh slithered from her throat echoing in the open room "Do you truly think that little toy will stop me from my pleasures little boy?" She rushed them both... Her left leg raising to a high side kick sending the on to his back gasping for air as she landed atop the one holding the knife. It was mere child's play to wretch it from his hand as she licked his neck slowly, sensually..."Give me what I want..."

Rodrigo was stunned by the blood bath that coated his body, but he quickly raised the wand up and fired another shot at Harrison. His jaw dropped to the ground as he watched the man leap into the air with a casual grace flipping over the burst of fire and spreading his legs so that he landed between two sets of shelves while in the splits, "Fuck me..." He fired off two more quick bursts aimed at Harrison's chest but with the ancient vampire blood coursing through his veins it was child's play for him to simply roll underneath the flames before they reached him and land and though he was a gymnast performing a simple spot not a man in a life or death situation.

The man struggled as he was held to the ground by the soft hands of a woman that was ancient and powerful. His partner struggled beside him trying to get up so he could help but yet he could barely move she had kicked him in the would be several long minutes before he would be able to breathe once more. Threa sat continuing to tease and play with her 'food' while he struggled grinding her hips into his crotch the friction causing a reaction even if it were unwanted by him "Oh does this excite the little boy? Mmm I do love blood when it is near the surface and painful to reach. The man went wide eyed in terror as she spoke of biting into his very manhood to feed. "NO! You Bitch!" he rolled Sending Threa to land atop his partner  flying atop her in blind fear.... She rocked back from the force of the blow only to smirk fangs growing long as she bit hard into his neck blood gushing into her mouth as she kicked into his stomach sending him soaring into the shark tank.

Rodrigo's terror was palpable as he knew the wand only had one shot left. He held out a shaky hand and took careful aim, but his star did not shine down favorably upon him this night, for as he took a step back to balance himself he slipped and fired wildly into the night sky. Terror wracked his very being as Harrison calmly adjusted the sleeves of his shirt and began to casually walk towards him, "Do you know what I love about this place?" Rodrigo stared at the vampire shocked that he wanted an answer, "No? The exhibits are amazing. You can go from watching them feed tiger sharks one moment to piranha and stonefish the next. There is a wondrous array of God's creatures here within walking distance that could easily kill a person and leave to no evidence."

The sharks already riled up from the chum that had landed in the water on the other side were swimming about the tank eyes filled with need for blood as a body hit the water bleeding openly. The screams ripped thru the air as they went into a wild feeding frenzy tearing the man limb from limp ravaging his once svelte toned body.

Rodrigo hurled the dead wand at Harrison, bouncing it off his chest as the vampire laughed at his feeble attempt, "Tell me, Cookie, Which is your favorite? The Sharks? The Eels? or The Piranhas?" Rodrigo looked to the sky for God to save him for he feared that his friends were already dead. He lied to Harrison and told him he liked none of them, causing the vampire to jump back as though he had been slapped, "NONE?! You don't have a favorite? Well... that's too bad because that would have made things far, far simpler." Harrison spun on his heels and uncovered the large machine the aquarium uses for cutting up meat for the chum, "I guess we'll just have to pass you along to them all then." Fear blazed through Rodrigo's eyes as he screamed out, "I LIKE FISH!!! TAKE ME TO THE FISH!!!"

The dead man's partner lay still hoping to have been forgotten as Threa turned toward his gasping. Her hand moved along his cheek lightly as though a lover waking her darling form a restful sleep. "You did not think I would forget you cutie did you?" she leaned down nuzzling along his jaw line before a second scream broke her concentration...The man took that opportunity to kick out at her sending her sprawling on the floor on all fours, sliding to a stop some few feet away. "Oh goody you have your breath back!"

Harrison knew the man was thinking on the venomous stonefish and was probably hoping he would be able to die without pain within moments, "GREAT!" the vampire clapped his hands together, "That is perfect. Makes things so much simpler when we only need to visit one tank and not five." A flash of light and a stinging sensation caught Rodrigo's attention as the back's of his knees felt as though they were on fire. While Harrison was licking blood off of a thin bladed knife, "Wouldn't want you swimming away now would we?" Harrison quickly tied Rodrigo up with a nylon rope and dragged the man through the chum to the tiger shark tank   where he tossed him in, holding the man just at the water's surface, where his splashing, fresh blood and screams were attracting even more sharks, "Tell me friend, have you ever heard the sound a shark makes right before it kills?" Rodrigo looked up, his face ashen as Harrison smiled as a tiger shark leapt from the water. A shucking sound of the water passing through its rows and rows of razor sharp teeth and gills as it made way for its meal was only surpassed by the screams of Rodrigo as it bit down upon the bloody legs of the man twisted its body in midair as Harrison released the rope allowing the shark to take its midnight snack to bed.

Threa kept a fighters stance low to the ground as she pulled a dagger from her hip twirling it in her fingers. "Your fear is like a fine wine on my tongue human...come and get me..." she teased trying to bait the young man into rushing her when she was ready rather than give him an advantage in the fight.

Harrison laughed as he watched the rope race under the water and disappear from site, "Good night, Cookie."  he walked past the snack bar and picked up a Hershey's Bar before using the link between their minds to call out to Threa, "The sharks have been well fed on my end for the night. How about you?"

A laugh rang thru his mind. “One down three to go Young one, make sure you grab a bite off one of these dolts...I am sparring with one..There are two left out there find one and feed off him before you give him to the sharks. Or come help me with this one. The last one I claim right over he will be an example to the community we do not take kindly to assassins. We shall give them a present at the pit fights this night."

"Oh, alright," he pouted playfully to her, "but I hadn't planned on feeding the next one to the sharks. Can't show favoritism after all."

~~This post is a collaboration between Leopardia, Pepperito and Silvious~~

Jean Pierre kept telling Miika when to turn, until they finally arrived at Cincinnati Music Hall. Its rich red brick walls and gothic arched windows spoke of a time long past, when masonry was not just a job but a true art form. They slowed the car as several men and women, one of which Miika recognized from the city council, made their way inside the building, "We're here," he held a finger to her lips knowing the question before it was coming, "the fights will be below the building. Everything is underground, and this is only one of several entrances. But it looks as though a respectable event is taking place tonight and that is what we want the humans to believe." He leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek, "Come on, Lover. Let's hurry and get this over with so I can get you home and make that title a reality."

Miika had no idea that such a prestigious building could possibly hold such a barbaric event. In fact, she had fully expected to be in a dirty boarded up warehouse off in the Hollows or Elm Street. Instead she felt as if she were attending a performance of the Cincinnati Ballet.

She followed him up the stairs stone stairs amongst other richly dressed individuals. Miika’s eyes followed a small elfin entourage. He and Jeanne Pierre exchanged knowing looks. Obviously they weren’t strangers. An elf in the pit fights? This would be very interesting.

Bridget held back from the group as they all trouped inside keeping an eye open for some of the other fighters that would be going against her brother. Shaking her head now and again giving a nod to someone when they recognized each other and a glare as one in particular caught her eye. She moved a bit faster apologizing to David when she bumped into his back having not been looking ahead of her but being sure of her rear. She sighed mumbling under her breath "Damn fights..."

Jenks landed as soft as a feather on Jean Pierre's shoulder, "Better use that 'Lover' name while you can buddy. Cause in two months she's gonna be MOMMA!" He flitted off of Jean Pierre's shoulder with a laugh like wind chimes, as they approached the bouncer at the entrance. Jean Pierre showed his invitation and the man nodded his head and welcomed him back as Tyr before asking about the people with him.

Jean Pierre looked back and motioned to each person in turn as he spoke their name, "This is my team and my pack: David and Rachel the alphas and trainers. Kallie and Serena cardio, Miika and Bridget my managers and Jenks my work out partner." Jenks landed on Jean Pierre's shoulder, crossed his arms and puffed out his chest as the bouncer chuckled, "Is there a problem?"

"No sir! Go on through." He handed Jean Pierre the key to his dressing room, "You know the rules sir. You are to go to your room and not to come out until your match."

The group headed into the regal building. Red carpeting lead to a flight of stairs where people would normally sit and watch performances of a different nature. Instead of following the red carpeting the mass of people went through a set of double doors that led to a lower level. Not quite as richly decorated, Miika felt like they were in a subway station.

Guides led some to a large room where she supposed the fights would take place. Their group was led down a narrow hall where several doors led to individual dressing rooms. David opened the door and entered first, flipping on lights to a rather nice sized room.

There was a mirrored dressing table and Miika assumed that these rooms were used by the performers of whatever event had come to the Music Hall. She imagined all kinds of people here from Opera singers to ballerinas…she wondered if they could imagine that illegal pit fighters were sharing these very same rooms.

Bridget entered in after them looking rather fidgety about the entire evening. She began to pace in a long line across the room staring at the floor grumbling about the undead and wishing they would lay down and stay dead like they were supposed to..."Cette idée entière est aliénée! Cette chienne va tuer mon frère..." she shook her head her form following in small shivers as she took several deep breaths.

Miika watched as Bridget paced, speaking French and seeming to be cursing. Jenks flitted about examining everything. He caught her checking him out and flew over to land on her shoulder.

“I hope you aren’t bothered by that comment I made about your baby makings.” He turned a bit red. “Sometimes I forget that ladies don’t always like that sort of thing.”

“Hey,” Rachel responded. “You’ve never apologized to me after sticking your foot in your mouth.”

“And you’re not a lady.” Miika’s eyes raised at their banter but she smiled.

“Jenks, I want you to be completely yourself. You don’t have to put on airs for me-“

“Miika, be careful what you ask for!” Rachel said. Jenks scowled and left Miika’s shoulder to land on Rachel’s raised hand. She could see instantly that despite their biting words those two were the best of friends.

Jean Pierre walked over to the mirror and slapped his face several times as he stared hard into his eyes, until they visibly changed to a rich golden color. He wanted the wolf on the surface not buried deep but right at the edge of his senses ready to explode. Every animal he was to meet in that cage to night was nothing more than simple prey and he was the hunter. He couldn't forget that even for a moment because if he did it meant he was dead.

With the animal on the surface he walked Bridget and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Calm yourself, I'm the one who's supposed to be nervous not you. Now go flirt with David or something to calm down."

Bridget stopped short as a hand went to her shoulder touching his..She started to open her mouth then glared "I am not a Flirt!" She looked around him and giggled "Besides he is far more taken than any girl should consider." She stuck her tongue out at him motioning to Rachel, Kallie, and Serena, but in her eyes the worry was still there becoming ever more apparent as a hand absentmindedly kept moving to her upper thigh to rub across where her own scar laid. A constant reminder of her failures.

She returned to her pacing then for a moment longer before she heaved a great sigh taking up a place on the couch at the opposite end as her brother's pack watching everything in the room. "fichus cadavres....."

Miika placed her hands on Jeanne Pierre’s shoulders and began to massage them through his jacket. She’d never been a manager before and wasn’t sure what one did, but she’d seen all the Rocky movies and other then holding his spit can, this is all she knew to do. “Now, you go get ‘em…um, because...” She thought of motivating words. “Because you’re the TYRANT!” She offered a smile. “I’m not that great of a motivational speaker, so I’ll just say that I know you are going to do great!” She kissed him on the lips and moved back so that he could do whatever he had to in order to prepare.

Jean Pierre returned Miika's smile before grabbing a towel off the table in the corner the room and wrapping it around his wrist. He easily leapt into the air and caught hold of the pipes that criss-cross the ceiling where he wrapped the towel over one of the thicker pipes which would support his weight. Once he had a strong hold on the towel with one hand he let go with his other hand so he was dangling in the air, all his weight supported on his wrist, while he began lifting himself repeatedly, "Bridget, get over here and hit me to get my adrenaline up."

Bridget looked up and nodded silently before standing and closing her eyes taking a deep breath. She went down into a fighter's stance crouched low leaping up to punch him hard in the lower back before, twisting and kicking up her leg hands going to the floor as leg hit hard into his side. Dropping her leg she swung low sliding her form under him only to come up on his opposite side to flip up and kick him once more. These were odd maneuvers to merely get his adrenaline up but they made her feel better so why not have a dual purpose.

Miika cringed at the beating Jeanne Pierre’s sister was giving him. Kallie and Serena exchanged looks with her and she shrugged. Well, after all they were relatively new Werewolves, so they looked at David for his reaction. His eyes glowed but he didn’t seem to think it was odd…

Rachel seemed in awe, and she flinched a few times at the blows that Bridget was delivering. Ok…if this was making her squeamish then she was going to be a hot mess in during the fight! Miika steeled her backbone and watched the conditioning that Jeanne Pierre needed to go through in order to win this fight and come home to her tonight.

There was a brief knock, before the door opened and a thin woman entered, "Your fight will begin momentarily. If you will please follow me." Jean Pierre dropped from the ceiling and tossed the towel onto the couch. He rolled his shoulders and neck, as he walked through the door and down the long corridor until they reached what was truly a pit. A long forgotten cistern that must have held water for half the city at one time. Now it had been cleaned up and had seating put in for all the fat cats and big wigs to come in and watch fighters kill or be killed. Dead center in the middle was an octagon, steel mesh wire and bars all made to rip flesh from bone, with no regard for the man whom it came from. As soon as Jean Pierre reached the edge of the room, the announcer began his introduction.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. We have a special treat for you here tonight. Coming out of retirement, one of the deadliest competitors to ever fight and kill in the octagon; TYR THE TYRANT!!!!!"

Multiple spot lights blinded him for several seconds as Voices by Rev Theory began playing over the loud speakers while he made his way to the ring. It all came back to him in an instant. The cocky walk, the curl of the lip, the glare in the eyes. He took off his jacket as he walked and tossed it to Bridget, before unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it to Miika, showing off to the crowd that though he may have been gone for several years he was in better shape than ever before.

Miika heard the crowd began to roar in applause as they recognized Tyr the Tyrant. Chants of ‘Tyr, Tyr, Tyr, rang out. Miika followed in wonder as the chants and music filled the arena.

Bridget followed behind her brother paling with each step. She caught his jacket without thinking, her job coming back as a physical memory. She felt her lips curl into a smirk as she stuck out her chest lifting her petite form to look taller as she strutted her way to the manager's box near the mesh making sure Miika followed with her. She was not going to let that woman out of her sights this was no place for someone that had never seen the fights let alone a pregnant one.

"And introducing his opponent... SCABS THE TROLL!!!!! From the corner of the room, a slim creature whose skin barely seemed to be attached to itself began moving towards the ring, dragging several feet of skin behind it. As it reached the gate its team lifted mound after mound of skin into the ring tossing it heavily upon the sawdust and concrete flooring. The referee moved to the center of the ring and quickly explained to the fighters that the only way to win is to either knock your opponent out, make them submit or to kill them. Once the fighters agreed to understanding the rules the bell rang.

The entire room became very dry immediately, as Scabs began to inhale deeply, his body quickly began growing filling up every inch of loose skin that the troll had only moments before hand until he towered close to twelve feet of hulking muscle, while puddles of water pooled at his feet.

Miika looked around as the liquid from people’s drinks began to disappear. It soon became apparent that the troll had absorbed it. The pack began to close around Miika almost subtly and she could feel their mild, soothing vibe.

Bridget watched as the pack closed around Miika ..she too took a step closer but her eyes were on the fight. "You can take him Tyr. This guy is a wimp using size to intimidate!"

Tyr heard Bridget's words, but as Scabs massive fist came crashing down next to him causing the concrete at his feet to spider web, Tyr knew that Scabs was using his size for more than just intimidation. Thankfully, the much larger Scabs was as slow as molasses in the winter. His mighty swings were easy to dodge.

As Scabs began getting frustrated he lunged at Tyr slamming his tree trunk size fists down hard against the ground, creating even more pools of water. Which caught Tyr's eye, with a quick slash of his claws he raked Scab's massive arm testing his theory.

In that instant a geyser erupted from Scabs, as his arm began to quickly deflate into a helpless slab of skin. The troll began to back pedal as he watched in horror as the Tyrant leapt onto his chest and began ripping away chunks of flesh, creating a living inderlander fountain under the Cincinnati Music Hall.

The sound of Scabs screams of agony and his cries for mercy were drowned out by the roar of the crowd.

Miika jumped up clapping and cheering. She grabbed Bridget in a bear hug and swung her sister-in-law around happily. Then each of the pack grabbed her happily. Jenks even sprinkled her with pixie dust.

Bridget laughed loudly hugging her new sister tightly as she was swung about "He did it! He did it! GO TYR!!!" she smiled happily giving all the pack big hugs as she danced about the manager's box gleefully.

Tyr stood over the body of the unconscious troll as the referee came in and declared him the victor by raising his hand to the sky. As he exited the cage, he felt as though his heart was ready to explode through his chest, he quickly made his way over to his family before leading them all to the back to await his next match.

Miika quickly used a towel to wipe away the water and…other liquid that had drenched Jeanne Pierre. He was breathing hard but grinning as if this was the best time of his life. It was suddenly contagious. That had been quick and relatively painless. “Are you okay, babe? Do you need anything? Water…um, well maybe not.”

Tyr leaned with a mischievous grin, "My dear what I need right now from you we don't have time for before the next fight."

Miika’s cheeks felt warm…and not just from embarrassment. Battling brought out the beast in him, apparently, but it was also beginning to bring out the beast in her too. There’s nothing like a sexy man fighting AND winning. Miika bit her lips lightly and stepped back from the pheromones that he was giving off.

Bridget yanked her brother's arm pulling him away from Miika "You keep your head in the fights Mister...No distractions. The matches are only going to get harder from here and you know that." She frowned at him though there was the hint of a smile pride shining in her eyes. Though a blush deepened her cheeks as she noticed everyone had turned to stare at her, while she was reprimanding Jean Pierre, a man twice her size and mass.

Jean Pierre smiled, "Don't fret, Peu Un." He reached up and ruffled her hair, "I can make it. I always have before and don't worry no chienne is going to be responsible for getting be killed." his hand gently fell on her shoulder, "Now..."

The door opened, "Sir, your next opponent is ready. If you will please follow me."

He closed his eyes for the briefest of moments and brought his wolf back to the surface, " Le faisons."

Anxious after hearing that the fights would only get tougher, Miika followed the entourage back out to the screaming crowd.

Bridget followed closer to the group this time more towards the front placing Miika behind Jean Pierre and more towards the middle of her pack as the hall narrowed "Back to the box.." She mumbled before getting bopped in the nose by Jenks forcing a giggle from her. She had always loved Pixies and how they could make her smile even in a dire situation.

With Tyr standing in his corner he was feeling as though he was ready for anything as the announcer called his opponent, "Ladies and gentlemen I give you, Culhwch the CRRRRRRUUUUUUSHHHEEEEEERRRR!!!! Tyr felt his jaw slacken as the nearly nine foot tall ogre sqeazed through the tunnel entrance. He'd seen The Crusher fight years ago when he was still active in the circuit and it was a more than appropriate name for the ogre.

Culhwch never let the referee explain the rules, he simply grabbed the man and tossed him out of the ring before motioning for Tyr to take the first punch. He even held his arms out wide and let his head lull back. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth Tyr quickly began delivering solid shots to the ogre's floating ribs that could be heard even amongst the roar of the crowd.

Culhwch looked down at Tyr and smiled, "Is that all the big bad wolf has?"

"Hey Shrek, go fuck yourself."

"SHREK?!" the ogre lashed out, palming Tyr's chest and heaving him across the ring with a single mighty heave. Only the steel mesh of the cage was able to stop Tyr's momentum enough so he didn't wind up in the front row.

Miika gripped Bridget’s arm as she watched him slam into the cage. Her breath came out in a rush and with s subtle shifting the pack had moved even closer to Miika. Kallie placed a hand on Miika’s shoulder and she realized that low growls had been rumbling in her chest.

“Calm, Miika.” David said.

Bridget nodded as she heard David speak..she turned her attentions to Miika thinking hard then blinked leaning up to whisper in Miika's ear..."Sister clam yourself, close your eyes think not of this place ignore its sounds..think rather of holding your child in your arms as your love holds you." She moved Miika then positioning David's warm arms around Miika's shoulders while her eyes were closed to help the illusion. She turned then to check on her brother willing him to survive and win.

Tyr pushed himself to his feet and charged the ogre once more, leaping high into the air, he delivered a downward swipe of his claws across Culhwch's gargantuan chest, causing the monster to look down and chuckle as tiny scratches began to form showing trickles of black blood against its white warty skin.

Dumbfounded that his claws had no effect, Tyr was caught completely off guard by the ogre's back hand, which sent a stream of blood cascading from his mouth into his manager's box splashing those closest to the railing as Tyr tumbled across the ring.

Miika had tried to do what Bridget had urged. She had closed her eyes and tried to picture her and Jeanne Pierre’s future…but then she heard a THUMP a grunt and felt the warm trickle of fluid splatter her. She knew from the smell that it was blood. She knew that it was Jeanne Pierre’s. Miika’s eyes began to change, lighten until she was seeing through her wolf’s eyes.

Bridget turned and went wide eyed looking to David for some help on this one she wasn't used to having others depend on her or even others standing in the box with her. She took Miika's cheeks in her hands forcing her to focus on her own eyes which were still human "Listen to me Miika you can't change here...Take a deep breath. Control your beast." She forced herself to remain focused on Miika's problems rather than watch the fights.

Tyr couldn't focus his vision as his mind spun out of control. Everything in the room was moving in a dozen different directions at once and nothing smelled right. Somehow he managed to stumble to his feet but he never realized the ogre stood right behind him, waiting for him to turn around. As Tyr clumsily turned around, Culhwch palmed his chest once more and lifted him high into the air, "So this is the great Tyrant? AHHAAHAHAHAHA!!!" He slammed Tyr down into the concrete floor with all the force he could muster before lifting him into the air once more, "Here I thought you were supposed to be unbeatable."

"And I thought Donkey did all your talking," Tyr coughed several times before looking up at the ogre, "and where's Puss n Boots? Love that cat."

Culhwch cried out in frustration before slamming Try into the ground once again, "Still think you're so funny now?!"

Tyr's head lulled to the side as he smiled at the ogre, "Yeah Shrek, I do." Tyr's hand shot out as Culhwch began to raise him up once more, his claws extended in an instant and ripped out the ogre's eyes. A deafening scream echoed through the cistern as Culhwch collapsed.

"MY EYES!!!!!"

Within moments Tyr had been declared the victor

While the ogre grasped at empty sockets on his face and felt along the floor searching for eyes that would never see again.

Miika’s relief was instantaneous. She physically pushed back the wolf and everyone seemed to calm once she was back in control. The sight was sickening, but all she cared about was that her man was the winner!

Bridget let out a breath she didn't know she was holding as she slumped against David in relief blushing brightly as she straightened quickly shaking herself of her nerves for the moment. "I am glad that's over."

Tyr stumbled out the ring and to his pack, eagerly falling into all of them. He walked on his own until he was out of site of the audience. Once no one could see him, he let the pain go and slumped against the wall knowing several ribs were more than likely broken and each time he coughed he could taste blood and while he didn't want to say anything he knew that everyone her, except Rachel could smell it. So he never argued when David supported his right shoulder and Jenks did his best to support his left, as they made their way back to the locker room. Where Tyr dropped down on the couch, "Well, that went better than expected."


Carlisle could barely wait until his family cleared out of the restaurant. They’d spent two hours in a party like atmosphere. There was food, laughter, congratulations as well as speculation about Miika’s whereabouts. Much of the conversation then turned to her and turning into a werewolf.

When that happened Layla got very uncomfortable. Soon the family dwindled out of the restaurant and the dinner crowd had thinned. Carlisle pulled Layla into his arms. “Babygirl, are you ok?” He pulled back long enough to give her a long look. “The family didn’t stress you too much did they?”

She smiled slightly. “No, your family is fine by me.”

Carlisle frowned. “Layla. You were with Miika all day…Do you know why she didn’t come tonight?”

Layla pulled out of his arms and looked away. His frown deepened. Carlisle walked out of the dining room. He looked over his shoulder. “I need to talk to you. In private.” He led them into the little office that was off the kitchen. Once they were alone he closed the door.

“Layla. Do you know something about my sister?” A look of guilt crossed her face. “Layla, if you know something about Miika and why she’s not here then you need to tell me.” Suddenly Carlisle’s annoyance was replaced by apprehension.

Layla closed her eyes then looked at him, her resolve disappearing. “I promised Miika that I wouldn’t tell you this. But I can’t see you and your family worried like this. Carlisle, Miika has already made the turn. She’s a werewolf; for about a week now.”

Carlisle actually stumbled back. His lips became a thin line and his eyes narrowed into two dark points.

“She’s already done it…”

Layla took a step towards Carlisle. “Carlisle, she’s still your sister. She is exactly the same person, just not crippled. She is as beautiful as ever and she walks with a confidence that makes her glow.” She reached out to touch his arm, only to have him actually pull away. “Don’t be like this…please don’t react irrationally. She is so much more happy now. And she deserves that.” Carlisle looked at her with sad eyes.

“But how could you have kept such a secret from me?”

Layla’s pleading look hardened into one of disbelief. “I should have told you, but I had I told Miika about your plans, you would have not believed it. Am I to only keep your secrets because we love each other? Because I saved you from the certain death that would have taken you?” She turned away and whispered, “That isn’t fair. And you know it.” A silent tear spilled from her eye as she blinked. It ran slowly down her cheek as she stared at the wall in front of her.

“And, its not as if any of us could have stopped her. Love drove her to make the decision that will ultimately make her life better.” She glanced at the clock above the office door. “We need to get to the pits. Tyr fights in twenty minutes and I told Miika I would be there.” She turned to face Carlisle with her arms hugging her torso.

“The Pits?! The pitfight? My sister is at a pitfight?” Carlisle felt his anger return. She was such a liar! He couldn’t believe that Miika had been leading a secret life. Damnit! They had just talked yesterday. She had every opportunity to tell him and she hadn’t! Carlisle finally saw the anguish that his Layla was in.

He inhaled a soothing breath and then reached out for the woman that he loved with all of his heart. “Babygirl, I am not angry at you. We have both placed you in a bad situation; keeping secrets. I’m sorry. I don’t blame you.” He blamed Miika. “Let’s go get my sister.” He said deceptively calm.

Carlisle called his sister’s cellphone but got no answer. Layla didn’t know where the pit fights were being held. He wasn’t worried. He had contacts. Carlisle called a friend that knew another friend and he was told the secret location for this fight was Music Hall. This was exactly the type of thing that he wanted to get out of Over the Rhine. It was Cincinnati’s Historic district—tarnished by illegal events such as this one.

He drove quickly, Layla urging him to slow down more then once. Once they got there the fights were already underway. He shelled out $450 for he and Layla’s tickets which made him even less happy.

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The bamboo pole next to Harrison exploded as a hail of silenced gunfire erupted in the distance. Dozens of little thwip, thwip, thwips rang out as the food stand was shredded into tiny pieces, "These guys are absolutely fucking nuts!!!" Harrison cried out in his mind.

Threa giggled as she continued to circle with the young one testing his reflexes as she threatened to launch the knife at him responding to Harrison "All the more fun to play with...they are scared of reek of Ancient vampire after feeding from me...They think you are as old as I..they think you dead Harrison."

"Oh do they," he thought back as a grin as devious and evil as the one from the shower began to spread over his face. He waited until the hail of gun fire stopped before he stood up and waited for the man to show himself once more, "I hope you have something better than that little man, or you'll soon be joining your friend with the sharks. En Garde!" Harrison flung the Hershey bar at the gun man striking him between the eyes. The man reached up and saw the dark smear of chocolate not realizing in the dim light that the smear was chocolate and not blood. By the time the human looked back Harrison had faded into the shadows and all that he had left behind was a lingering laugh.

The young man finally rushed her but he was sloppy aiming for her legs rather than her upper body. He was frightened and had chosen a lower target hoping to avoid her teeth. This had been his fatal mistake. Threa laughed flipping up and over him using the knife in her hand to slice along his back as a loud splash sounded behind her. "My that was far too easy..." She sighed heavily closing her eyes and taking a deep breath as she went to search out Harrison. "Anything fun on your end mine was to young and reckless."

He let her relive the events that just transpired as he had pelted the man in the head with the Hershey bar and was now picking up random items and tossing them around, causing the man to waste his ammunition. It didn't take long before the man was cussing and searching wildly in his vest for another clip of ammo, but fear makes you do many stupid things, such as shooting at shadows, and in an aquarium at night there are more than enough shadows to shoot at, "Tell me Little Cooooooookie, do you like snakes?"

Giggling threa moved thru the shadows looking for the last of the crew she had smelt him earlier in the evening now she wanted a taste. "Here human, human, human...come feed the big bad vampire." she smiled as she wandered rather nonchalantly no longer really hiding...she knew the last were terrified it hung in the hair like a thick fog. "Come along little boy  it is time to meet your fate."

The human screamed out how he wasn't gay which made Harrison fallout laughing, "Actually I was going to feed you to the electric eels. I hadn't planned on screwing you, but if your last thoughts on this planet fall to being screwed by a man then I think you protest too much." The human's face turned red with anger and he charged wildly at Harrison. It was simple for him to twist the man around and bite him at the base of the neck and begin drinking. He took several large gulps then spit out the blood, "You reek of garlic."

"That's right monster! I drink holy water and eat garlic every day! So now you'll die! HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!"

Harrison just looked at him as if he was truly that stupid, "How did you ever manage to kill any of us being that stupid? That doesn't kill us you idiot it just makes you taste like shit." He lifted the human up into the air and held him by the throat, "My God you taste so bad I'm not even going to feed you to the eels." instead he tossed him into the piranha tank and began to search for Threa, "We need to make a stop before the pit fights. I need a tooth brush, some mouth wash and a box of breath mints."

Threa came around the corner "Why what did you eat and why do you stink of a garlic?" She wrinkled her nose  at him a hand moving to cover her nose. "Oh God that smells horrible!" She turned away waving him to come along but at a distance. "You need more than  mints Harrison its seeping thru your much of that crap did the mortal eat anyways?!" It took only a few moments before they found Sonny gagged and bound leaning against the glass wall of the underwater bridge. "I found our little missing friend."

"Bastard said he'd been living off of holy water and garlic. I barely drank any of him, DAMN IT!" Harrison was more pissed that he would not get his reward this evening than the fact he had drank the blood and his anger was beginning to boil over. He stalked over to Sonny, "Do you eat and drink that shit constantly too?! DO YOU?!"

Threa put a hand on Harrison's shoulder "Shhhh... its ok You will still get a reward, Honey I know you need to feed." She pointed to a puncture wound on his left wrist. "He is clean go ahead and drink your fill it will make you feel better." she patted Sonny's head as the man struggled against the bindings.

Harrison drove a long finger deep into the wrist near the puncture marks. He didn't want the man to feel the pleasure of the bite. He wanted him to hurt and having a finger driven through your arm... well, that hurts. He then began to feed forcibly taking the blood he wanted so that it caused even more pain than necessary to the man, dropping him to his knees.

Standing to the side she watched her pupil at his first true feeding twirling a knife in his hands as the man at his feet slowly began to drain of his life blood.  Her thoughts turned to Harrison opening their bond wide. "Don't drink it all only enough to feed we must have something left to entice the lycans with our gift. We want a riot." She smiled pulling forward slowly slicing small carved lines using the tip of an obsidian blade so no remnants of silver would harm the lycans that tasted the man. Playing as he tried to scream around the gag.

Harrison pulled back as blood dripped from his mouth and formed a pool at his feet, "Let's wrap this package then and see exactly what happens once it's delivered."

Threa giggled moving closer and licking the blood from around his mouth "Messy least it dampened the smell" She smiled kicking at the man as he lay unconscious but barely alive. "Yes lets You shall have to lead the way to the fights. I will carry our friend. She hefted him easily in her arms like a small child in the arms of its mother. "Let's go."


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Miika knelt on the floor next to the couch. “Close your eyes for a minute.” She said to Tyr as she heard him struggling for his next breath. “Calm down, you need to catch your breath.” She spoke gently. She ran her finger down his torso until she felt his muscles tense.

He was hurt.

“Jeanne Pierre, can you go on?” Her expression went suddenly stern. She was not going to listen to him attempt to appease her with sweet words. Right now, she wasn’t his mate she was his manager. “I need to know if you are too badly injured.”

He felt his jaw clench involuntarily a her finger hit his ribs and his nostrils flared, "I've been worse than this before. It's the joys of the job. Give me a few minutes and I'll be as good as new, Beautiful."

Bridget watched Miika take over the softer side of managing and erupted into her own temper as she stared at her brother while he slumped on the couch breathing heavily. Her arms were up in the air waving about as she paced in front of his eyes. "C'est pourquoi j'étais contre ceci vous grand âne!" She was slipping into French so easily here due to her highly stressed nerves. Her voice growled at him as she yelled. She paused then ramming a fist into the wall causing the plaster to spider web around her knuckles. She looked back ashamed but calmed "I know you won't listen but I will say this. I don't think your well enough to take on another challenger." She hung her head turning back to the wall fingers tracing the broken plaster as she leaned her forehead against it.

Miika watched brother and sister, trying to determine who was right.

Bridget moved to the end of the room far from him "Stand up walk to me without support. And lift me in your arms" She stated blandly staring him down.

Jean Pierre's hand slipped behind his head in a moment of uncertainty, before he pushed off the couch. He closed his eyes as he felt tears of pain welling at the edges of his eyes, but he could take no help. His hand drifted to Miika's for the briefest of touches and that touch gave him all the strength he needed as he clenched his jaw he walked forward one determined step at a time never faltering in his pace. His hands fell to Bridget's waist, "And I am not a stubborn ass," he growled before lifting her into the air and holding her in his arms for several seconds before putting her down once more, "Happy now?"

Bridget frowned "Firstly, yes you are...and secondly I am not happy but I won't argue." She curled up on the couch arms crossed over her chest pouting.

Miika wasn’t convinced that he was okay to fight but this was his job and all she could do was to support him. “Okay, babe.” Her brow furrowed. She took a deep breath and said with more authority. “I expect you to go out there and kick some ass. Do it for me, okay?”

" Pour vous. N'importe quoi." The door knocked once more, seemed as though they were coming sooner and sooner. Hopefully, this would be over soon he thought to himself as he stood in the center of the ring and listened to the announcer introduce a young Japanese school girl by the name of Shi. It only took a moment for Tyr to see past the petite frame and demure attitude as she pouted on the far side of the ring and kept her shoulders slumped. Refusing to meet his gaze under any circumstance. She would not even approach the referee to discuss the rules she simply stayed with her team and hugged the cage. Any move Tyr made she countered making sure to stay as far away from the large man as possible. After several minutes of cat and mouse Tyr was growing quite agitated with the little vampress and her games.

Tyr looked to Miika and Bridget, "This is getting ridiculous. Isn't there some sort of forfeit rule for refusing to fight?" In an instant Shi crossed the and delivered a massive spin kick to Tyr's ribs, "You little bitch." In the blink of an eye she began delivering repeated shots to Tyr's heart driving the big man back towards the center of the cage.

Miika shivered when she saw the young Japanese vampire. Vampires were fast, strong, AND bloodthirsty. She wasn’t fooled by the girl’s demure look. She wore a school girl’s uniform which helped the effect of innocence. Miika immediately thought of the young Japanese killer from the KILL BILL movie; so innocent yet so deadly…“Don’t fall for it baby!” Miika yelled.

“She will rip your throat out if she can.” No sooner had those words left her lips before Shi, with unbelievable speed had gone flying through the air. Her feet landed against his injured ribs.

Miika could practically feel his pain, but when the girl began laying punches into his chest; pounding him, Miika finally turned her head and looked at something else, anything else.

Bridget stood fingers wrapping in the mesh as she yelled to her brother "NO DISTRACTIONS! KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR FOE!!!!" She turned though whimpering loudly as her hand went to her leg face obviously fighting tears back..She turned slowly looking to her brother eyes flaring their bright blue wolven color "KILL HER FOR ME TYR! SHE WAS THE ONE WHO GAVE ME THE SCAR SHE WAS TRYING TO TAKE MY LEG!"

Tyr felt the pain in his ribs die out as he heard his sister cry out that this was the woman who had left a permanent scar upon her body. The elfin vampire went to step back to deliver another of her strong kicks but found the massive werewolf standing on her foot. Her eyes widen in disbelief as her bottom lip juts out into a pout moments before Tyr drives his fist into her face, then quickly snaps his elbow driving it into her temple forcing her into the ground, causing a sickeningly wet thud as the back of her head connected with the concrete. Shi quickly kips up and before licking the blood from her lips, as it drives her to making sounds of rapture at the taste of her own blood, "Do you taste as good as your sister?"

Bridget stared out glaring at the vampire "Your dead Bitch! Learn to lie down and stay there!" Her mind was rather hyper focused as she felt a hand on her shoulder. David had stepped forward looking to her and shook his head nodding towards Miika." Bridget took a deep breath trying to pull herself back from the edge "My apologies." She moved away looking away till she could regain her control.

Shi landed another flurry of lightning strikes to Tyr's heart. Dozens of droplets of rivulets of blood began to race down his overly developed chest and abs from the finely chiseled nails Shi wore at the tips of her fingers. Slowly she began sucking on the tips of her fingers, "You do taste as good."

Tyr took a wild swing in anger while Shi dodge his attack as though they were performing on stage with the Bolshoi Ballet Company, completing the move by kicking Tyr in the back of the head sending him tumbling forward into the cage. He looked back in time to see the bitch flying through the air her teeth bared and ready to rip his throat out!

Bridget turned as she heard Shi speaking "TYR! DUCK AND KICK!" She wrapped her fingers in the mesh body shaking as she fought to keep her control anger flowing thru her as she saw the bitch that had gnawed and worried at her leg like a rabid dog aiming to kill her beloved brother.

Tyr had a different idea than his sister in mind. He stepped forward and reached out with his long arms, catching the little Asian vampire by the waist, holding her for an instant before he fell backwards exposing her to what his frame had been hiding from her all along. The spike atop each of the octagon points, the soft flesh under jaw was easily pierced by the far stronger steel.

Never letting go of her waist Tyr spun his body as though he was on a dance floor twisting around and around, taking her body with him while the spike never let her head move. The resounding CRACK brought a sickening smile to Tyr's face but he knew vampire's all too well and all this meant was, was she was napping. He quickly repositioned his body so that his shoulder was in her stomach and he pushed himself towards the center of the ring, while the crowd cheered like they had never cheered before. After several moments more and more blood began to gush from under her chin until the top of her head was ripped free of her body.

"FINAL DEATH!" cried the referee.

Bridget collapsed to her knees crying hysterically body shaking uncontrollably as all the terror she had held in was released in a wash of tears. "Oh thank god..oh thank god..."

As Tyr began to move to the center of the ring a member of Shi's crew leapt into the ring and drove a syringe deep into Tyr's back, "DIE YOU FUCKING WERE!" Tyr dropped to the ground in a howl of agony as the referee picked up the vial and looked to Tyr's pit.

"It's silver."

Miika looked over at Bridget, feeling her heartbeat stop in her chest. How bad was it? Was it enough to be really bad? She wouldn’t panic until she saw the look on her sister in laws face.

Bridget stopped mid breath as she heard those fateful words...'it's silver" echo through her mind.."NO!" She leapt to her feet grabbing the mesh. Eyes wild as she stared at her downed brother..She turned to Miika trying to look calm though she was sure she was failing before moving to pull David close "We have to get him out of there and to medical help..He'll die if we don't get that pumped from his system and soon."

Tyr lay on ground, while tears of pain rolled down his cheeks to stain the concrete his face was pressed firmly into. With each beat of his heart a fire raced through his veins unlike anything he had ever known before in his life. He watched as the referee's lips moved but all he could hear was the beating of his own heart. With all the strength he could muster he slowly began to drag his arms in towards his body, bringing his hands up close to his chest so that he could push himself up. The agony was incredible as he raised his body only inches off the cold stone floor before dropping back down with a harsh thud.

Miika moved to run to Jeanne Pierre’s fallen form. But she had barely flinched before her packs arms were around her. Then she saw everything as if it were in slow motion. The man that had poisoned Jeanne Pierre was tackled to the ground while the dead vampire’s crew had scrambled into the ring, surrounding what was left of her body; ash. Then she watched as Jeanne Pierre tried to stand, only to fall back to the ground.

Miika pulled and strained against the arms that held her. And then she was turning, but not into the werewolf. Her jacket ripped down the back as her body grew, tearing through the cloth. She was hybriding for the first time! She groaned both in pain and in desperation to get to Jeanne Pierre. She saw Bridget look at her and back to Jeanne Pierre in indecision.

And then she felt David’s teeth on the back of her neck. Though he was still in human form, David’s teeth were a wolves and they clamped down firmly at the base of her skull, compressing her spinal column and sending a jolt through her body.

It didn’t hurt her but she was being forced to submit. Her Alpha commanded and she had no choice but to obey. Miika whimpered and appealed to Bridget to help him.

Tyr cried out in pain and frustration as he pushed himself up on his knees. Dark lines were already beginning to outline where his veins were in his body. Slumping back his limp form lulled over so that he could see his crew, his once beautiful golden eyes now possessed a silver sheen to them which clouded his vision. He raised his arm as steadily as he could before giving Miika a thumbs up, hoping to calm her fears. Though he doubted at that very moment that he would make it through the night.

Bridget watched as the black began to show threw his was eating him alive like acid. She turned to Mika racking her brain "I'll go to him..stay here and clam your beast." She looked to David shielding her eyes from her Sister-in-law with a knowing nod as they both knew that it was more likely the end of Tyr. She turned then opening the manager's box door to the cage and went to him She knelt down whispering in his ear "Can you walk?" knowing full well he couldn't but trying to make a show of not needing to give him help for Miika's sake...

"If..." his jaw clenched violently as a black streak raced across the side of his face before spreading out in a dozen directions at once, "if I can get to my feet... I can run." He forced a smile to try and hide the pain but every werewolf knows the touch of silver can burn, to have it in your blood, eating away at your very core. There can be no greater agony.

Miika did allow her hybrid beast to recede once Bridget had made her way to the cage. David released his grip on her spine though the others held onto her firmly. “They cheated!” She cried out. “He won and they cheated!” Rachel was the only one not gripping her and she stalked to the panel of judges.

“You saw that he was injected! What are you going to do about it?!” She was yelling and the judges seemed at a loss.

A dwarf stared at her with oversized eyes. “Well it’s been duly noted, Miss Morgan, and the committee will make a ruling on the matter which will be announced at the beginning of the next match."

Miika turned to her pack. "Let me go!" We have to get him back to the lockers!" They did as she bid and Miika ran to the arena.

Threa carried Sonny's form in her arms like he was a young child keeping a safe distance from the rather nasty smelling Harrison "You need a shower by all that is of the darkness you stink!" A few passersby had paused staring at them till Threa had "calmed" their fears by informing them that the man in her arms was a friend and he had gotten in a drunken bar fight. None had questioned her merely moving on not wishing to be involved. "Young one hurry up I don't know where these fights are we need to get there before they are over."
Harrison was in a foul enough mood over stinking from the garlic flavored blood he had gulped down earlier in the evening, "Look," he hissed by accident, "all we have to do is take Elm to 42 to the Music Hall. We'll be there in seven minutes if traffic is good." He turned his hate filled glare in her direction only then realizing that he had been using a less than respectful voice with a woman who could and would disembowel him with ease if and when she so desired. He cleared his throat and lowered his eyes, "It's this way, madam."
For his sake it was good that fighting always place a normally sulky, easily pissed off Alanthrea in a good mood. In fact the fight her first true fight since she had gone into hibernation centuries ago had left her feeling exhilarated and ecstatic..She giggled at him as she began to drive towards their destination being so close she took her time enjoying the quiet. She did though open the glove compartment of the car "Here take this...I found it in here when I took the car originally from my barn. Inside was a small bottle of mouth wash "It won't fix the problem but it might kill the taste for you." She was feeling generous for the time being as she drove.
He eagerly took the bottle of Crest mouthwash and began to gargle deeply, rolling down the window and spitting the remnants out as they made their way onto the onramp, "Thank you." he breathed deeply as the rich mint sensation tingled his mouth making every inch of it feel clean while the rest of his blood made his body feel as though it was coated in mud, "Isn't there something else I can drink to get rid of this..." he shivered in disgust at the mere thought of the smell that was pouring off of him, "smell?"
Threa merely shrugged "I honestly don't know..Explore the pockets of the vehicle..I don't really know what all is in here. I only just learned how to operate this piece of metal." She smiled sure this would make him nervous seeing as she had admitted to not really knowing how to drive personally "I do so miss the use of horses."
"Great," he released a long sigh, "I'm gonna smell like a horses ass for a month thanks to that jack ass." He looked into the back seat at the human they had captured, "Would you mind if I broke a few of his bones before we dropped him off? Maybe took a few organs as payment for making me stink?"
Threa glanced over her shoulder for a moment before the car swerved forcing her attentions back front "Do what you will but don't you dare make a huge mess in this car or YOU are the one that will be cleaning it out. The idea is to NOT get caught Harrison." she sighed shaking her head "A quick shower and feeding off someone with clean blood will fix your body odor...You have to play nice but you can feed from Lori when we get home."
Harrison slumped in his chair like a spurned child. His bottom lip jutted out while he pouted and looked out the window with his arms crossed over his chest, "Damn, humans and all their garlic. Gonna buy Lori a bushel of oranges on the way home so I'll smell fresh after feeding."
Threa left him to his pouting as she neared the music hall stopping the car several blocks away but within sight of the large building. "Well we are as close as I plan to drive."
"That's fine, because you're about to smell bad too." He looked over at Threa and smiled half heartedly, "The fights are in the sewers."
Threa snorted frowning "Fine if I must but then I am..what is that called..." She paused for a moment "Calling dibs on my shower first when we arrive home." She smirked stepping out of the car and heading towards the trunk "You will have to lead the way from here so I will carry the mortal. Here," She threw him a short saber. just to be on the safe side..."
"Let me guess... The pointy end goes in the other person," his head lulled to the side as he looked at Threa, "We don't really use these things any more. You know the old saying, never bring a knife to a gun fight? Well, there's a reason for it."
Threa sighed heavily "Harrison there are times like these you remind me how much of a child you are. Think! No one in their right mind would fire a gun in a sewer pipe the ricochet would probably kill you or even I but it would also kill them! having a long sharp weapon is the better course of action in such a situation now bring it and keep it on hand." she hauled Sonny's form from the back seat and glared at Harrison "Let's get dirty shall we..."
Harrison lifted the sewer grate, "You know how I love it when you talk dirty to me," he jumped into the sewer and ankle deep into a thick muck that he did not want to think about, "Come on in, Honey, the waters perfect!"
Aiming for Harrison she dumped Sonny thru the hole "I hope that hits you!" She slipped in landing daintily in the muck as her nose wrinkled "This is disgusting...when was this invented?!" She shuddered "I liked my old time better.." She sighed heaving Sonny back in her arms before motioning Harrison to take the lead. "Well you know where to go so move."
"If you were around before sewers than how old are you? Sewers have been around since twelfth century Paris." He looked back at Threa with a smug look, "Where did you say you were born again?"
She glared at him the weight of it easily felt as she hissed her reply I was born in 1484 child, I died in 1509. I was raised in Orleans, France. I came to this country in the 17 hundreds sometime I don't quite remember when it was. Now if you are done with your questions let's keep moving." She grumbled about wise ass children as she moved thru the sewers behind him eyes on his neck..."Be happy you would taste bad right now Harrison."
"Not being a smartass," he moved through the dark using the saber to guide him as he didn't want to touch the walls with his hands unless he had no choice, "But when you shake your money maker on stage for a living you have a lot of time back stage with nothing to do, so I play Trivial Pursuit. I'll get you a copy, Hell you might be pretty good at the history section," he quickly bit his tongue before he could add the crack about her age.
She moved up placing a cold hand on his shoulder rubbing along the line of his lower ear lobe "Harrison dear it is not wise to discuss a woman's age let alone the age of a centuries old dead vampire sweetie." She licked along his neck Shriveling her nose at the taste but doing it anyways "A woman's scorn is far harsher than an enemies."
"If I didn't know there were more places for you to drink from than my neck I would happily smear whatever it is that we're walking through all over my neck right about now. Though, I wasn't trying to insult your age. It's a game. It has a lot of different things from history to art to fashion to math and back again. It might even help you learn a little about the world you are currently living in. Some of the games now days, even the ones with insulting titles like, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, might actually help you learn what's changed since you went to sleep."
Threa tilted her head stepping back from him "Interesting but Harrison don't lie I know very well you were planning to make a crack about my age...You can hardly resist it even now." She hefted Sonny a bit higher as the muck grew a bit deeper "How far must we walk thru this gunk?"
Harrison started to respond when the sound of faint cheering answered Threa's question for him, "Not to much further now." He pushed forward along the pipe and it began to incline upwards before evening out and branching off into two tunnels. In the tunnel to the left Harrison could see a bright light shining up from the bottom of the tunnel, "Looks like we're here."
Threa smiled because she was growing tired of hefting a bleeding body about "Lori will have some cleaning to do tomorrow my clothing may be ruined...." She moved slowly towards the light glad the new tunnel was nearly clean of refuse "Hmmm best wait for the right moment don't you think?"
Harrison smiled, "If only we had a camera to record their reactions."
Laughing she shook her head "Harrison I have no intention of sticking around to see their reactions..we shall hear of them in due time I am sure. We will drop the body as the winner is declared then take our leave." She leaned back to wait keeping an ear out for that fateful announcement.
He stuck his tongue out playfully at her, "You know, sitting here in this filth covered sewage pipe, having killed a group of outlaw vigilantes, fed them to savage sharks and man eating piranhas I have to say... You look more beautiful than ever." He gave her a playful wink then went back to watching the fights.
Having only recently fed she failed to hide her blushing cheeks "Thank you Harrison.." She smiled softly a rare event in the life of Alanthrea Moreau, killer of the evil out to destroy her kind. "That was very...sweet."
He looked back and bowed at the waste, "I can be sweet from time to time."
Threa giggled and nodded "Yes you do have your moments." She kissed his cheek settling in for a long wait closing her eyes in deep thought..unconsciously opening their link as she relaxed.."Was it the right thing to drag him into my life like this?"
He gently took her chin in his hand and kissed her lips, softly yet full of passion at the same time, "Yes, it was right to drag me into your life."

Once inside of the basement of Music Hall, Carlisle was amazed at how many bodies were crowded in. Several people he recognized, though the lighting was not conducive to really ‘seeing’ the audience, but a large stage that was caged.

Carlisle held onto Layla’s arm protectively against the jostling crowd of spectators. “He’s fighting?” Carlisle yelled to be heard over the noise of the crowd.

Layla just nodded. Instead of finding their seats, he headed to the stage. His phone began to rumble in his pocket. Annoyed, he fished it out and checked the number. Sonny. Sonny? He never called directly, unless it was an emergency.

”Hello?” Sonny was saying something but there was just too much noise to hear. Carlisle covered his other ear. ”Sonny?! I can’t hear you, man.” Carlisle cursed under his breath. ”Hold on. Let me go someplace quiet.”

Carlisle turned to Layla. “Baby, I need to take this in the other room. Come on, I’m not leaving you here!” They hurried out the way they had come. He was holding the phone to his ear hearing Sonny speaking something over and over. What the hell?

Once they got back to the first floor lobby where the den of noise was less deafening, Carlisle called out to Sonny…but the line was dead.

“Carlisle, what’s wrong?” Layla asked. She gripped his elbow looking as worried as he felt.

“I don’t know.” He dialed the number but it just went to voicemail. Carlisle called all of the numbers of each member of his crew. Once his number popped up, anyone of them should have been quick to answer. That none of them did had he more then worried. Rodrigo’s was the last number he called and by that time a fine sheen of sweat was covering his body.

After the third ring, Rodrigo answered, sounding sleepy. “Hello?” Relief washed over Carlisle.

”Rodrigo! Where the hell is everyo-“

”Haha! It’s not really me, you got my voicemail. Tricked you didn’t I? Yeah yeah, I know. Childish, right? Well you can tell me all about it on the message.” BEEP

Carlisle allowed his hand to drop, the phone held there absently. From a distance he heard Layla ask what was wrong. Carlisle just whispered,

“I don’t know.” They went back out to the car where he had an electronic notebook. Before their runs, they always left an encrypted message stating their status. He just prayed that they had left something as to why Sonny was breaking protocol to call him direct.

He passed the attendant on the way out of Music Hall. “Once you leave you can’t come back.” The young man called out. Carlisle stalked back towards the man.

“Oh yes the fuck I am coming back in! I just shelled out 450 bucks to get in here for half an hour?!” The young attendant took a step back. This was a bad neighborhood and he was just a college kid trying to make extra money.

Carlisle poked him in the chest! All of his frustration was showered on this kid. “What’s your name?”

“Chad.” He stuttered, weighing the consequences of not answering and deciding that he’d better do what he could to appease the angry black man.

“Chad, I’m going to be looking for you when I’m ready to come back in. And Chad, If I have any problems getting in…I’m going to continue looking for you. Do we have an understanding?”

Chad nodded quickly. “Yes sir!” The man was big, cut and obviously furious. Chad had no doubt that he’d break him in two.

Carlisle gently gripped Layla’s hand and hurried her back to his truck. “Sorry about that, baby.” He apologized. They climbed into the truck shutting the door. Layla watched curiously as he started the engine, opened the glove box, retrieved the electronic notebook, and then plugged it into the lighter. After a few moments Carlisle began typing, moving from one Internet site to another.

His eyes were glued to the report that he was usually responsible for sending to The Boss at the end of the run. What he was reading was still a work in progress…

…Danny Cullen’s parents have been obviously killed by a Vampire attack.
-Lori Handler turns up missing. Speculation by the FIB and IS is that she ran away to avoid a connection with Cullen’s illegal activities
-Lori was sighted with a dead Vampire. The reports state that she didn’t appear to be herself.
-Lori sighted again in the presence of the dead Vampire and a male stripper. Staking out the stripper’s place of business, will list location if it pans out.
-Going into stealth mode.

Carlisle cracked his neck feeling relieved. Of course. They were in stealth. No one left their cellphones on during an operation! He smiled at his lady love and the tension seemed to leave her body as well.

“Everything is going to be alright.”

~~~ This post is a collaboration between Leopardia, Pepperito and Silvious ~~~

Bridget stood staying Miika's approach with a hand before motioning David over to take one side of Jean Pierre while she took the other. The height difference was a bit hard but she made due as best she could. It was a long trek back to the dressing room but they made it moving slowly before laying Jean Pierre on the couch gently.

Tyr looked between Bridget and David as they entered the dressing room, "So, do you think we can stop by Popeye's on the way home? I'm starving?" He joked before collapsing onto the couch, "Ladies please forgive me for my language but, La mère baisant le fils d'une chienne qui fait mal"

Miika silently moved to the couch and gently lifted his head and placed it on her lap. Gently she began to smooth back his damp hair and to examine the way the veins were raised across his flesh. Her mates eyes were closed and Miika remembered being shot by the silver bullet and the way the silver had begun to slowly poison her…one little bullet had caused so much pain.

No one saw what Miika was doing until it was too late. Then it was David who jumped and screamed.

“Miika no!”

Bridget and the others turned, they had only taken their eyes off of her for a moment, and what Miika was doing was only natural under normal circumstances.

She looked at them surprised. Tyr’s blood still on her lips where she had been cleaning his wounds with her tongue…

Bridget squeaked loudly "Miika! No you could hurt the baby!" she moved forward with the skirt of her dress in hand wiping Tyr's blood from her sister's lips. She sighed heavily looking back to David. "We need to get him out of here and to a medical facility. We need to get the silver pumped from his system and soon..." her words were cut short as a knock was sounded on the door. "Tyr sir your next match is waiting." Bridget turned to her brother wide eyed "You wouldn't even consider it."

Tyr took a deep breath, a single tear rolled down his face as he forced himself to sit up, "I'm on my way." He grabbed the arm of the couch knowing how much his legs were about to protest and quickly pushed himself to his feet, "Lead the way." his strained voice barely carrying the strength it had earlier in the evening.

Miika realized too late what she had done after Bridget swiped away the poisoned blood from her lips. She spat out whatever was in her mouth but some had gone down her throat…Dear lord, what if she had hurt the baby?! What had she been thinking! She hadn’t been, that’s all.

Bridget was talking about a hospital to pump the silver from Jeanne Pierre’s blood when the next match was announced. She watched in horror as he pushed off the couch, still in grave pain and announced that he was on his way.

She gripped his arm. “Are you serious? Baby, you can’t even stand.” She gave him a hard look. “I won’t allow it. I won’t allow it Tyr! If you can fight in that ring then you’ll have to prove it!”

Tyr looked back at Miika a silver tears were running freely from his eyes, small wisps' of smoke could be seen from where the silver was burning his skin, "Miika, you know I love you, but I've come too far to stop now. If I do this will all have been for nothing. The blood that was shed in that ring tonight, the lives that were lost. Nothing." His hand shakily rose and took hers, "With all the silver in me I doubt I have much time left." He Shhh'ed her as he saw her beginning to protest, "Don't argue, just let me go out there and win this match and give you and our child the money needed to get a good start in life. Please. Let me give you that. Let me be a good father to our child with the last few minutes of life I have left."

Bridget came up and smacked her brother in the back of his head "That's they way to be optimistic and encouraging in front of your fiancée the night you PROPOSE TO HER!" she scowled at him turning to Miika "We won't talk him out of this so I can't help but I will say this I agree with you he is being an idiot and a stubborn ass." Turning back to Tyr she glowered at him "You know very well that if you STOP moving around so much and stay calm we might be able to get you to the underground and fix this problem!" She huffed going to lean near the door jamb.

Miika kept replaying the words over and over in her head…… With all the silver in me I doubt I have much time left…She seemed to float above her body at that point and to watch the events from a distance. Miika’s eyes turned hazel; the color of her wolf’s but she nodded her head once.

If anyone seemed surprised by the color change of her eyes they didn’t mention it. Miika turned away and headed out the door. This time it was she that silently led them back to the arena.

Tyr looked at Bridget as he stumbled down the hall, "Call the underground. Let them know what happened and that we'll be there soon. And Bridget if I don't... I love ya, Squirt." He gave her quick hug and moved to Miika, "I love you. Always remember that you are irreplaceable in my book. He gave her a quick kiss, before moving to the ring to await his opponent. The bright lights focused on the announcer once Tyr took his place, "Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to welcome you to tonight's main event! Tyr the Tyrant versus the Howlers latest acquisition Roland Palmer!" Take me out to the Ball Game began to play over the loud speakers as a six foot nine inch tall corn fed Iowa boy who weighed every bit of three hundred and fifty pounds of solid muscle began to make his way to the ring. Immediately, he was hassled by the crowd, many of whom were yelling how he didn't deserve to be in the main event and that he bought his way there. Fans were yelling about how he only had to fight a pixie, a leprechaun and his other match was another member of the Howlers which looked choreographed.

"Now as you all saw tonight there was an unfortunate incident with some silver when a member of Shi training team injected Tyr the Tyrant. Though ever the Tyrant he is still here, fighting every step of the way and due in part to a VERY generous benefactor our main event has been changed! Not only will the winner no longer receive $250,000 but will now take home one million dollars cash but this is no longer your average match. No ladies and gentlemen. This is now... A DEATH MATCH!!!!" Sitting directly across from Miika, David, Bridget and Rachel was Mrs. Sarong who had a sinful smile etched across her tyrannical features, and at that moment the bell rang for the match to begin.

Miika couldn’t believe her ears. Deathmatch?! The hulking werewolf that walked into the ring was fresh and rested. He outweighed Tyr and he hadn’t been poisoned! Miika’s disbelieving eyes turned to Mrs. Sarong. The bitch winked at her. Somehow Miika knew that Mrs. Sarong had been behind the poisoning. She vowed at that moment that Mrs. Sarong would pay for hurting Tyr.

Bridget looked to Miika as the words death match were announced. She placed a hand on her shoulder catching the looks that she was giving Mrs. Sarong. Once she had gained Miika's attention she nodded her eyes filled with determination. Someone was gonna die tonight and if it was her brother a lot of heads were gonna roll. She moved away then taking her cell in hand dialing several numbers before reaching the right place mumbling into her phone about the emergency at hand."

The silver had spread through Tyr's veins until virtually his entire back was grey black with lightning like streaks. Try as he might his fists felts as though lead weights had been tied to them and were making them nearly impossible to lift. Palmer on the other hand danced around the ring as though he just came in from a spring shower. Each punch he threw easily slipped past Tyr's clumsy defense. Instead of fighting Tyr he was letting the poison do the work while he simply stood back and would kick sawdust up at the man and laugh. Finally, Mrs. Sarong's banshee like wail echoed over the crowd, "Stop acting like a buffoon and make him suffer!" Palmer nodded back to his boss before kicking Tyr hard below the belt, sending the big man to his knees in a heap.

Miika heard Jenks grumble. “I’m going to pix that that big nosed bitch!”

“Jenks!” Rachel exclaimed. But he was off in a blurry flash. He moved so fast that it was doubtful in the faint light that anyone saw him. He circled her box of seats three times, sprinkling everyone in her vicinity with a light silver dust. The effects would not be immediate, but when it hit she would itch for days!

Miika’s lip pulled up into a smile. She raised her hand and Jenks high fived her. Her attention turned back to the fight, eyes riveted to the sight of the countryboy.

Bridget growled loudly as her eyes flickered between human and that shining ice blue of her beast. "That bitch!" She lowered her head watching the fight...She could see no way that her brother could win this fight..the silver had destroyed him too far to be able to best a man that outweighed him, out muscled him, and was fully rested. She sighed tears begining to fall as she though in that moment she would have to tell her Grandmere and Grandpere that her only brother had died fighting for his family. She turned to Miika hugging her one armed as she vowed silently to take Miika out to meet thier granparents if Tyr lost she knew they would want to meet her. Her eyes glanced back to David, Rachel, Kallie, and Serena and could not help but smile..Her Family would be well taken care of that she was sure of.

Palmer tried to match Mrs. Sarong's sinful grin, but with the intelligence of a brain damaged two year old he just couldn't pull it off, he was however very mean spirited and with Tyr's exposed back he was delighted in being able to drive his claws through the man's back and deep into his lungs. Tyr's eyes widened in horror as he suddenly lost the ability to breath moments before he was ripped from the ground and held in the air as if some sort of trophy, "I'm whoopin' good now, Mizzuz Sarwong!" Palmer yelled out while shaking Tyr over his head. Blood poured from Tyr's back coating the country boy's arms, head and neck. Within moments he was screaming in agony as he tossed Tyr towards his crew, "What he dood to me?" Surprisingly, to Tyr the massive amount of blood he lost, though leaving him dizzy, made him feel much better as he was able to push himself up to his knees without any real aid or too much grunting and only a few cuss words.

Miika let her head fall onto the smaller one’s shoulder. Bridget was resigned to Tyr’s fate…as she was.

Bridget blinked as her brother moved to his knees without help "Miika! he is getting up!" She cheered loudly for him urging him to get up to kill the bastard..Then realized something "Tyr! Your blood it will burn him!"

Miika blinked hopefully. Yes! His poisoned blood could be a weapon!

Palmer charged Tyr with a cry of frustration, the shot landed hard and Tyr's eyes glazed over in an instant and for a moment, he saw himself standing next to Miika on a large plot of land discussing where they want to put their home.

The second shot was just as strong and Tyr found himself standing in the delivery room holding Miika's hand as their baby cries out for the first time, "Congratulations it's a..."

Tyr shook the thoughts from his head in time to see Palmer bring his arm back for the third and final strike, as Palmer brought down his anvil sized fist Tyr slipped to the side and spit a mouth full of blood in the man's eyes, Palmer began to scream and cry out in agony. But unlike Palmer, Tyr didn't want the man to suffer. He wanted the match to end and as Palmer dropped to his knees Tyr climber to his feet and drove his claws into the man's back. Palmer convulsed for a moment while Tyr put a knee on his back before pivoting and ripping out Palmer's spine and skull before tossing it in Mrs. Sarong's lap, "Next time don't send a cur to do an alpha's job."

“Tyr!” Miika began yelling. She ran to the stage and climbed into the ring with the rest of the pack. Miika supported his exhausted body and stared at Mrs. Sarong defiantly. ‘I’m going to get you.’ Her look said.

Mrs. Sarong flung the bloody mess from her lap, shocked at the sudden turn of events. Rachel stalked up to her seat but David stopped her at the last moment by gripping her arm.

“I suspected you were little more than trash. This proves it. You aren’t worthy to possess the Focus!” Mrs. Sarong prepared to leap at Rachel but the curious eyes that watched her stopped the movement. Rachel turned her back to Mrs. Sarong. This seemed to enrage the woman even more.

Bridget had nothing to say or do about Mrs. Sarong her only focus was on getting her brother to the Underground but she was stopped in her tracks as they were forced to wait on the ref call for the fight declaring the winner and handing over the money that was the grand prize.

Tyr leaned into his pack and watched as Mrs. Sarong began to turn several shades of red, looking as though she was ready to leap into the cage and attack the entire pack by herself as the referee declared Tyr the winner! Tyr watched with joy through his pain as several members of the fight crew positioned themselves around Mrs. Sarong, "Ma'am, if you would come with us. It's time for you to finish paying up the entire sum of money you owe not only to the winner of the fights but the board but then once that is paid you will need to pay the gambling debt you amassed betting on your man a few moments ago." Mrs. Sarong's face visibly paled as she now realized how deep she had put herself in debt.

Carlisle, still upset about not being able to reach any of his boys, stalked to the stage. His mouth was still partially opened in awe as his eyes stayed riveted to his sister.

“Carlisle…” Miika stood up shocked to see her brother. Layla was behind him and she had a look as if she was witnessing a train wreck. Miika saw his eyes travel from the tip of her shoes, up her body only to rest on her eyes.

He was enraged at the sight before him. Blood was everywhere, the wolf that had destroyed the sweet innocent human that his sister once was stood like nothing more than a beast! His dirty hair hung in bloody rivulets into his face, his skin was torn and the silver that was slowly killing him was seeping out of the slices that had torn his body. Good! He wanted the bastard to die and die horribly. He had done this to his sister…taken her away and made her into a beast.

“Miika? How could you…?”

Miika seemed at a loss of words. “Carlisle look at me! I’m healed.” She seemed proud of the fact. Carlisle stalked forward and Layla cried out suddenly for him to stop. Carlisle climbed into the ring and roughly gripped his sister’s wrist.

Bridget left her brother to the careful hands of his pack members before she moved forward growling low in her chest. "Do not touch her Sir or you will answer to her family..a family that loves her for her and supports her choices." She never touched Carlisle offering diplomacy first over violence...a first for sure when it came to protecting those she deemed her family..her pack as it were even if she were rogue. Miika had more than proven herself worthy of the title this night.

Carlisle’s eyes flitted across the pretty girl that stood next to her sister. He could sense the wolf in her as well. “Mind your own fucking business. This is between me and my sister!”

Miika twisted from his grip easily. “You have no right speaking to my family like that!” She was stronger than him and that very fact seemed to surprise him. He stared at her feeling a revulsion that he never thought he’d feel towards his little sister.

“Bo ta nada mas anto un fis bestia!” He spat at her hatefully, speaking Papiamentu which was their parent’s natural language. Miika took a step back at the hatefulness of his words

Jean Pierre started moving forward, the pain in his body, pumping again at an accelerated rate with his adrenaline in high gear once more. David stood in front of him, "Let the ladies handle this." While Jenks landed on his shoulder.

"Don't worry if he touches her like that again I'll make sure he itches for a month in places he didn't know he had."

Bridget stepped forward placing herself between Miika and her brother "I would not say such cruel words to my sister if I were you." She had only caught a few words her Spanish being rough she knew only that he was being insulting. "Usted es no más digno del hermano conocido!" She made sure she still made no move to touch him merely making sure he could not grab at Miika once more unless he moved her own self.

Carlisle glanced at Bridged with distaste then he dismissed her. “Malicka.” Carlisle said in his most authoritive voice. “You will come home with me now. And you will show your mother and your father what fool thing you’ve done to yourself!”

Miika pointed to her husband. “I’m taking my mate to the hospital-“ At the idea that she’d actually fucked that beast caused Carlisle to lose it! All he could think is that Miika had committed a sin against god and nature. He lunged and Carlisle saw himself moving in a way and with a speed that he’d never used before. He reached for Miika’s throat and drew back his hand and slapped her with all of his strength!

Miika’s head rocked back on her neck while he clutched her throat. “Mohé! He screamed.

“CARLISLE!” Layla screamed. “She’s pregnant!”
Bridget growled loudly no longer able to control her anger a rumbling sort of sound akin to the wild beast she could be. Her hand moved with all the speed she had grabbing at Carlisle's hair ripping him away from Miika flinging him away. He landed with a hard thump in the middle of the mess that had once been the country boy Howler. "You will NEVER touch my sister like that again you Racist pig!" She moved quickly towards Miika eyes filled with concern.

Jean Pierre was beginning to tire and tire quickly as David and the others were holding him up more than holding him back, as the fight promoters were beginning to make their way over to the spectacle that was being caused, "Good show, Tyr, as always and I see your pit crew is keeping the riff raff away. Don't worry," The dwarf from early said between puffs on a freshly lit cigar, "we'll remove him from the premises, "then we can begin talkin about money issues."

Miika placed her hands to her throat where her brother had just strangled her and then slapped her! She watched as Bridget tossed him into the corpse of the dead wolf. Carlisle looked equally as shocked. He didn’t even try to get up. Layla had her arms around Miika. She wasn’t sure if it was to comfort her or to prevent her from attacking.

Bridget snorted at him huffing loudly as she turned back to Miika "You alright?" she knelt down her hands gentle as she looked her sister over.

She wasn't ok. The full moon, the adrenalin, the smell of spilled blood and guts in the air, and finally the attention of her pack being divided finally caused the wolf to slip. It was so fast that Miika didn't have time to prepare! Never had she began the change so quickly.

Soon she was writhing on the cement as Layla watched in curious amazement. Others seemed amused by the obviously young Were's lack of control

Jean Pierre nodded to the dwarf wanting to get everything over with as soon as possible, then the familiar sound of the shift echoed through the chamber. As he turned and found Miika's writhing body on the ground he began to lunge to get to her but the toll the silver had extracted upon his body this evening had been far too great. Jean Pierre simply tumbled to the ground his arms out stretched as he crawled for the woman he loved while his body burned in agony.

Bridget dove wide eyed as she saw the change begin to overtake Miika. She moved herself with liquid grace between Layla and Miika unsure how violently after the evening's events she would react. Her face never left Miika but her body showed her tension as she yelled for David. "Little help over here!"

For a moment the pack seemed to scramble between who would care for Tyr and who would see after Miika. David yelled and everyone focused on him. “Get Jeanne Pierre into the truck, now!” He turned to Rachel. “Rachel, you and Jenks settle the winnings here. Bridget you help me with your brother, Serena and Kallie you take Miika in her car and follow us to the hospital!”

Carlisle finally came to his feet. “Miika.” He looked at the ferocious wolf. She stood in a pile of her clothing and her teeth were bared either in anger or pain. He didn’t know if she’d bite him…and truthfully, he knew that he deserved it. He’d hit his own sister. But he didn’t know that she was with child.

Meanwhile David and Bridget lifted the unconscious form of Jeanne Pierre and carried him through the back entrance. Now that they had gotten their use of him, no one wanted the dying wolf to be seen in the prestigious upper levels. Miika ignored her brother completely as she watched them carry her mate away.

She didn’t object. She knew that she’d be right there with him so she followed Kallie and Serena closely behind. Rachel and Jenks immediately embraced the role of Jeanne Pierre’s money managers and they cut through all the bullshit about when to expect the other half of the funds.

Carlisle looked at Layla apologetically. But the look she returned to him was full of disappointment.

The rough sound of metal being shredded caught everyone's attention in the crowd as the thick sewer grating the hung above Carlisle's head swung open on its rusted heavy latches. A thick tar like sludge dripped down from the opening, only to caress Carlisle's face as if it was a long lost lover that hadn't bathed in ages. A second more disgusting blob fell from the ceiling. Though this one was far larger than the first. When it landed there was the sicken sound of bones shattering and splintering through flesh and a brief wail of sheer and true agony. Carlisle looked over at the disgusting mound of flesh sitting only a few feet from him as it opened its eyes, "Ru-Ruman..." he breathed heavily, "they're all dead, all of...." the light in Sonny's eyes faded and his head dropped to the floor.

Carlisle watched as his sister left the room, and Layla looked like she might never talk to him again. Thing is, he never noticed that several werewolf’s didn’t particularly care for the fact that this human had struck a female, especially a pregnant one. Were’s were so few that a pregnant one was placed in high esteem, even by strangers…which also meant that they were kidnapped at times, but at the moment they were focusing their dislike on this lowly human.

They were stalking him without him knowing it, and it was only the sound of the overhead grating that had drew their deadly attention from him. Suddenly the smell of shit and blood invaded the room from the open sewer and a broken body came sprawling to the cement floor.

Carlisle didn’t know what he was seeing until he heard the familiar nickname; Ruman; Brother…

“Sonny?” He croaked and lurched forward to the young man. “They’re all dead, all of…” Then he said no more. “Sonny!”

It was Layla that heard the growls. She looked around. No less than twenty were’s were closing in on them.

“Oh my god…Carlisle!” She threw her hands into the air creating a wide sweeping motion. ”Partum obscurum!” Darkness fell instantly on the area. Carlisle would not have been able to tell. He was gripping the dead young man in his arms.

“Carlisle help me!” She screamed. He looked up suddenly, surprised that there was no light in the small space and yet he could see quite clearly. Each person had created their own small illumination.

Carlisle was seeing each person in the room illuminated by their own auras….

Layla fumbled in the darkness, only Carlisle’s aura telling her where he was. Once she reached him, she pulled his arm roughly. “We have to get out of here,” she said frantically. Her eyes darted around as her hand found his. They took a small step and Layla shuddered as her foot came into contact with the dead man, with Sonny. She started to move forward and then stopped. “Sonny…” she whispered. Carlisle pulled her hesitantly, watching the aura’s move closer. Layla reached into her bag and pulled out a potion. She hurriedly whispered something and dropped it. The potion shattered and Weres looked around in confusion. Then a small light appeared over Sonny’s body, showing the Weres what their blood lust demanded. The crowd fell upon the corpse, savagely tearing at Sonny’s flesh. Layla pulled Carlisle forward, as he fought to return to Sonny. “Nothing can be done now! He’s dead!”

Finally, Layla managed to pull Carlisle out of the basement. She rushed him to his car, practically pinning him to the side of it. “How could you?! I can’t believe you hurt your own sister. Do you even realize where you have put me?” Her anger died out then, and she sank to her knees, sobbing softly. “I’m torn, Carlisle, between my love for you and my love for Miika and her family. That’s your family now too, can’t you see?” She lifted her eyes up to meet his. “And what makes me different than Miika? Does my inability to Were really make me so much different?” She stood and looked him squarely in the eyes. “Is my seemingly human visage so much more appealing? Just because I look like you…does that mean that I’m more anymore human than Jean Pierre? Or David? Or Miika?” She lowered her eyes once more, fighting the urge to cry. “I’m not. I am just as much a monster as any Were. You just don’t see it…” Her voice fell away to nothing more than a whisper and she began sobbing softly once more.

Carlisle had never been so ashamed in all of his life. Here was the woman that he loved, sunk down on the ground in tears. He didn’t know what he could do to make her feel better. He certainly couldn’t take back what had happened back there…and if he could he would.

Carlisle kneeled down beside Layla. “Babygirl, I am so sorry. Honestly, I thought that I was getting over my hatred of weres.” He looked back at the large historical building. “But when I saw…” It was the blood. He remembered his little sister laying in blood. It was like reliving it. The hatred that he had tried to suppress sprung to life. “When I saw Miika with the weres—turned into a were, I just kinda lost it. I don’t…” Carlisle placed his hands on her arms, carefully, praying that she wouldn’t pull away.

People were starting to exit the building. “Baby, we gotta finish this later!” Layla looked behind her at a mob of well dressed people stampeding from the building and she got into the truck. Carlisle wasted no time getting in and pulling out with a smoke of tires.

They were on the expressway before he was able to breathe again. He glanced at Layla who was quietly looking out of the window. “I’ll take you home. I want to stay there and talk to you, but I can’t. My crew was slaughtered.” Carlisle’s words stuck in his throat as he became choked up with emotion. “I need to find them.”

“Not by yourself.” Layla spoke. She watched him but Carlisle had nothing more to say. At her house he pulled up in front and then placed the vehicle into park. Quickly he got out and opened her door. He gently took her hand as she watched him wide-eyed. He walked her up the stairs to her front door.

He didn’t say goodbye, he didn’t say anything. Carlisle just turned and jumped back into his truck. He sped away.

-- Collaboration by Leopardia, Pepperito and Silvious --

Bridget gave them directions to the hospital. When David heard that it was the old Fernald Plant he felt like humans that saw tomatoes in his grocery store shopping cart. Fernald was the site of a big nuclear/chemical accident several years before. Many genetic mutations resulted from that and the government and Fernald tried to hide it. Eventually they had finally settled all of the cases.

The abandoned facility had several signs clearly warning against trespassing. David swallowed but glanced over at his dying pack mate and forgot his fears. If they could save him then he could endure a few hours of exposure to some radiation. His lip curled grimly as he wondered about Miika in the other car.

Miika trembled with the need to run, she howled at the full moon, and she sensed that it made Serena and Kallie uneasy. They were new themselves. She tried hard to control herself, but it was difficult.

They soon reached the facility and David could not understand how this abandoned and destroyed place could be a working hospital facility. Bridget pointed out a path that he followed, unsure but trusting that the pretty young wolf knew what she was doing. They came into a parking lot that faced the woods in one direction and the back of the building, completely shielded from the street. Several cars were parked in an underground garage.

Ahhh. Bridget instructed him to honk the horn three quick blows. He did as she instructed and lights came on a moment later. There was a camera light blinking and watching the vehicle. Bridget got out of the car and opened the back door. David joined her and they gently maneuvered the unconscious wolf. He was in worse shape than before. His skin had pulled away from the angry bloody welts, and the black and silver ruins crisscrossing his body.

Suddenly a gurney burst through the metallic doors, just as Serena pulled up next to David’s truck. Miika pushed her way out of the window and whining followed every movement that her Sister in law and Pack leader made. Her Tyr looked dead….

A gnome ran up to David standing no taller than two feet, if he was wearing platform shoes, his bright green hair almost blinding in the fluorescent light that cut through the night like a razor. The stethoscope that dangled around his neck nearly reached the floor as he ran up but the air of authority about him let people know that when you were under his care he was in charge, and not to try any of the I'm bigger than you bullshit, "What happened to him and don't give me any long stories. Keep it short and to the point."

David shook his head startled by the gnomes complete frankness, "Well, we were at the pits,"

"Short and to the point!"

"Silver poisoning, close to an hour ago. Almost a full syringe full we assume."

"Fuck." The gnome spun on his heels, "Nurse Jewels!" a buxom blond witch walked around the corner, with her skirt far too high, especially considering she was working around a gnome as she moaned a yes doctor back, "Get the dialysis machine prepped, STAT!."

Bridget watched taking several deep breaths as she smiled at the gnome. He turned to her frowning. "I thought I told you I didn't want to see you end up here again young lady!" She blushed "I am here Sir because he is my Brother I was not in the fights this evening nor will I ever be again." The gnome nodded leading them into the building after the gurney that held Tyr.

Things moved quickly after that. They followed the gurney into an examination room where Tyr’s clothing was quickly cut from his body. He was covered in bruises. Miika whined again, straining to see what was going on.

“Who’s the wolf?” The gnome asked absently as he busied himself with his examination. The nurse was expertly setting up a strange machine. She might have looked dumber then a box of rocks, but she knew what to do.

“It’s his mate.” David responded.

“Well take her out of here.”

“What?! But-“ The gnome paused and gave David an angry look.

“Ok, rule number 1. You do what I say. Rule number 2. Never question me. Rule number 3, taking the time to explain why I tell you to do something shaves precious minutes off your friends life.” David stared at him speechless. The gnome shrugged. “She’s triggering him to turn, protect her, howl with her, fuck her…I don’t know! But if this man turns while there’s silver running in his veins that’s just going to speed up his death. So get her the fuck out of here!”

This time Kallie and Serena wasted no time swooping Miika up and carrying her out of the room.

The doctor reached over the machine and grabbed several alcohol swabs from it before swabbing the inside of Jean Pierre's elbow, "Nurse lift his arm and tie it off so I can find a vein." without hesitation she did as she was told, while the doctor snapped on a pair of latex gloves. The smallest ones anyone in the room had ever seen before. Upon finding the veins the doctor began inserting a large needle in Jean Pierre's arm before repeating the process in the other arm, "Nurse Jewels, please turn on the machine and you two. Pray for him."

"Yes, Dr. Munchkin," the machine hummed to life and Jean Pierre's blood began circulating through, filtering out the silver.

"He's got at least four hours on this machine. You can't let him shift tonight. Not at all. If he does. He dies. Got it! NO SHIFTING!!!!"

Bridget nodded looking rather solemn as she curled her legs under her settling to sit on the floor leaving the only chair in the room for David. She watched her brother tears in her eyes feeling her failure hit her between the eyes full fold. Her gaze drifted now and again to the window or David as she searched for some kind of anchor to keep her sane at the moment. She refused to shift she had to be strong for her brother. She had to be there for him and help him as best she could even if it was only her physical presence that she could offer.

Miika understood why they had dragged her out of facility, but all she could think is that if he died, she wouldn’t be there to say goodbye. Miika called to the moon as soon as she was outside. Serena and Kallie quickly stripped out of their fancy clothing and they shifted with her. Then they too began howling forlornly.

Kallie led them to the woods and the three women began to run. Miika led them deep and fast, soaring, leaping as she tried to run the fear from herself. Kallie, began to nudge her hind area, indicating that it was time to turn. Exhausted she pushed herself until she had reached the parking lot. She didn’t even realize that she’d left her pack sisters far behind. Miika looked at the facility, panting. She hoped that Bridget would come out and give her an update soon. She began pacing, wondering, and silently praying.

David paced the room, back and forth keeping watch over Jean Pierre. The minutes seemed like hours as the clock never moved. The dialysis machine's constant hum as it filtered his blood out one arm and back into another was enough to drive a man insane, especially when the person laying on the table was your responsibility. Almost two hours had past and Jean Pierre had barely moved, only once had David had to stop him from shifting when the moonlight poured in through the blinds. He made his way over to Bridget and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Why don't you go run for a little while. I'll watch him."

Bridget looked up to him her face giving the impression of a shock victim as she nodded silently standing to move for the door. Hand on the knob she paused looking back to her brother with a heavy sigh. She ran then back to David giving him a tight hug before dashing out the door so she would not lose her nerve to take a run while her brother suffered. She was naked and shifted by the time she hit the parking lot. She took a deep whiff of the area trying to find Miika's scent her a deep sorrowful howl echoing form her throat as her shining white form walked gracefully towards the wooded edge of the lot.

She found Miika within moments nosing her gently along the side of the muzzle as if to say she was there for her. She looked back at the hospital her eyes forlorn and glazed. She shook her head both to clear it and to tell Miika he had not yet left them alone in this realm.

Miika had been watching the entrance, coming to her feet each time someone stepped out for a smoke, or just to make a run as she and the girls had. Each time, she slunk back down onto the ground and watched. Then Bridget came walking out. She shifted smoothly into a white wolf.

The girls watched her approach expectantly. And then Bridget let her know that he was still with them. Miika nodded her head in relief.

Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep... The heart monitor kept its steady pace as David collapsed in the chair Bridget had been occupying only moments before. The strain of the night had taken its toll not only on Jean Pierre physically but on the pack mentally. Even though he chose to climb into the ring and fight for a living, watching a brother get pummeled is not a way one wants to spend their evenings and even though he won the fights. Finishing off the night in an E.R. far off the beaten path instead of running free under the full moon doesn't help matters much either.

Beep...... Beep...... Beep...... Beep...... The only bright spot tonight has been the engagement and Miika announcing that she was pregnant. Soon a pup will join the pack and that will truly be joyous. I can understand Jean Pierre's reasons for going out and fighting when he thought he was about to die but still... the damn fool could have talk to Rachel, maybe she could have whipped something up real fast to help him out or Jenks. Maybe there's some sort of pixie magic that would have kept his stupid ass out of the hospital.

Beep............ Beep............ Beep............ Beep............ David's head fell back as he slumped lazily in the chair, staring up at the old fluorescent lights that decorated the ceiling for a few brief moments of silence before bringing his hands up to massage his temples, "At least tonight is almost over and we can all go back home," he chuckled, "one big happy pack." A groan from Jean Pierre ripped David from his thoughts. He was standing next to the side of the bed in the blink of an eye, "Jean Pierre?" his hand rested gently on the much larger wolf's shoulder, though to David's disappointment his friend did not move, "You need to wake. You got a mate that loves you and a pup on the way." Something felt wrong to David. Something in the room was off... it wasn't as loud as it had been for most of the night. The dialysis machine still hummed away constantly but the heart monitor. Jean Pierre's life signs were barely showing any readings at all. David shook his head, "Don't you dare." he growled as Jean Pierre's life sign went flat and began to scream out against the silence that had filled the room only moments before hand. David immediately began CPR on his friend. "You're not getting off that easy!"

Layla stared down the road long after Carlisle's truck was out of sight. Her eyes blazed furiously and she called little Matalina. The pixie girl showed up and looked at her quizzically. "Look, I need you to watch after Kalliope. I have to go find Carlisle." She held out her hand for the girl. "And, to be honest, I'm not sure if I will be back. Do you understand?" Matalina nodded, her tiny eyes welling up with tears. "Please be careful Miss Layla. My family would be very distraught if something should happen to you.." Layla nodded solemnly. "I know. I'm going to do my best to come back. I promise. Just please make sure Kalliope doesn't go harass the fairies and please keep my plants in here alive. They are important to my spells." Matalina nodded and Layla set her down. Then she moved into her room.

She dug into the back of her closet, finding something she had never worn. To anyone else, it looked like a regular black sweat suit. But it was enhanced by a stealth charm that she had bought. She slipped into it, hiding various charms as she dressed. Then she used her small laptop to locate Carlisle's cell signal. She prayed that he wouldn't think she was spying on him all the time. She memorized the location.

After one last goodbye to Kalliope and Matalina, Layla slipped out into the night. After a quick text to Miika, simply stating, "I've gone to find Carlisle...he could be in grave danger. I promise we will both survive. Give Tyr my love," she tossed her phone on her porch. She didn't need it going off and distracting her.

On foot, she began her search for Carlisle in the darkness of the Hollows.

-- Collaboration by Leopardia, Pepperito and Silvious --

“Someone, come quick!” A different nurse came barreling into the room. She was tall, big and David was not immediately sure what type of Inderlander she was, but he was sure that an Inderlander was definitely what she was. The woman shoved him aside and took over the CPR. David fell against the adjacent chair, fairly hard.

“Dr. Munchkin!” No sooner had those words left the nurses mouth then did the little green haired gnome came waddling into the room. He moved at a fast pace for having such small legs.

“Out of my way!” He yelled at David even though David was sprawled onto the chair and nowhere near him. “Stats!” He yelled. The nurse began listing off Jeanne Pierre’s stats while two attendants quickly pushed a crash cart into the room. Dr. Munchkin turned to David briefly while running some type of line into the dying wolf’s nose. “You! Wolf! Bring the others in so that they can say goodbye. Now!”

David moved fast then. He raced out of the room, and down the long corridor, past waiting family and friends who watched the running werewolf curiously, sympathetically. David burst through the front door of the facility and skid to a stumbling halt. His eyes searched the parking space and then the forest beyond for any sign of the pack.

Miika and Bridget, both in wolf form stood as soon as David burst through the doors. They ran to him with Kallie and Serena falling right behind them.

Bridget was the first to reach David and the look on his face was enough..Her shift was smooth as butter as she ran for her brother's room tears glistening in her eyes. "No not him...please not before I told him I was sorry for our fight..."

David stood at the entrance, chewing his lower lip. Never before had he had to tell the wife of a pack mate that her mate, her husband and the father of her child had just died and if she wanted to say goodbye to the man she loved than she had better do it now or she would never again have the chance in this lifetime or the next. He looked up into Miika's eyes but the silence that escaped his lips said more than any words ever could.

Miika saw the look on David's face and she too hurried down back into the hospital to her mate.

Everyone in the waiting area came alert as four lovely, naked women hurried down the hall followed by, what they assumed was a very lucky man.

Miika’s eyes scanned the room as she entered, taking in the paddles that must have been used to bring Jeanne Pierre back to life. He was hooked up to machines with tubes and such running in and out of his body. Someone had taken the time to drape a white sheet over his form, but the sheet was dotted with his blood and therefore made a more gruesome vision then if he had just been laying there naked.

The miniature Doctor and the attendants stepped back, allowing her access to Jeanne Pierre. His eyes were closed and a tube was in his nose helping him to breathe. This is my biggest nightmare…Miika thought.

Miika shuddered as the machines breathed for the man she loved. Miika leaned down close to his bruised and bleeding face. “Tyr…I hope you can hear me. I love you. I told you to promise me that you wouldn’t die, and you are doing everything I asked.” Miika felt hot tears roll down her cheeks. “Thank you.” She placed her lips lightly on his. Then she straightened.

Miika held out her hand for Bridget. It must have been a blessing that she had come on this day for her and her brother to make amends. Though she could have taken all of his time she would not have been able to live with herself if she didn’t give Bridget time to say goodbye. Miika took a step back to give them privacy.

Bridget took Miika's hand giving it a light squeeze. As Miika stepped back she shook her head pulling her back to the bedside. "Please stay..." She placed a hand over her brother's hand the size difference was astounding. "James? I hope you can hear me...I hope you can forgive your stupid little sister for not listening to you. about the fights...I am sorry we spent so much time mad at each other....You are my brother and I love you dearly. I will do all I can to protect Miika and the baby in your stead.." She paused looking back towards David with a half smile. "Well as much as David will allow as her alpha." She hugged Miika tightly squeezing Tyr's hand before stepping away letting Miika have her place.

Miika's attention was suddenly torn between Bridget and Tyr and what she was hearing from the attendants that had stepped to the back of the room to make room for the family. They were whispering amongst themselves about Tyr.

Miika listened as the two attendants talked quietly in the back of the room. The male was ogling the nude females, but at this point Miika didn’t care. Her amplified hearing had caught on to their murmured conversation.

“Why the hell isn’t he dead?”

“I have no idea.” The male replied. “He should have been dead hours ago with the amount of silver they said was in the syringe.

“He finished the four hour session," they said.

“Yeah, that’s never happened before that I’ve ever seen."

Had Miika just been a human, even standing right next to the two attendants, she would have never been able to hear their whispered murmurings. But now, even with them across the room Miika could hear them clearly. She realized that all of the weres in the room were silently listening to the attendants gossiping.

“Doctor…” Miika said softly. The small man was studying the data obtained from his machinery as if he was trying to solve a puzzle. “What’s going on? What’s really going on?”

The Doctor turned to them all. “Let me just say that here in this facility, although we’re underground and not mainstream, we have some of best physicians in the world.” She could tell that he believed that with all of his heart. “But Ma’am I have no idea why your mate is still living. It’s a miracle, or magic or-“

“Magic?” Miika said quickly.

“Well we have witches here and there’s no earth magic that can bind silver from a werewolves blood…”

She was shaking her head. “What about an amulet.” She held up the one that nestled between her breast. “Like this.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Can you do a scan on him, see if there’s something inside of him that…shouldn’t be there?” Dr. Munchkin didn’t ask any questions. He just set up the scan. Soon they were wheeling Jeanne Pierre’s unconscious form into a room where there was cat scan machine. The Weres were asked to wait in an office that apparently belonged to Dr. Munchkin. David glanced at his nameplate that read Dr. Yuri Ka Munchkin…Wow, he had thought it was just a nickname. He glanced at a photo of Dr. Munchkin with Mrs. Dr. Munchkin and two little Munchkins. He sighed and gripped Miika’s hands. They were cold as ice even though everyone had redressed. He offered to go to the small vending area and to bring back coffee for all. When he returned Dr. Munchkin was back in the office. He was balanced on a stool and hanging film from the scan onto a light board.

Dr. Munchkin then stood back with hands on his rather ample hips. “What the hell is that!

David squinted at the picture. It was an x-ray type picture of Jeanne Pierre’s chest. His brow smoothed and he smiled. “That’s the amulet from last night.”

“No its not.” Dr Munchkin replied as he stared in wonder at the picture. “That, my friends, is the amulet that has saved this man’s life.”

Dr. Munchkin sat behind his desk and explained what had likely happened. In the process he had swiped one of the coffees that David had brought, though no one noticed as no one was interested in the tepid fluid.

“Best I can figure is that the silver has collected in that amulet. However, how the amulet got there in the first place is the question. He doesn’t have the usual vertical incision that would be required to input such a device into his chest, and unless he somehow…incorporated the amulet when he changed—which by the way is impossible—I just don’t see how it could have happened.

No one felt inclined to take the time to explain.

“Well if the amulet is collecting all of the silver then why did he go into cardiac arrest?” Kallie answered.

Dr. Munchkin smirked. “Cardiac arrest…such a big word for such a pretty girl. Well he went into cardiac arrest,” Dr. Munchkin continued in an amused way, “not because of silver in his blood but because his organs are constantly being destroyed and repairing itself. When too many organs were effected then his body just shut down.”

“Are you saying that all the silver is now trapped in the amulet?” Miika asked.

“What hasn’t been cleaned out by dialysis has been stored in the amulet. It appears to be completely silver coated within as if it were hollow, and the amulet rests very near to his heart. The amulet itself doesn’t seem to be posing any danger. The danger is from the damage that the silver had already done to his organs. So, now we aren’t dealing with the same issues that we had been before. Now we need to get him to heal as quickly as possible. The course of action is now going to be to force his change.

David nodded his head several times, "Alright, Doc that won't be a problem. We'll just need an empty room big enough to hold all of us." The doctor picked up the phone on his desk and began calling around the hospital getting an appropriate room ready as quickly as possible. "And while the doctor is taking care of that I have some pack business I would like to discuss with you all. Concerning the membership of one person in particular."

Miika looked at her sister-in-law then smiled for the first time in hours.

Bridget tilted her head looking quite confused. She shook her head then to clear it.."Would you like me to step outside? since this is pack business I mean..."

David shook his head, "No, this concerns your family and this decision will impact them." He turned away from Miika and Bridget to face Kallie and Serena, "Tonight's events, from what happened at dinner with the proposal and how you reacted to Miika and Jean Pierre. Not to mention how you took the news that you were about to become an aunt, as well as how you helped the pack support Miika at the fights. All night long you have been helping our pack without any regard for yourself. You stood up to Jean Pierre telling him when he was acting a fool, when that man touched Miika you defended her without hesitation." David turned his eyes no longer that of a human but that of a wolf, "What I want to know, Bridget, is that something you would be willing to do for all the pack? Would you be willing to stand up for Serena when she needed it? Or to help Kallie if there was ever a need?" David stepped closer to Bridget, "Serena and Kallie are like Miika. They are still pups, are you willing to be a big sister to them and help teach them things I cannot?"

Bridget nodded as though this was not truly a hard question. "You all I consider family David. You took in Tyr when any other pack would have just told him to bugger off or tried to kill him outright." She turned looking to Serena and Kallie "You both made sure that Miika was safe in the woods even though neither of you are did all you could to be sure she stayed safe and calm in her time of need. When David and I needed to be there for Tyr..." She paused stepping towards them taking each of their hands in her own. "You were even there for me when I was falling apart out in those woods this night. I thank you for that." She turned back to David still holding hands with Serena and Kallie." I would die protecting my family, I would do all I could to keep my family safe, happy and healthy...You all are my family."

Miika could barely conceal her squeal of delight. Now they were linked in a way that was more than sister-in-laws. They were packmates; sisters in ways that was just short of blood. She pulled Brigdet to her and held the young woman against her. “I don’t know how I could have made it without you and my pack family.

Thank you Bridget.” Miika finally pulled away to consider them all. “Thanks to each and every one of you.” Happy tears sprouted in her eyes and she swiped them away in annoyance. “David. Call Rachel and Jenks and let them know that we’re going to be alright.” Her cell was tucked away in her car. David nodded in agreement and stepped back a moment to call his Alpha.

David excused himself as he would need to step outside the facilities to get a decent cell signal to call Rachal. While Dr. Munchkin's head shot up on the desk and he began studying Miika. He jumped off his stool and dragged it over to Miika where he quickly climbed back up and began feeling her belly, "Hmmmm.... Yes.... Alright.... Alright..." He looked up at Miika with disgust in his eyes, "and you were at the fights tonight! Young woman if my knee could support you I would bend you over it right now! You're at least two weeks pregnant!"

Bridget coughed loudly as the doctor began to look over Miika "Dr. Munchkin? She licked Tyr's wounds... after he was injected with the silver...We stopped her as soon as we realized but I believe she swallowed some of it." She moved forward taking Miika's hand in her own "Should we be worried?"

The Doctor's jaw nearly hit the floor, he reached up and thumped Miika between the eyes, "You were born with a brain woman! USE IT! You are carrying a werewolf inside of you! My god..." He ran his stubby fingers through his curly green hair, "How much did you swallow? I need to know because you're getting damn close to the end of your first trimester here so I need to figure out what tests I need to run and fast."

Miika rubbed her forehead and gave the Doctor an incredulous look. She didn’t dare object since he might just follow through with his threat to turn her over his small knee. Somehow she could actually picture him doing it!

“I’m not sure if I swallowed any.” She thought hard knowing that her baby’s life could depend on it. She’d licked him twice, but Bridget had thankfully gotten the poisoned blood out of her mouth before it even had a chance to burn her. “I didn’t swallow any.” She gave Bridget an appreciative look. She’d probably saved the baby’s life. What in the hell had she been thinking?! Miika chastised herself harshly. Being distraught didn’t give her reason not to practice good sense!

She placed her hand on the little pouch on her tummy that she had attributed to good cooking and lack of work. “Dr. Munchkin, how could the baby be growing so fast?”

He gave her a long look and she realized that she was not gaining any points with the little gnome. “Don’t you know anything about the gestation period of a wolf? It’s only about Eight weeks. You’re two in, six to go.” He rubbed his hands together. “Now, let's get you looked at. Follow me, dear.”

She looked back at the women. “Can they go with me?”

“No.” He said

Bridget squeezed Miika's hand tightly "We do not wish to leave her alone right now Dr. Munchkin with all the stress of the evening her control is not that great at the moment. We all feel that at least one pack mate needs to stay with her at all times." She tried to be as polite as she could though her thoughts were less than kind over this matter.

Dr. Munchkin looked back at Bridget and seemed to be looking down at her, "Alright, but if I hear one whiney 'But Doctor' I'm gonna boot you right out on your furry butt got it!" He turned without giving any room for discussion, "Now follow me, and how do you not even know your own races gestation period? What did you skip sex ed. every year your entire life? Did you just miraculously discover what a penis was a few weeks ago and decide to give it a go only to find out now what it can do to you? Well welcome to the wonderful world of reproduction sweet cheeks." The Doctor stopped in the hall, "Go into this room and take off all your clothes. There will be a gown on the table." He looked over at Bridget and winked, "If you wanna take off all your clothes to make her feel better go ahead, but they only delivered one gown."

Miika ignored the Doctor as his final words were pretty much spot on. “Bridget? That can’t be true can it? Because humans are pregnant for damn near a year…” Her thoughts raced ahead. She’d be a mom this fall?!

Bridget nodded "well yes I keep forgetting you were not born like this. Werewolves like us follow the same gestation as a natural wolf would. It lasts just short of two months." she half smiled glaring at the doctor as she followed after Miika into the room grumbling about dirty old men.

Once Miika had dressing in her gown and gotten comfortable on the table in the room the good Doctor made his way around to her, "I can see your cold so we'll make this quick." He climbed up onto the stool next to Miika, "Stick out your tongue," As soon as she did he grabbed her tongue with a pair of clamps and pulled it towards him, "No burns or lesions. Good, good. Alright! Next test!"

Miika gave the Doctor a wary look, then glanced over at Bridget to see what she made of this unorthodox man. Bridget’s expression made her thoughts clear on the matter. The doctor wheeled his little stool to a cabinet and withdrew a small kit in which to draw blood. He hummed what sounded like MACK THE KNIFE as he prepped her arm.

Bridget glanced at the man in horror as he hummed away "Could we do this without the soundtrack please? It is just a tad on the creepy side..The woman is already having a large shock with how quick this pregnancy is going to be. Let's keep the creep factor to the minimum thank you."

Doctor Munchkin looked over at Bridget and stuck his tongue out, "You gotta enjoy your work, Babe! Besides it's not my fault that she skipped sex ed. or that her boyfriend gave her the pounding of a life time," he put his hands behind his head and began thrusting his hips, "that in her eyes knocked seven months off the due date! Now I don't know about you but to me, that's just... DAMN!" Munchkin shook the thoughts from his head with a chuckle, "Anyways, let's get that blood shall we! Then I can test for silver and make sure everything is alright with your baby. Then once we're through," he motioned to the ultra sound machine behind him, "I'll even show you your lima bean and take baby's first picture."

Miika was excited at the prospect of seeing her baby but wished that Jeanne Pierre would be awake for this. It was ok. They’d have pictures. She grinned then and submitted to his prodding of her arm until he found the proper vein. Even with all of his joking she could see that he knew what he was doing. He found a vein on the back of her arm and quickly and painlessly withdrew enough blood for all the tests that he would run. He peeked at the pretty woman hoping that he was taking her mind off of things. It was the least he could do…and let's face it, he enjoyed it.

Bridget grumbled but kept her mouth shot as the man started behaving nicer to Miika. By the pulse pounding at the side of her eye though it was obvious that his earlier comments had more than peeved her off. She watched him intently refusing to move very far from her sister's side.

Munchkin pulled out a tube and smiled, "I love stuff! This is the best toy we have in the entire hospital!" He unscrewed the cap as though he was gently caressing his lover as his eyes slowly closed and he pulled the tube close to his chest and giggled, before looking over at Bridget, "Would you please uncover her belly for me?"

Wrinkling her nose in disgust at the man she helped Miika lay back and get comfortable being careful as she uncovered her belly to keep everything else covered in its entirety. "Yes I can uncover her belly..this good enough?" She smirked.

Miika winked at her sister in law discreetly. She glanced down at her relatively flat stomach. Wow, she'd just found out for sure today that she was pregnant and now she'd see her baby! She nodded at the Doctor. "Ready."

The doctor turned on the ultra sound machine, "Would you please hold this," he passed her the wand to see inside of her, "and this" and the tube of jelly he had been stroking moments before hand. Once Miika had both firmly in hand he climbed onto her bed and straddled her leg, being very careful to keep her covers in position so that she could keep her modesty, "The jelly please."

Miika looked at the gnome alarmed. "Okay, what the hell are you doing?" Enough was enough and now she was becoming annoyed.

With a sigh of annoyance of his own Doctor Munchkin stood up straight, "Look, I'm twenty one inches tall and your body is wider than my arms are long. I'm on a leg. Nothing is crammed up against any privates or what not, but in order for me to check your entire area this is the best spot for me to be. And while you are attractive for one of the tallies, I prefer my women more my height, and also." He held up his hand showing a wedding band, "Sorry to disappoint, but I am a HAPPILLY married gnome. So unless your friend wants to hold me over you......."

Bridget held up her hands in defeat "Quit making passes and you won't get annoyed looks.. As to holding you up over her..Sorry Miika your stuck I won't do it." She looked to Miika pleadingly as she did not want to get close to the gnome let alone touch him.

Miika glared at the gnome. He did have a point, though being straddled by a man other than her own mate was very disconcerting. He was lucky that Tyr was still out cold. "Okay, Doctor...just please finish this."

Munchkin tilted his head the side and began humming the old 60s theme song to Batman while making sure the jelly made fart sounds at just the right time. He continued this over and over until there was enough ice cold jelly on Miika's belly for him to move the wand where ever he wanted to go and see whatever he wanted to see. He looked back at Bridget, "I know you won't hold me," his bottom lip stuck out in a pout, "but will you hold my tube?" he tossed the tube of jelly to the werewolf in the corner.

Bridget frowned at the song before squeaking loudly when the tube of jelly was thrown at her. "If I must."

Miika squirmed as the cold jelly hit her warm belly. And then when the Doctor began manipulating the wand she almost had a fit of the giggles. She straightened though as she watched the screen and the strange images there from the ultrasound.

The Doctor finally found what he was looking for, "Miss come over here and turn the blue dial please," Bridget reluctantly did as she was told, but the screen cleared as she turned the dial until he had her stop, "There! Look there," the smile he wore nearly swallowed his face, "Congratulations, momma." He instructed Bridget on which button to push as he continued to move about and try and find better angles, "So, now that we've done this, all that's left is for you to pee in a cup. Then we can go and check on your mate. But before we do... any questions?"

Miika watched the screen as Bridget turned the knob, changing the position of the shot until she could see the little fetus in her belly. It held her attention even though the Doctor’s attention had moved onto thoughts of her urine. Bridget leaned in close to understand what she was seeing.

This was the first time she’d ever seen an ultra sound and it was amazing! “Is that…two?” Miika squinted her eyes.

Bridget squinted looking closer it was just a blobby mess to her she was at a loss as to what the hell she was seeing but if the Dr. knew well then all power too him. "Wait?! two? She's having twins?!" She was at the door in seconds leaning out where she knew Kallie and Serena were waiting whispering "She's having TWINS!"

The Doctor shook his head, "Now don't go yelling out things like that!" he jumped off the bed and dragged began dragging his stool over to the monitor where all the pictures where stored, "I'm the doctor and that could be something as simple as a bleed through. Besides you're a werewolf! You know how low the birthrate is for your people. Twins is unheard of... hell I've been practicing for almost three hundred years and I've only seen two maybe three twin births." He quickly began scrolling through the pictures. Then flipping back again and again. Over and over and over again, "See I was right" He turned around in his chair his face ashen, "You aren't having twins." He looked back at the monitor and pulled up another picture, "You're having triplets."

Threa sat up quietly in thought within the soft folds of her satin lined coffin. Harrison was asleep in a bed upstairs cuddled next to a peacefully nestled Lori. It had been a glorious hunt a tad more gunfire than as of olde but gloriously bloody all the same. Her addreniline still ran high even after a hot shower and sending the living members of her home to bed. The sun rose slowly from its slumber sending her into a dreamless peaceful death, safe from eternal sleep for yet another day.

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Miika was not one given to theatrics. She was a girl who kept her feet firmly planted on the floor. She was a realist who was often the one that people came to for advice. Therefore when she blacked out at the news that she was having triplets, it was a very big deal. Girl’s that got ripped up by stray werewolves as a child, girl’s that had to watch their loved ones get torn up in a pit fights, girl’s that beat their chauvinistic boss’ with canes JUST DID NOT FAINT!

Bridget blinked the door open wide as the thump was heard when Miika fainted..Bridget squeaked loudly as she Serena and Kallie all saw a very unconscious pregnant woman on the table covered in goop. Bridget turned to the other two "Go! go get David and tell him the news.." She dashed back inside as the girls took off running to try and revive Miika. She touched her shoulder shaking her gently "Miika wakey, wakey!" She frowned a bit at a loss as to what to do as if it were her brother she would slap him..but that seemed inappropriate at the moment.

The Doctor looked from the pictures that decorated his screen to Miika and back again, "For somebody who doesn't know a damn thing about sex, when she decided to start learning about it I can see she wanted to make up for lost time." He looked back to Bridget, "Tell me... are you as fertile as she is?"

Bridget growled at him low in her chest "Would keep your mind on your work for once! If you didn't notice she is unconscious..and we kind of need her awake this evening!" she huffed snorting in the 'good' doctor's face as she fumed. First she accuses her new sister of being a floozy, then she gets to watch her brother get poisoned, and NOW THIS! her evening was not going well at all....

Dr. Munchkin ambled over to another cabinet and he retrieved smelling salts. He didn’t have to come down on his knees besides the two woman, but to crouch over. He broke the packet under Miika’s nose and she grumbled and sat up.

“Oh my god…what a dream—” She looked at Bridget sharply, then at Dr. Munchkin's smiling face. Bridget helped her to her feet. Triplets? “Triplets.” Then Miika smiled. Oh wow…

Serena and Kallie came rushing into the examining room urging them to come back to Jeanne Pierre’s room. David wanted to have him turned now. They said that David couldn’t wait for Jeanne Pierre to hear the news that he was about to be a Daddy three times over!

Other waiting visitors and patients watched once more as the females of the pack hurried down the hall. It seemed that all they did was run up and down the halls of the underground hospital!

When they got back to Jeanne Pierre’s room, Miika was still wearing the hospital gown and David was grinning from ear to ear as if he was going to be the proud Papa.

“I think it's time for Daddy to wake up.” Because David thought he might just fall back into another coma.

Doctor Munchkin moved to the corner of the room so that he could be there in case anything went wrong, while the pack began to form a circle around Jean Pierre as he lay upon the hospital bed. David took his position at the head of the bed his hands falling on Jean Pierre's shoulder. What started as a soft growl slowly trickled through the pack. Dr. Munchkin sat up straight in his chair as he began salivating with anticipation and wishing for a basket of popcorn to munch on while he not only watched the pack attempt to transform one of their own but the breeze from the air conditioning vent kept providing him with a lovely view of the pregnant woman's backside, "Thank you Lord for hospital gowns," he whispered to himself. As David's voice had finally shifted from a growl to a howl!

The energy that accompanied David's howl was incredible. It was unlike anything Doctor Munchkin had ever seen before. The lights on the entire floor began to flicker and fade, some of the weaker fluorescent bulbs even exploded from the surge in power. While Jean Pierre's form began to convulse on the bed. He rocked back and forth as his bones began to break and realign themselves. His muscles stretched to their limits only to rip apart a second later and knit their self back together in a new way. His entire body was unlike what it had been mere moments before. The large muscle bound human male had been replaced with an even larger creature, a hybrid of wolf and man. The only resemblance to Jean Pierre it still possessed was the golden hair that now covered its body.

Jean Pierre sat up in a flash, his teeth bared ready for a fight, but his body was still to weak. The room danced around him and his head began to lull back and forth before he collapsed back onto the bed, his eyes open and his breathing labored.

Miika threw herself onto Jeanne Pierre’s weakened body. She showered him with kisses while joyful tears and a panicked laughter fell from her lips. “Baby? Are you awake?” She ran her hands over his furred body. She had never changed twice in one night before, but against her will Miika felt herself being pulled to it. Gritting her teeth she forced the wolf back. She would not be the wolf! She wanted her own hands to touch his form and to reassure herself that he was alive!

Bridget gave Miika her space for a moment before stepping forward punching her brother hard in the shoulder "N'effrayez pas jamais votre épouse OU moi comme ceci TOUJOURS encore vous grand âne." she was smiling though giving him a tender hug before stepping back to allow more room for Miika.

Jean Pierre tried to lift his arms to hold Miika but they wouldn't listen, they seemed so heavy he just couldn't move them to where he wanted them to be. He rolled his head and looked at her, his eyes glazed, but they still had that twinkle. He tried to tell her something but it came out as little more than a few soft whines. He wanted to say so much to her, to them all. To tell her that he loved her and was sorry for putting her through hell. To tell them all thank you for being here for her and for him through this night of horrors, but this form wouldn't let him say anything and he was far too weak to change back. He did the only thing he could think of, he nuzzled Miika.

Miika was content to snuggle with him for several minutes. She heard David conferring with the Doctor, asking when they could take him home.

“Now.” Was Dr. Munchkins short response. “Though I would like to see the little Mommy backside—I mean back here. I do want to be the attending physician through the birth. I never delivered triplets before—“

Miika’s head swung in the doctor’s direction. She growled at him for his thoughtlessness in revealing what she had wanted to tell. She turned back to Jeanne Pierre timidly. What would he think of triplets? Had he even heard?

Bridget stalked over to the two in the corner frown deeply implanted on her face. "Only and I do mean ONLY If you can behave yourself and keep your mind on your work rather than making cheap passes at her." She growled softly as she spoke making sure the little gnome she meant business.

Jean Pierre let out a strange grunt and blinked three times at Miika before shaking his head as if he heard wrong.

Doctor Munchkin looked up at Bridget and made the boy scout salute, "But of course I can behave myself and keep my mind on my work. I was only trying to make her laugh to try and bring levity to an other wise bleak and dreary day for the poor woman and," he took a step forward and winked at Bridget, "if you would have been paying attention you would have noticed I wasn't flirting with her. Roar." His tiny hand clawed at the air before he began laughing and holding his sides, "You tallies, you always think everything's about SEX! For crying out loud she's got babies on the way and doesn't know anything about her own races sexual gestation period or well anything! I mean...." he just started shaking his head, "C'mon, most little girls start practicing for babies while.... well... they are babies. So I cracked a few jokes to lighten the mood." The doctor motioned to Jean Pierre, "And have you looked under the sheet? Go on... take a look. Maybe then you'll understand the crack about him knocking seven months off her due date."

Bridget visibly tensed at the commentary from Dr. Munchkin glaring at him as he spoke about looking under the sheet. "HES MY BROTHER!!!" She huffed throwing up her hands in defeat and walking back over to the other women. "I can't deal with that little pervert someone else is going to have to bring her to her appointments... If I have to handle it I will kill that little wart on the good name of this place." She sat in a chair at the opposite corner glaring as she tried to get her temper back under control the tension was high enough in the room without her losing control.

David spoke in controlled anger. “Miika wasn’t born a wolf, so that’s the reason that she doesn’t know our ways.”

Munchkin gave him a curious look. “Not born a wolf? Are you speaking of the Focus?” The gnome rubbed his hands together in a greedy way.

“I am speaking of the Focus.” David responded levelly. “And don’t take our kindness for stupidity. “You’re only as amusing as Miika is comfortable with. Once you cross the line then we’ll be searching for a new doctor, and you’ll be searching your new asshole.”

Dr. Munchkin rubbed his hands together. “Well, I assume that you are the pack leader? Why don’t we step out to the receptionist and settle the bill. You’re covered I’m sure?” Dr. Munchkin and David left the room together.

“Baby. We’re going to get you into a wheelchair and have you home in no time.” Miika placed her face against his and closed her eyes. “I just want to lay down next to you and rest.” She was suddenly felt very tired, and very hungry.

David smiled to the pack as he closed the door. It didn't take long for Doctor to lead David back to his office, "How about we make a deal?" David quirked his brow not quite interested in making deals about his races future, "I know a little about the Focus and the hell that went on the last time it came out. Last time all holy hell rained down on the wolves and nearly wiped your kind off the face of the planet. Hell, you guys are still rebuilding." The gnome began spinning in his chair, "I want to know more about its effects on your pack. That's all. If it's what's making her more fertile or him resilient to silver, I want to know. I'll work as a physician as much as I can off the books, logging most of my time spent with your pack as case studies. I'll even promise not to publish anything without your permission. Well?"

David looked at the little gnome it was risky, though he knew gnomes were as fiercely loyal as pixies, "I'll think on it. Right now you've done a damn good job on Jean Pierre and with Miika, but you've also managed to royally piss off a member of my pack." The doctor nodded his head several times.

"I was only trying to make her laugh."

"Well, you did a piss poor job of it."

Munchkin could feel his chance of studying the effects of the Focus' effects of weres slipping out the window, "But this could be a great benefit for you as well! Think about it! What if this will let you boost your population? Or become immune to silver? What if this will allow to control your abilities in ways you never dreamed before or help those you never could before... wouldn't you want to know?"

David stood up and took out his wallet, "Here's my card. All the insurance information you'll need is there. Don't worry, it's all up to date and everything is good." The doctor put the card on his desk and handed David one of his own, before they made their way back to Jean Pierre's room to release him.

Bridget was helping Serena and Kallie gather up Jean Pierre's things that had not been shredded when they arrived, in preparation for leaving this place as she continued to fume. She had it down to a low simmer when David returned from talking to Dr. Munchkin.

They loaded Jeanne Pierre into Miika’s car. He was big enough that it wasn’t the easiest fit, however Jeanne Pierre relaxed comfortably in the backseat. Before Bridget could slide into the passenger seat, David stopped her.

David motioned for Bridget to look behind her as the little Doctor wobbled up to her, his nose all but buried in the ground, "imsorryforupsettingyouearlierbytryingtomakeyoulaugh," he mumbled, before looking around as if somebody was going to come out any moment and save him from his humiliation. Looking past Bridget he saw David's scowl and he knew that his apology had been far from enough and the squeaky whine that escaped hurt almost as much as the words that were leaving his lips, "I..." he began to chew on his bottom lip, "Look, I'm sorry for pissing you off! All I wanted to do was make her laugh and try and lighten the mood. Not get under your skin. So... I... I'm sorry."

Bridget frowned but nodded to the annoying little gnome. "Apology accepted but perhaps your humor is better outside of a hospital as it is rather crude and perverted." She gave a half smile before turning back to the car eyes drifting to David nodding to him with a hidden laughing smile mouthing the words 'thank you.'

Once they were settled in, Miika reached back and gripped Jeanne Pierre’s hand. She held it all the way back to their apartment. The two women easily got the limp wolf up the stairs. Jaffy the gargoyle flapped his wings to gain their attention.

“Miss Miika, what happened to Mr. Tyr"

“We…had a bit of an accident. But don’t worry hun, we’re ok.” Miika hadn’t bothered to change out of the hospital gown, but she did at least secure the back so that her butte wasn’t exposed to the world now.

Once inside the apartment, the two women got Jeanne Pierre into bed. Miika knew that he wouldn’t want covers while a hybrid and his nude form made her want to crawl against him protectively.

Bridget hugged her again and Miika wouldn’t let her go for a long moment. “I’m so happy to have met you Bridget. You’re as much as my sister as any of my blood ones.”

Bridget blushed brightly "Thank you Miika.." She paused grabbing a pen and pad from the side table and jotted down several numbers. "Here in case you need me..this one" She pointed to the first number. "Is my home number and the second is my cell number." She turned heading for the door. "Get some rest it has been a long night." She knew she herself had every intention of getting a very large stiff drink.

Miika was so tired. She closed the door after her sister in law and as she turned off the lights she looked up at the ceiling where the balloons still hung. She sighed and fingered the amulet around her neck. That seemed like a million years ago…

She went back into the bedroom and listened to Jeanne Pierre’s steady breathing for a while. Then she slipped off the gown and climbed into bed and snuggled against his furry body. She knew that he’d change back into human form sometime during dawn. Miika smiled as she drifted off to sleep thinking about the sun, the moon and the stars.

Miika was still accustomed to waking early despite the fact that she was now a werewolf and had only slept a very few hours in the past two days. There was just too much to do to waste it sleeping.

It was a little after eight when the sun shining through the bedroom window finally pulled Miika’s eyes opened. The first thing she did was to look at Jeanne Pierre. He was still breathing. Sometime during his sleep he had transformed back into his human form and he lay there perfect as if he hadn’t almost died the night before. Miika resisted the urge to stare for fear that she’d wake him and she knew that in order to properly heal, he needed as much sleep as possible.

She padded into the bathroom and ran a hot bath instead of taking a shower. She let the stress of the last few days melt from her muscles. Using a sponge, she squeezed the steaming water over her body, examining the way her body had transformed. Her breasts were definitely different; her nipples were much darker and they ached. Miika placed the flat of her hand against her belly where it was just beginning to protrude. Wow…she thought in amazement. There are three babies in there.

She got out of the tub feeling her body pumping with adrenaline. One more day of the full moon and maybe things would go back to normal. She searched for a towel but they were all balled in the closet waiting to be washed. Miika studied the messy apartment chastising herself.

“Miika…” She murmured. “What kind of Mom are you going to be if your house looks like this before you even have the three kids?” She dried off with a clean dish towel and then tipped back into the bedroom where she dressed as quickly and as quietly as she could, donning khaki capris, a white blouse and a pair of Birkenstocks. She dragged a brush through her hair, holding her curls back with a plastic barrette.

She then made breakfast of half a dozen scrambled eggs and half a loaf of white bread. She was so hungry that she also drank half a gallon of milk. When she was all finished with her meal, Miika rubbed her full belly and looked at the destruction that was her kitchen.

With a sigh she rolled up her sleeves and began to clean. She thought about her brother, and she thought about Mrs. Sarong and the Howlers. She thought about being a millionaire and Bridget, her new sister, she thought about losing her family if they didn’t accept her wolf—but most of all, she thought about the amulet that had saved her mate’s life. When she was done thinking of all of those things her apartment was clean, her laundry was folded and a stew made of some of the buffalo meat that David had brought the night before was simmering in the crock pot.

Miika checked in on Jeanne Pierre once again. It was still early for most Inderlander’s to begin their day. She picked up the keys to the car. Most, but not all. She was betting that Bellum would be up and about. Business owners needed to be flexible, right? And she had questions that needed real answers. She had to speak directly to Bellum.

The following is a collaboration between Bellum's creator and Pepper.

Miika entered the little magic shop. The smell of nag champa permeated the air. Several teenagers were checking out items like a magic deck of cards, crystals, potions and other such things that Layla warned were normally illusions. The real things were normally too expensive to leave out in the open. Then she saw the artful little sign that said ‘NOVELTIES’

The boy that had helped her and Layla the day before was back at the counter. Jack was his name. She assumed that Jack must managed the store during the day.

She smiled as she stepped up to the counter. “Hello, Jack.” He took a double take. “Remember me from yesterday?”

“How could I forget? But it’s Jackie. Not Jack.”

“Sorry about that.” Miika fingered the amulet that she wore around her neck. “Jackie, I’m here to see Bellum.”

He sighed. “About the amulet again?”

“Yes.” When he hesitated Miika pleaded with her eyes. “It’s important. I wouldn’t bother him if it wasn’t. Really.”

Jackie sighed again. “Wait here.” He came around the counter and instead of going through the door that he’d taken them through the day before, he went up a flight of stairs. She assumed the living quarters were up above.

Jackie looked over his shoulder as he walked through the beaded curtains into the kitchen, he frowned remembering that most of the house was asleep. He wasn't real sure where Angra (Bellum new guest) was. He had the sinking feeling that Angra should be avoided at all cost. He walked up the tiny stair case placing a hand on the wall for comfort or guidance, his stomach turned and his bad feeling was growing.

Bellum awoke next to her beautiful demon boy, and grimaced. It hadn't been a bad dream after all, she raised her arm to see if she still that mark, and sure enough there it was like a bad tattoo. She sighed heavily and saw that Angra was still asleep, he would be till the sun was gone from he sky. "Well at least I will get some peace." Sleep had not come easily and Jackie had just woken her with his knocking but she knew it must be important, she could only hope the boy had the good sense, to not wake her for something trivial.

She slipped out of her warm silk sheet and pulled on her Tripp pants covered her head with her hat, to make sure her messy hair would not be seen. Angra rolled over and placed an arm out as if he was looking to hold her. He frowned in his sleep and sighed. Bellum stuck out her tongue at him quite displeased. What the hell made her let him sleep with her? "God awful demon man!" She hissed through clenched teeth as she opened the door.

She looked through the tiny crack in the door, squinting through tired eyes, "Jackie it is 10:00 am I just got to sleep, please tell me this is important."

Jackie looked up with his beautiful blue eyes and smiled awkwardly knowing full well he had woken her. "There is a lady here inquiring about an amulet that Tyr got from you." He brushed his emo bangs from his face with a delicately pale hand."It’s about the Creator amulet. She was here yesterday and I kinda…showed her your book."

Bellum's brow furrowed and she sighed, she stuck her hand in her pocket looking for her bottle of mints. She found it and opened the blue plastic lid and popped one in her mouth. She sighed and smiled almost shaking in delight.

Mints had a weird affect on her, it wasn't uncommon knowledge that peppermint was like a drug for cats, it could make them brave, or happy even aroused. The calming euphoric affect was something she needed at this moment. She frowned and patted Jackie on he shoulder "I will take care of it, you stay here and make sure that Angra stays asleep. I don't need anymore trouble. I might even make a sleeping drought for him so he never wakes again."

Jackie saw the mint popped into her mouth and sighed, but he could not blame her, he wouldn't want to deal with Ty's wife either. Angry people just made him more nervous.
He walked into the room and sat in a chair next to a tiny DVD shelf that held many herbal, and spell books. They all looked well used as if they were truly useful or just loved. Jackie knowing Bellum, understood her love of good literature.

Bellum sigh as she made her way to the front of the store, and eyed the women, she smiled a nerved as her heart sank into the pit of her stomach. The woman approached the counter as Bellum walked behind it. "You sent for me dear?"

A cheetah cub poked it's head out of one of the counter's many shelves, She had curled up in it for the night because Angra wouldn't let in the bed, anyway she didn't like the way he smelled. Kwik jumped into Bellum's arms and Bellum greeted her happily with kisses and nuzzles and a good warm hug. The cub sniffed her and huffed displeased as if to say "You reek of that nasty man upstairs who kicked me out of my bed!"

Bellum sighed, "I know Kwik I smell like him. I am so sorry for this." She nuzzled the baby cheetah with a mother's love and proctection waiting to be spoken to. Kwik turned her head and sniffed the air at the two knew women in the store. She became excited and leapt on the counter trying to reach for Mika's hand to play a game of hand slap. She rolled on her back and reached out with both paws, Mewling in a tiny baby cub voice. "Rrrrp".

Miika watched Bellum curiously. She had thought Bellum would be male but now she wasn’t so sure. He was lithe, and wore clothing in which is was difficult to tell if there were breasts beneath them. Bellum wore a hat that rode low on his had with crimson hair peeking from beneath. The hair was multicolored with pink and blue streaks that hung in his face. But then when Bellum spoke, the voice that Miika heard seemed to belie the appearance. There was a faint lilt, that said feminine even though there was a huskiness there also.

Meanwhile, a cheetah cub had become interested in her hand. The little thing purred, gripping her hand between its paws. She had never seen a cheetah cub and it was adorable. She scratched its neck absently with her nails.

“Bellum? I’m sorry that I got you out of bed…” Miika retrieved her hand when the little cub began to lightly chew on her fingers. “I’m Miika. Tyr’s mate. I understand that he’s a friend of yours. I wanted to ask you about the Creator amulet. You see, there have been some very odd things to happen to him in the last few days. I can understand that the amulet reincorporates his personalities, though now he doesn’t seem to remember ever having multiples. That’s ok. But last night, at the…fights, he was injected with silver.” She licked her lips knowing that she was speed talking and probably rambling but now that she was talking to Bellum everything that was on her chest had to come out.

She began to pace as she recounted the events of the night before and she couldn’t help it when tears began to sting her eyes when she described the way the silver seeped and burned through his pores. Bellum listened without interrupting and Miika continued until she came to the part of the story in which Dr. Munchkin had explained that the silver was trapped in the amulet.

“Bellum.” She finally said after pausing to catch her breath. “That amulet is as close to his heart as it can get without killing him…Should it be removed? Can it hold the silver? What if it just spontaneously combusts?” Then she was just out of breath and she had no choice to shut up and listen.

Carlisle sat on the stairs of the serpentine wall, watching the Ohio River lick the shore. This side of the river was his home, the other side was Kentucky; the hollows. He wiped his eyes for the hundredth time as his sight began to blur and the world appeared to be swimming beneath the glass of an old coke bottle.

The sun had come out and Carlisle had barely noticed. Early morning joggers were out and about; humans mostly but some Weres and a witch or two. This was the time of day designated for humans; early morning. The night belonged to the Inderlanders. Carlisle stood, his legs felt numb from sitting on the hard concrete for so many hours. He headed back to his truck, mind still numb.

He knew that he needed to sleep because he’d been awake all night. His body was so numb that he couldn’t tell what he was feeling anymore. It’s just that his eyes…they kept tearing and that let him know that he was hurting somewhere where he was supposed to be feeling something.

As he drove he began to see flashes of the night before. Each memory was a shock as if he thought, ‘did that really happen???’ He had dropped off Layla? That had happened. He had logged back into the computer waiting for an update. There hadn’t been any updates. He had plugged the phone numbers of each member of his crew into the GPS tracking system. Those three satellites is what made their work in tracking down criminals so easy…Not magic, just a human made satellite triangulation system. Within seconds it tracked every one to within a few yards radius of each other. He followed the resulting map to the Newport on the Levee. The levy stayed opened well into the night. It was the only mall that sat smack in the heart of the hollows.

Then how could there be six elite assassins with cellphone signals leading him to the same crowded place? Then it became clear. The Newport Aquarian. That was the one place that had set hours. They closed from midnight until 6am. Well they were open for business now, but no one would ever know what had happened there.

Carlisle pulled into his driveway and stumbled in to his house. He stood in the living room for a long time not moving and then he shuffled into the bedroom. He collapsed onto the bed fully clothed and closed his eyes. He knew what would happen once he fell asleep. And of course he relived the entire night all over again.

Carlisle had called his Boss. “I saw you at the fights.” J Michael Crohn spoke into the land line. Carlisle was calling from a pay phone just around the corner from the Aquarium.

“Then you saw more then just me, you saw Sonny?”

Crohn sighed. “And the others?”

Carlisle’s voice had rose in near hysteria. “Get me some help. I need to get into the aquarium and I need to do it without the cops, without these teenie boppers from the mall watching my every move and without getting caught!”

“Calm down.” Crohn spoke quietly. “I’ll get you what you need. A witch will be there in 10 minutes. There will be a cloaking spell and an invisibility amulet for you. But you will go in alone. Call me as soon as you know something.”

Waiting for the witch to arrive was the hardest thing for Carlisle to do. He pictured them hanging on to a thread of life and each moment that life slipped away. But something else told him the truth…his friends would all be dead.

A male witch finally arrived. He wore jeans and a transparent black nylon shirt whose patterns made it appear as if he were covered in tattoos. His long black hair was pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. Carlisle didn’t know him, but he knew Carlisle. He gave him an amulet that had already been invoked and Carlisle slipped it over his neck. He walked past the witch who stopped him with a sharp “HEY! Dude, that was just the invisibility. We still need to cloak—cover our tracks.”

“Do this. Hurry up, man…” Carlisle moved anxiously form one foot to the other while the witch said a fairly long incantation. Carlisle felt the energy as the witch tapped a ley line. He ignored the sensation.

Quickly they hurried around to the back of the facility. The witch picked the locks expertly. “Crohn cut the alarms from the master. I’m to retrieve the security tapes and you are to do…whatever you’re here to do.” They moved into different directions; the witch disappearing into a room with a sign that said OFFICE-Security personnel only.

Carisle walked purposefully into the main room. There were several directions that he could go; jellyfish exhibit, shark tank, the kingdom of the penguins, gator bayou…He clenched his teeth and headed for gator bayou.

Carlisle stood on the aisle not needing to go to the railing. The remains of a man was in the alligator pit. He didn’t know who it was; all there was left was a bit of bloody clothing.

He went from room to room until he found the remains of each of his crewmembers. He didn’t cry, yell, or cause a scene. He bore witness to their deaths. He would be the bearer of the horror…him and him alone.

After Carlisle had seen all that there was to see he left the Aquarium. He went back to the pay phone and he left his report with Crohn. “You do right by them, just like we agreed. There families will be told that each of them died doing something…great. No car accident, none of that shit. Saving a baby from a burning building. Something like that. You hear me, Crohn? Now, this is the last time you’ll hear from me. Goodbye, Crohn.”

“Carlisle. Son. Don’t do anything stupid. This can still all be salvaged. I’ll get a cleaning crew out there. They’ll make it look like a bunch of kids broke in, graffiti-”

“With all do respect, Boss. Fuck you.” Carlisle gently hung up the phone. He’d driven to The Serpentine Wall and there he sat until his legs grew numb and the rising sun could no longer hide the tears that dripped hot from his eyes.

Her scent was intoxicating, even though it only clung to her side of the bed as a lingering remembrance of her. He gently caressed her side of the bed, the soft flannel sheets felt wonderful under his ragged and worn hands, every muscle that ran from the tip of his fingers to the bottom of his toes ached. He looked over his body and began reviewing the rich purple bruises that still decorated his body from the night before. How Miika had ever convinced the doctor to release him when he looked like something a vampire spit up he would never know, but here he was, alive and well... well, alive.

Jean Pierre heard a feint knock at the front door, "Coming," he called out as loudly as he could before swinging his feet over the side of the bed and groaning in agony when they touched the floor. His heart was racing and he couldn't catch his breath, "I'll be... right...... there." He pushed himself up off the bed and the room began to tilt. First it flowed to the left and he found himself crashing hard into dresser Miika brought from her old apartment.

"Tyr, It's Rachel are you okay?"

Jean Pierre pushed himself to his feet once again and forced himself forward towards the front door, "I'm fine," a pained whine slipped through his manly attempt to hide his pain as the room tilted once more and he crashed into the coffee table. As he lay on the floor he couldn't figure out why his chest felt so warm.

He blinked his eyes and nearly went into shock as Rachel and Jenks were hovering over him, "Just calm down, you took a nasty spill. Jenks dusted you to stop the bleeding." Jean Pierre's head bobbed up and down as he tried to focus on Rachel but his vision kept blurring, "Tyr... TYR! I need to know where your cell phone is so I can call Miika."

"Rache he's out of it. You stay here and watch him I'll look for the phone," he was gone before she ever got a chance to argue, "RACHE! It's here on the bar!"

Rachel raced across the room to call Miika and let her know that her mate needed her.


Layla finally stumbled back into her house at dawn. Her face looked ragged and her hair fell in wispy tangles around her face. A full night of searching, and she hadn't found Carlisle. Matalina looked at her hopefully, and Layla shook her head. She picked up Kalliope and headed for her room.

"I didn't find him, Kali," she whispered. "I guess I'm not so good at the tracking thing." She chuckled softly and Kalliope gave her what could have been a reproaching look. She pulled off her "stealth suit" and shoved it back in her closet. With a sigh, she slipped into an oversized T-shirt and an old pair of flannel pajama pants. Then she slipped into bed and almost immediately fell asleep.

Bridget sighed looking at the sun's rays thru her dark sunglasses. She kicked at a rock on the ground as she walked...She paused looking at her watch a little after 9 am. What the hell was she doing walking about at nine in the freaking morning! Oh wait she hadnt even been to bed yet, to sick with worry over her brother, over her foul ups the evening before, over her sudden decison to be part of a pack...She wasnt even sure what all that entail in this case. Confusion and worry the world's greatest combination if you never wanted to sleep again. She had indeed spent all nigth walking the hollows wandering about avoiding anyone that came across her path so she could be lost in thought alone. Now she found herself sitting on the steps to her Brother's appartment complex not sure what to do next. She turned back looking up thinking about her next move with a heavy sigh before standing one foot on the steps, one hand on the rail then paused "Maybe I should just go back to the bar and get drunk...I am just a useless rogue I dont deserve the respect they have given me...." She staid rather still there waiting...for a sign for soemthing to tell her that joining the pack was the right thing to do.

The following is a collaboration between Bellum's creator and Pepper.

A pale clawed hand rubbed the temples of her aching head, "Creator's Stone?" Bellum's eyes shifted back and forth grasping for a memory somewhere in the far reaches of her mind. "Ah! Some call it a Philospher's stone, it is said to have great power. It is also believed it can turn lead into gold, and revive the dead. Some say it has the power to grant wishes." Bellum's eyes widened in horror, "You say he said he got it from me?"

Kwik stopped her chewing seeing that she was un interesting to the new woman and hopped to her mother's lap. Where she knew she would be welcomed with loving rubs and nuzzles. "mrrrp." Kwik walked around in a circle over Bellum's sitting legs and laid down happy. She started batting at Bellum's Necklace.

Bellum frowned and she spoke again her voice very deep with no traces of female anything, "I wont lie to you ma'am. It was given to me, by someone I know well. He is pretty sketchy at time but has never been untrustworthy in the past. I was told he had improved the amulet. The stones have to be gathered out of sacrifice. Usually an offering of blood." Bellum eyed her arm for a moment and Kwik slapped the tiny orb and claw necklace again and when Bellum spoke it was her normal non gender tone again. " I have no idea what this stone is cappable of at the moment. However I will consult the one who made it." Kwik slapped the necklace again deepening Bellum's voice and Bellum stopped her paw and left the necklace in the "on" phase. Bellum's eyes lit up with excitment, "Even better." She had just got wicked idea that was forming a hint of freedom from Angra. "If you and Tyr want to meet the creator, He lives here at the moment. I think Tyr knows who he is. Mrs. Tyr, if you like a good book you might want to read this." Bellum looked around to make sure no one was looking and reached under the counter to grab a rather large leather bound book. "So dear let us have some tea to calm your crying eyes and give you time to relax, I can whip us up something to eat as well." She Motioned for crying woman to follow her into the kitchen through the crystal beads that hung and tinkled as they parted and fell.

The kitchen was very retro with a small table and chairs for four. In an avcado green leather. The walls were white as well as the worn out stove and counter tops. The place looked as if it needed a good make over.

Bellum offered the woman a chair and started a kettle of water boiling for tea. She set the book on the table, the leather was worked well and very worn. It had leaves that were oak pinned to it made from leather. There was no Title. There was a lock on the very large tome. Bellum took a key from around her neck and handed it to the lady.

Kwik followed her mommy into the kitchen hoping for a steak or some yummy morsel and currled up at Miika's feet. She began to lick the woman's shoes

Bellum grabbed a large jar from a top the fridge and set it on the counter. The label Said, "Jasmine and Green" and when opened smell divinly sweet.

"Please, Please, Please be very careful with that book. In the wrong hands it could be devistating. It is my own personal book of Demonology. I belive the name you are looking for is Angra."
Bellum smiled perhaps this woman could help her out of the bind she was in. Maybe the lady might have an idea Bellum did not.

Bellum smiled for moment she though about his long silky hair and his sharp Clove smell. She smiled as she remembered him turning to hold her in her sleep. She was brought back to her self when the kettle began to whistle. She had been alone for so many years, his charms were starting to get to her. "That bastard." She whispered under her breath. It was obvious to herself that she still searched for a mate. A never ending twinge of pain in the heart that never seemed to dull. She fanned away a stupid Idea, could a demon really love?
"Only in China and Japan."

Bellum retrived two cups and poured water into each, she then took a pinch full of leaves and dropped them into water to let them steap. She crossed the floor and offered Miika a warm cup. "The sugar is on the table in that there white sugar pot. It was my Grandmere's, before she died mind you. Wonderful lady, she would have loved you to be here. We would have tea cakes and peach pies." Bellum's eyes softened with a fondness. "She made the best Gumbo. Taught me how. Hey, how about you and Tyr, come to dinner at here when you have the time. I will make us a good ol' Creole feast. Just RSVP when you want to come."

Bellum sat down and waited to see if Miika was interested.

Miika sat at the little avocado colored kitchenette. Bellum’s chatter soothed her and even though she didn’t know the Were (who she was now convinced was a woman), Miika soon felt at ease. Maybe it was because Bellum was a Were and Miika was new enough to be influenced by it. She could feel the undercurrent of Bellum's animal. But it wasn’t a wolf. Miika was curious as to what type of animal she changed to, but it seemed too forward to ask. Her attention was again captured when Bellum invited her and Jeanne Pierre to a gumbo dinner.

“Mmm creole? We love creole cooking, Jeanne Pierre is from Louisiana originally.” Miika grimaced as she placed sugar into her tea, wondering how to explain that he no longer went by the name Tyr. “He doesn’t seem to realize that we all know him by the name of Tyr. Now that his personalities have been reincorporated into one, he just knows himself as Jeanne Pierre.”

Miika took a sip of the hot beverage and closed her eyes in appreciation. Drinking tea soothed her from within, comforting her both mentally and physically. She had been raised to appreciate the taste of a good tea over coffee. She smiled. “We’d love to come to dinner. We’ve only been mated a few short weeks and haven’t done much socializing as a couple. Ah…and the last few weeks have been especially hectic.”

She reached out to place her hands on the old book unable to believe her good luck. “And please don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to this book. I appreciate you trusting me with something this rare.” Hmm, but luck had nothing to do with her coming into possession of this book. Jeanne Pierre had forged a friendship with this woman and that’s why Miika now had a rare edition of a demon text. Hmmm…did she want to have a rare edition of a demon text in her possession? Well, if it meant finding out all she could about the philosopher’s stone then yes. Yes she did.

“Angra?” At first she thought Angra was the name of the book, until Bellum followed up with a mumbled ‘bastard’. “What’s Angra?”

Bellum sneered when the name was spoken, and subtley rubbed her wrist on her pants under the table as if she could just wipe the mark away.

"Angra!" She sneered at the spoken name, "Angra is the man who is living here, temporarily mind you. I think it would be in the best interest for you both to read that book and then meet Angra. All will come to reveal itself my dear."

Kwik was busy batting at Miika's shoe hopeing for a yummy morsel of food. "Mrrrrrrrp." She gnawed and licked at the good smelling leather. She would wrap her paws around the woman's ankel and curl up so that her feet kicked widly at the her new found play mate. Mr shoe.

Bellum's eyes turned a nice shade of yellow as she realised she was in the presence of another were. A wolf the woman smelled like Tyr. Had Tyr turned her? Did he ask permisson from the pack leader?
"He must have I guess." Bellum spoke to herself not realizing she did.

"Well Ms Tyr, you say that your new husband, Condgrats by the way on more than just your marraige, you say that he doesn't know he is Tyr? How odd. You just let me know what you think about dinner. If Tyr is willing I can examine him then, to see what is going on. Would that be ok?" Bellum sipped on her tea and made a face of relaxation. She had put six spoon fulls of sugar in her over sweetend tea.

"I guess Try never told you. I am from Louisiana too. I lived there all my life. I moved after my family life fell apart. My mother fears me, my father hates my life style. My brother is doing is ok. He has a house a wife a kid and a boat. I am so jelous of him." Bellum smiled not really meaning that she was angered with him.

"So, Just yes to my invite and I promise it will be an interesting night."
Bellums eyes turned a shade of gold with cat slits as if she knew Miika's curiosity about her gifts. Well she would indulge the woman only so far. Bellum smiled and winked before her eyes turned their normal Auburn brown.

Miika felt the playful slap of the cheetah’s paws against her ankles and she reached down and absently scratched the little one’s chin. She was greeted with a rough purr of pleasure. Maybe they should get a puppy…oh wait. Not a good time, they were about to have three babies.

Her phone rang and Miika almost tipped the tea cup over as she quickly rummaged through her purse for it. The ringtone was KISS OF A ROSE by Seal which let her know that it was Tyr.

“Excuse me…” She said apologetically to Bellum. Bellum swooped down and picked up Kwik carrying the Cheetah to the fridge where she retrieved a rather large sirloin steak. Miika fumbled the phone open on the last ring.

“Miika.” It was Rachel, not Jeanne Pierre.

“Rachel?” Then her heart began to thump painfully in her chest. “Is Jeanne Pierre, ok? Nothing happened did it?!” She began to gather up the book and her bag while Bellum stopped in the middle of placing the steak into a skillet to warm it, watching the distraught woman with concern.

”He took a nasty fall. You should come home-”

“I’m on my way!” Miika disconnected and hurried out of the room. She remembered Bellum then and called over her shoulder. “I’m sorry, I have to run! I-we’ll call you! Thanks for the book!”

When she reached her car she almost dropped the book trying to dig for her keys. She cursed silently as she climbed behind the wheel. What had possessed her to leave her sick mate at home?! And with no note, either…Her mind played over several scenarios of what could have happened. He could have blacked out while showering and crushed his skull on the edge of the tub.

Luckily the apartment wasn’t far from the Mainstrasse Village; where Bellum’s shop was located. The radio droned on and she tapped her fingers on the steering wheel impatiently as she stopped at an impossibly long red light. The newscaster reported on the traffic and local news happily oblivious.

…security is being increased at the Newport on the Levee after a late night break in resulted in thousands of dollars worth of damage at the Newport Aquarium.

Hearing the name of her and Jeanne Pierre’s special place, Miika paid more attention to the report.

There are no suspects at present and none of the inhabitants housed at the aquarium were harmed. In other news, five are reported dead after attempting to rescue a child from a burning building. The fire happened in the quiet neighborhood in the 3300 block of Compton Road in Mt. Healthy. The child was saved, however the home collapsed killing the five men who heroically rushed into the building after hearing the child crying inside. The names of the dead are being withheld until the family is notified, however one survivor of the rescue attempt; Carlisle Marlin is being called a hero-“

Miika began to choke uncontrollably. CARLISLE? At that very moment her phone began to ring. She almost wrecked reaching for it from her purse. Her hands were shaking when she saw that it was her mother…She couldn’t talk to her mother right now. She let it go to voicemail. Carlisle…

Miika pulled up to the curb near the front of her building and hurried up the walk clutching her items. She stopped short when she saw Bridget sitting on the stoop looking like a little lost child.

“Oh my god…” Bridget stood and gave her a concerned look. “How bad is he hurt?” For her to be sitting outside waiting for her, it must have been bad. She hurried past her sister and up the stairs to their apartment with Bridget following close on her heels. She pushed the door opened forcefully and stared into the face of Rachel.

“Miika.” She said sternly. Her alpha did not look pleased. Jenks was flying about with his hands on his hips; much like a little Peter Pan in his green satin pants suit. He too had a stern look on his little pixie face. She dropped everything onto the floor and hurried into the bedroom scared and promising that she’d never leave him alone again and would always leave him a note in the event that she did actually leave him alone. Jeanne Pierre was in bed propped up with pillows and a bandage on his forehead from a new wound that he hadn’t had when she had left him that afternoon.

“Oh, baby…” She ran to him and held him against her. “I’m so sorry I left you! Are you ok?” Miika placed her hands on his face and kissed him gently and repeatedly. Her heartbeat was just beginning to settle. Well, he’d gotten a little bruised in her absence but not too badly. “I’m sorry.” She gave him one last kiss on his lips.

Withe the words 'How bad is he hurt' still ringing in her ears she raced after Miika coming to a sudden halt to find herself facing Rachel and Jenks, both looking rather perturbed. She blushed having been sitting outside this entire time oblivious to the fact her brother was having troubles. Her hand instincutally ran fingers thru her mussed hair trying to smooth it some. She still wore her gown from the night before covered in her brother's dried blood, several tears running thru the sides and back now. She looked in truth like she had been in a fight...She wasnt even sure if she hadn't, most of the night after leaving Miika and JP's apartment was a blurr. She remained silent merely standing there as she tried to think of something to say...

Re: The Hollows ~ Roleplay Here
August 30, 2009 03:46AM

Harrison could barely sleep after the events of the night before, everything kept playing back in his mind from killing the men at the aquarium to the kiss to tossing the man into the middle of the pit fights. Everything he and Threa had done the night before had been explosive to say the least. Now she lay in her coffin and he lay next to Lori, Threa's pet, who curled up next to him as if he was some kind of light in the darkness. He reached out and turned on the radio beside the bed to try and calm his nerves so that he could get some sleep before Threa would wake for the night, instead what he heard only drove him to the point of near insanity.

Jean Pierre sat in bed and smiled at Miika as she fussed about him, "I'm all right, mon cher, honestly I am," Rachel walked in with a glass of water and the covers fell from his chest to reveal the worst of his injuries from the fall he took earlier. A deep gash roughly an inch from where the amulet rests in his chest showed clearly where he landed on the table, the rich purple bruise was decorated with shades of yellow and green that seemed to dance out from around it like a starburst. Jean Pierre took a sip of his water to clear his dry throat before looking back up at Miika, "It was just a little fall. Rachel got the door open and Jenks carried me to the bed." he said with a wink, "Pixies are stronger than they look you know."

Harrison nearly dove out of bed and grabbed the radio as it began speaking of the aquarium and how it was vandalized though no one was hurt but five men... FIVE HEROS were killed in a fire saving a... no failing to save a young human girl. But there was that one again, Carlisle Marlin. Being hailed as a hero! A HERO! Pure unadulterated evil poured from Harrison's side of the connection he and Threa shared. Thoughts rampaged through his mind that this could not and WOULD NOT STAND! "Fine, they want to bill him as a hero, alright. Well, every hero's story must begin with a villain."

Jean Pierre looked around the room at all the faces staring at his chest and began feeling uncomfortable, "Umm, Rachel. I wanted to talk to you about something. I know you had some work to do last night but you stayed back to help me and Miika. So, if you would I'd like to hire you for your services last night as a runner for collecting our money and don't give me a it's what's friends do. I know that, but you skipped out on work to help us and if you say no then I'll just have to find out your normal rate and drop off cash with your partner."

Rachel put her hands on her hips, her unruly red locks falling in her face, "You would go against your alpha?"

Jean Pierre looked out the window for several seconds, "No... but I'm sure I could think of something to pay you for; Getting me this water, You and Jenks coming to my aid this morning..." a sneaky smile seamed to creep upon his features, "You did a big favor for me and Miika. This isn't calling it even or anything. I just want to do a few things for the pack, that was one of the first things. The others I need to talk about with Miika before going to David about."

Harrison logged onto his laptop and began doing research on Carlisle and his family. It didn't take long to find several articles in the local newspaper talking about the Marlin family restaurant one of the articles even came with a picture of the entire Marlin family, "Lori!" the startled woman nearly fell out of bed at the sound of his voice, "When you decide to wake up for the day I'm going to need you to go out and pick up several things. I'll make a list and leave it on top of my laptop." She quickly nodded before nodding off back to sleep to regain some of the energy and blood her body so desperately needed, "You should have told the truth, Carlisle."

The ringing of the phone finally broke through Carlisle’s paralytic sleep. “No!” He jumped up firing the non-existent gun at the invisible foe that had chased him in his sleep for the last several hours.

Sweating, he hurried to the phone. “Hello?!”

”Oh thank the Lord!”


”We have been trying to get in touch with you for hours! Where have you been, son? Are you ok? We heard on the news about what happened last night. Dear lord…your poor friends, all dead-”

Carlisle felt his heart plunge to his stomach. ”W-w-what did you say?”

”Are you okay, honey?”

”What did you hear?” His throat felt like it was stuffed with hay.

”Well it’s all on the news. About how you and your friends saved that poor child from the burning building…and how your poor friends all were killed when it collapsed on them. All, but you. And you carried the baby to safety. Everyone is calling you a hero, son. And you are-“

”Mami…I have to go.” Carlisle whispered. He hung up the phone not hearing his Mother’s response. Then he called his voicemail. Twenty-seven messages. He turned on the television and the radio. Flipping channels he finally came to a report on the all news channel.

…the dead are Trey Jackson, Riley Hart, Marcus Price, Rodrigo Santana and Sonny Lee. The only survivor is Carlisle Marlin who has been called a hero for carrying the child out of the burning building. There were no other survivors. In other news…

His phone rang again. He answered it before the first ring was complete. “Hello?”

”Is this Carlisle Marlin? THE Carlisle Marlin that saved the ba-“ He slammed the phone down and when he thought that the call was disconnected, he picked it up and left it off the hook.

“Damnit!” He patted his pockets for his cell phone and located it in the livingroom on the fireplace mantle. He dialed Crohn’s private number. It rang only once before Crohn answered.

”Hello Carlisle.”

”What the hell?!”

”Maybe you should come by so that we can discuss this face to face.”

”There is nothing to discuss! The team is gone! You don’t think I can do this on my own do you?!”

”Carlisle. There is a bigger picture. And I want you on City Council. The tragedy that has befallen your friends is an opportunity for you.” The opportunistic bastard! Carlisle wanted to strangle him. ”I saw what happened to your friends. And that wasn’t done by humans, you hear me son?”

Carlisle hesitated. ”Go on.”

”Your friends were SLAUGHTERED by Inderlanders! The very ones that we are committed to eradicating.”

Angry tears caused his eyes to redden. ”Don’t worry. I plan on finding the garbage that killed my friends-“

”Come see me. We’ll discuss it.”

Carlisle rubbed his newly shortened hair, surprised for a moment that his locks had disappeared. He sighed.


”City Hall of course. And come through the front door. You’re a hero, remember?” Crohn hung up the phone before Carlisle could reply.

Carlisle wiped his wet eyes with annoyance then he dialed Layla. He had been a jerk last night and he wouldn’t blame her if she broke up with him. When the phone went to voicemail he just hung up. To apologize over voicemail was too lame. After visiting Crohn he’d stop by her house and apologize—that is if she’d even open the door for him.

Carlisle showered and changed into grey slacks, a jersey, and timberlands. Then he hurried off to City Hall.


Miika was relieved that all of her worrying had been for nothing and the sigh of relief that she was about to utter froze in her chest at the sight of the nasty bruise on Jeanne Pierre’s chest. She stared at the bruises there, wondering if she looked hard enough, whether she’d be able to see the imprint of the amulet that lay inches from his heart.

“Oh! I’ll be right back.” She remembered the book and hurried past Bridget and Rachel, and back into the livingroom where the book lay opened among her keys, her bag and the contents that had spilled from the bag. She cursed under her breath hoping that the binding hadn’t been ruined and that the pages weren’t creased. Bellum would have her head if she knew that this rare book was just laying on the floor like this!

“What’s that?” Rachel asked.

“I went to visit Bellum.” She hefted the heavy book from the floor and carried it to the coffee table that had so recently injured her mate. “That’s where I was when you phoned me. She’s the one that services the amulet…the one inside of his chest.” Miika stroked the leather bound cover. “This book is supposed to give me more information-“

Rachel’s face went more pale then it normally was. “Miika, that’s a book on demonology.”

Miika nodded. “I know. And its one of a kind.” Rachel seemed to ignore Miika for a moment as she sat on the couch and opened the cover. She stared at Miika in shock. “This IS the real thing. Do you have any idea how dangerous this book could be-“

“…in the wrong hands? Yes. I have an idea.” Rachel looked chagrin because the same thought had crossed both of their minds. The wrong hands were also Rachel’s hands…she was a practioner of demon magic. Miika knew that Layla would never practice the magic in this book. Layla was a ley line witch. And the word on the street is that Rachel was a black witch. Whether that was true or not was something that her Alpha had not had reason to discuss with her and Jeanne Pierre as of yet.

Miika offered her Alpha a smile. “I’ll be careful with it, Rachel. Maybe you can help me understand this thing?” Rachel didn’t seem too happy about the whole danger element. Demon’s could be summoned by well meaning witches just as they could be summoned by well meaning former humans that had been magically transformed by the FOCUS…

Her cellphone rang again and she hurried to the floor where the phone vibrated amonst the scattered items that had fallen from her bag. On her knees she answered the phone and tried scooping the other items back into her purse. Bridget helped her and she gave her sister an appreciative smile. Was she still wearing the clothes from yesterday? She looked at her closely and saw that she was very distraught. Uh oh…

”Hello?” she spoke into the phone distracted.

”Where’s Carlisle?!” It was her sister Karena; she was one of the people that neared the top of the list entitled PEOPLE I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO.

”Well hello to you, too.” Bridget stood and Miika grabbed her hand. She covered the mouthpiece of the phone. “Have you eatten?” Bridget just shrugged.

”Well Mami’s and Daddy are looking for him. Hello? Miika!”

Miika uncovered the mouthpiece. ”Look, I don’t know where he is and I don’t care.” She hung up on her sister. And if she called back she was going to curse her out!

She took Bridget’s hand and led her to the kitchen where a big crockpot of stew was simmering. “You eat.” She said firmly.

Bridget blinked as she was led into the kitchen and told to eat...She stood for a long moment watching Miika head back out as she tried to comprehend then trying to remember if she had eaten. She shrugged making herself up a bowl and heading back into the living room eating the stew smiling "Thanks Miika..this is I taste buffalo?"

Miika smiled in memory of her first run with her pack. “Before you came, we brought down a buffalo. Look Sis, I’m going to leave you some clothes and then you can get out of those torn ones.

She went back to the bedroom where Rachel, Jenks and Jeanne Pierre were talking. She got a selection of clean clothes for Bridget to choose from and then felt her stomach somersault.

“Let’s talk over lunch because I’m starving.” She wasn’t just eating for one; she was eating for four, after all.

~~~ The Following Is A Collaboration Between Pepper and Silvious ~~~

Miika would not let Jeanne Pierre get up out of bed, seeing the results of his last attempt. So she had everyone enjoy lunch in their small bedroom. For Jenks, his lunch was a bit of peanut butter spread on some of the French bread. Bridget carried her bowl and settled at the foot of the bed while Rachel leaned against the old dresser. Miika pulled up a chair next to the bed and prepared to feed Jeanne Pierre. He gave her a surprised look but she made the ‘choo choo’ sound so he opened his mouth.

Jean Pierre chewed and swallowed his food before extending his hands out for the plate and silverware, "Just because I nearly died doesn't mean I can't still feed myself." From Rachel's shoulder he could hear Jenk's making train noises as he ate his peanut butter.

Rachel was busy spooning stew into her mouth. She raised her eyes to rest on Miika. “So you both know how to cook?”

“Well, my parents own a restaurant and all of us kids have had to work there.” She plumped Jeanne Pierre’s pillow then carefully handed him the bowl of hot stew. After he was settled she picked up her own bowl and began to shovel food into her mouth. Why was she starving?? She’d eaten a huge breakfast!

People were watching her curiously. “It’s a good thing we’re rich.” She said between bites. “Otherwise, me and the three babies are going to eat us out of house and home.”

In a state of shock he spit his water completely across the room, "THREE!" Jean Pierre looked from Miika to the others in the room as if the number was a joke, "But that's not possible... weres never have more than one at a time." Jenks just flew over to him and landed on his shoulder with a large smile on his face.

"Yeah, well you hit the honey hole, Bucky! Cause you got triplets on the way!"

Miika blinked in surprise. How many times does a woman get to tell her mate that they are having triplets and she lets it slip like that?! She put down her empty bowl. “Um…I thought you heard Dr. Munchkin last night when he said that there were three babies. Hmmm. Then maybe you didn’t hear the part where he said that we’d be having the babies in less than two months.” She smiled weakly. “Good thing we’re rich now, right?”

Jean Pierre rubbed his eyes, "No, I know about the two months, that's normal but I wasn't quite all there last night when everybody was talking about you being pregnant." slowly he leaned back and rested against the mound of pillows behind him, "Looks like I need to get out of bed after all. We're gonna need to find a new place to live and FAST!"

Miika chuckled. “Honey, you need to recuperate. It’s the last night of the full moon and you will need all of your strength to change.”

"I don't have time, got babies on the way. Gotta find land and a house and a car big enough." he looked over at Miika and smiled, "No offence honey, but there's no way we can get: You, Me and three babies in your car. Not to mention we'll need enough land for a garden, and I'll need to find a good group of pixies to help tend it. So I have no time."

Upon hearing the words, ‘a good group of pixies,’ Jenks cleared his throat. If Jeanne Pierre and Miika would allow his older children to tend his land then he and Matalina would have much less worries. His wings darkened slightly as he thought about how much stress it would take off Matalina’s mind if the kids had something to call their own…

“JP. You and Miika need look no further. I’ve raised kids that are brave and knowledgeable.” He lifted his chin proudly from his spot on the dresser next to Rachel. “I taught them to read and sign their names myself.”

Miika smiled remembering the way they had sprinkled pixie dust over her head as she and Jeanne Pierre danced…She held out her hand and Jenks flew over and landed lightly into her palm. She exchanged a hopeful look with Jeanne Pierre.

"I didn't want to ask until after we had some land as that going to be the hard part. I don't even know where to begin looking, at least not here. I know I'm not gonna stay in the city, kids need room to run and grow. They need room to... well, run. The country is the best place for weres. At least I always thought it was. But once I can find some land I'd be proud to let you come and look at it to see if it is something you would want to let your children come and tend."

Jenks nodded his head one. This could potentially be the biggest step in his children’s life and he didn’t intend to let any damned fairies get the upper hand on JP and Miika. He leaped from Miika’s hand to land on knee where he sat down and crossed his legs comfortably.

Rachel placed her now empty bowl onto the dresser. She opened a bag that had been across her shoulders and began digging into it. “Ahh, which brings me to the reason for my visit.” She handed Jeanne Pierre a check.

She winked at Miika. “I’d cash this as soon as possible. I’ve dealt with Sarong before…and we all know that she can be treacherous!”

Miika felt a low grumble escape her mouth. She had made a silent promise to that She-bitch and she certainly hadn’t forgotten.

"Would you mind cashing that today, Miika?" Jean Pierre looked around, "I'll even crawl out to the car with you if you want." he set his food on the stand beside the bed before pulling the covers back, "I can make it," but a wave of dizziness overwhelmed him and Jenks quick action of darting in front of him while causing his wings to glow brightly caused Jean Pierre to throw his body back out of instinct and back into bed, instead of crashing into the floor.

“Ok, that’s it. You are staying in bed!” She stood up and roughly yanked the covers up over his chest. He made to protest and Miika placed her hands on her hips and stared down at him. “If you get out of that bed I will throw you over my shoulder and carry you right back here. I’m strong enough to do it, too!” She glanced at Bridget. “Right, Bridget?”

“Right. You are.” She responded.

To soften her words she reached out and brushed his hair from his face. “Besides, if you behave I will give you a sponge bath later.”

Jenks looked up at Miika from the edge of the bed where he’d safely landed. His mouth was barely opened before Rachel spoke.

“Jenks! Don’t say it!”

He scowled at her. “I was just going to comment that he’d better take advantage of it now while she’s already filled up with babies. Take it from an experienced baby-maker.”

Rachel groaned at his words. “Jenks, please. We don’t want to picture this.”

Though he was having a hard time focusing his eyes he still looked at Miika, "Alright, I'll stay in bed... but you better not break your promise." His head dropped back with a thump to the head board, "or we might just have... to add a... nother ...... baby to the............. pot*" A moment later he was unconscious.

Everyone exchanged looks. “Miika, I can give him a pain amulet.” Miika nodded her consent and Rachel dug into her bag for one. She gently placed it over the unconscious wolf’s head. Bridget collected the bowls and glasses and carried them out to the kitchen.

Jenks landed on Miika’s shoulders. “It’s going to be ok, Miika. He’s a tough one.” She smiled crookedly and led them out of the room where she drew the curtains and then closed the door.

“You know, Miika, my roommate is Ivy Tamwood of the Tamwood Vampires. I can ask her the name of a good realtor to help you two find something fast." Rachel reached into her purse and pulled out her business card, "Here, you can reach us at that number. I wouldn't think it would take too long for her to open her rolodex and get a number out. Give us a call if you don't hear from me by tomorrow evening, ok?"

Miika accepted the card gratefully. “Thank you, Rachel.” She looked at the clock. “I need to get to the bank to deposit this check. I just want to thank you two.” She looked at Jenks who was sitting on Rachel’s shoulder.

“Miika, Rachel and I are professionals. This is what we do.”

She nodded. “Yeah, I know. Which is why it’s important to the both of us that you allow us to give you your nights pay.”

Rachel scowled. “I’m your Alpha. You don’t pay your alpha for doing…Alpha things.”

“I never had an alpha before. But my family owns a restaurant and when friends come in, they still have to pay. Not as much but they have to pay.” She moved past Rachel before she could continue to protest. Bridget was in the kitchen doing dishes.

“Bridget I left you clothes on the dresser to choose from so if you want to get showered and change out of the ones that you are wearing then you can. There are clean towels and wash cloths in the cabinet.” She checked the time on her silenced cell phone. Damn, there were five missed calls…

Miika made a hmphing sound before dropping it into her bag. “Bridget, can you keep an eye on Jeanne Pierre? I won’t be long.” Grabbing her car keys she hurried out of the apartment and to the bank.

The pain the wracked his body pulled his consciousness into a deep recess of his mind as he lay upon the soft bed and overly fluffed pillows. The pain amulet that lay draped about his neck only helped that which he kept hidden even from himself emerge and rise to the surface. His eyes blinked several times. Each time his eyes fell shut and opened once more the world around him was different. He was no longer surrounded by friends and loved ones while laying in bed and eating a quick bite as he tried to talk Miika into driving him to the bank. Now he found himself sitting on an old tile floor in the middle of a kitchen. The cabinets towered above him as he slowly clamored to his feet and wobbled over to the edge, as a smell of warm cinnamon cookies washed over him. His this little arms not strong enough to pull him up to the cookies , nor long enough to pull the cookies to him, oh what a vile trick this was.

The sound of angels singing pulled his attention from the cookies on the counter. he quickly lumbered across the old kitchen and put on his rubber boots, so that he could play in the puddles outside without getting into trouble, before he pushed open the screen that lead to the porch. He stood in shock as he watched his mother as she hang laundry on the line. It had been close to twenty years since he had seen his mother's face, twenty years since the night she died and he became an orphan. Without hesitation he raced down the steps and hugged his mother round the waist.

"Jean Pierre, qu'est-ce qui est entré dans vous?"

He looked up into his mother's eyes and didn't know where to begin, "I missed you, momma."

She simply smiled, "You done grown up and found yourself a fine woman and got a whole mess of pups on the way. I'm proud you found your own path, but now you gotta start lookin' after them, not you."

Jean Pierre looked down at himself and while his body was that of a man, his clothes were still that of a child's stretched thin across his massive frame, "What I do, I do for them."

"Oh, don't go preachin' cow patties to me, boy! You best not be steppin' back in that ring again. Use the money you earned from it to make more money. Start a business, something that can help take care of your children for years to come." She reached up and caressed his face, "Not leave them without a father." It was all Jean Pierre could do to nod, "Now, it's time for you to wake up and go tell your wife that you love her."

"But, I just found you..."

"You never really lost me." she looked around, "and don't worry, your father hasn't been around since that night. I think the shame of beating his family and then being called on it before his death by his own son made him realize just what he had been doing all those years." Jean Pierre stood as he felt the tug of the waking world pulling him back to reality, "And if you need a name for a little girl by chance..."

Jean Pierre smiled warmly, "I'll talk to Miika." his voice was but a whisper as his eyes flicked open and he found himself back in bed. He took a deep breath, scenting the air only to find, that there was only one person left in the apartment; his sister, Bridget.